Zacarias Moussaoui

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Zacarias Moussaoui says he is an Al Qaeda terrorist.  All along, we've said that Moussaoui's public statements brand him a terrorist and that we have no sympathy for him at all.  The government says he was in on the 9/11 slaughter, and now Moussaoui himself agrees, saying he wants to plead guilty to charges that could bring him the death penalty.

Tonight [7/18] on The Pulse, 9:00 Eastern Tme on the FOX network, I interview attorney Randall Hamud, who is trying to help Moussaoui.  I simply don't understand that.


And you know what I see?  I see a guy who wants to commit suicide, a guy who wants to be a martyr, to go to heaven with the virgins.  It's the same mentality...


O'REILLY:  ... of the guys who slammed into the World Trade Center for Allah.  This guy's the same way.  He would have done it.  Now he wants to go out in flames.  He's not delusional.  He has an agenda.  He wants to be a martyr.  He wants to stand up there in a court and make all these statements so he's...

HAMUD:  Disagree.

O'REILLY:  ... thug friends...

HAMUD:  Disagree.

O'REILLY:  ... respect him.

HAMUD:  Disagree.  Because he is saying all along he wants to defend his life.  If he weren't...

O'REILLY:  He doesn't want to...

HAMUD:  ... endeavoring to defend his life...

O'REILLY:  ... if he did, he'd hire you.

HAMUD:  No, no.  If he were trying to commit suicide, all he'd have to do is say, I plead guilty.


Well, that interview taped a few days ago, and now Moussaoui wants to enter the guilty plea, as we said.

But Judge Leonie Brinkema did not accept the plea, asking Moussaoui to think it over.  Why?  If he says he's Al Qaeda, and was in on the terror attack, fine.  Lock him up for life or execute him.

Now, I understand the bending over backwards to make sure Moussaoui has his day in court.  I understand it, but I disagree with it.  The guy never should have been tried in a civilian venue to begin with.  He's a terrorist.  He should be at Guantanamo Bay.  Let the military deal with him.

As I told the counselor, whom I respect, by the way, this Moussaoui guy just wants publicity.  He wants martyrdom in a public way.  Let's deny him that.  He says he's guilty, we believe him.  Lock him up, lose the key.

And that's The Memo.

And that's "The Memo."

The Most Ridiculous Item of the Day

Time now for "The Most Ridiculous Item of the Day."

Congressman James Traficant was found guilty by the House Ethics Committee today.  And he expects to be expelled from his position as a U.S. Congressman.  Here's how Traficant took it. 


REP JAMES TRAFICANT (D), OHIO:  They probably all will end up with cherpes (ph), which is a rare bird disease, that is canarial, that will settle in their crotch.  And their appendages could fall off from that disease if they expel me.  Now there are other things that they could do.  And I would hope that they would do those, but I do expect them to expel me. 


O'REILLY:  Ridiculous doesn't even begin to cover it.  And by the way, we will run my interview with Traficant on tomorrow's [7/19] edition of The Factor.

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