Your Taxes at Work

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Here’s a news flash: Too much TV can rot your kid’s mind!

You say you know that?

Well, why then is Sen. Joe Lieberman (search) proposing to set up the Children and Media Research Advancement Act, which would authorize 90 million tax dollars to investigate what so many other studies have already researched: the effects of television viewing and other media on children?

According to Senator Lieberman, “we need to have the federal government to tell us scientifically what impact [electronic media] is having on our kids, and therefore, our country.”

But even folks who stand to benefit from Sen. Lieberman’s program wonder why we “need” the government for that. Lara Mahaney, of the Parents Television Council, says, “To spend $90 million on something we already know is just a waste of money.”

But such logic is beyond the Beltway.

The Citizens Against Government Waste, which gave Sen. Lieberman its Porker of the Month award for his program, says, “The $90 million program will contribute nothing new, will not solve any perceived problems, and is a prime example of government waste.”

Your tax dollars at work.

And that’s the Observer.

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