Your Grrrs - Steroids Responses

Here are some of your responses to Mike's last column ...

David K. writes: I can only hope that you indulge in some steroid use so you can re-energize that puny brain of yours. Maybe then you would actually write an article that makes any sense. By the way, you know why steroids become insignificant in mixed martial arts? Because there’s a weight class. Remove the weight restrictions and you’ll see that only the biggest and strongest survive, not the most talented. I don’t care how talented someone is … a 160-pound fighter is going to struggle with a 220-pound fighter. You should go back to writing articles about Paris Hilton where you say that the media (you) should stop giving her so much attention.

SearlNix writes: You are an idiot. Cheaters are cheaters, but you are just dumb.

TEK writes: I can’t believe these people that refer to the [Michael] Vick saga and ask what the big deal is. They refer to them as only “dogs.” “What’s the problem? It’s just a dog!” What’s your problem? You’re just a jacka**! Obviously, these people have no compassion whatsoever and have never felt the unconditional love a dog gives. You people that think it’s okay for him to hang or drown dogs because they didn’t perform in test fights are a menace to society along with Vick himself. You sicken me, and I would save a dog's life before yours. At least I know it will appreciate it. Carl D. says that they have been fighting dogs for centuries, so what’s the big deal? You jerk! They also used to enslave black people for years and years. It doesn’t make it right, now, does it? It’s time for Carl to evolve with the rest of us. Pick your knuckles up off the ground and join the rest of us in 2007!

Steve B writes: Mike, It's all about the $$$$$$ (money). But I for one think that ALL sports (that means every single one) need to have a ZERO tolerance policy on steroids. Testing should be done randomly, but every individual must be tested at least four times a year. Anyone testing positive must be banned for life on the first offense if the policy is to be effective. So I agree with you! Steroids should be totally eradicated from sports. But it won't happen unless the policy is as stated above. Thanks for a great forum.

Kit in Walton, Ind.: In the case of Barry Bonds, I want to know whatever happened to "innocent until proven guilty"? Barry has never tested positive for steroids — ever!!

G. Sullivan writes: Just for your information, I am sending you this e-mail via dial-up access because I have only one other choice, expensive satellite Internet. Dial-up is by no means dead yet in Missouri where I live and won't be for a long time. I service computers under warranty for a company I work for, so I know for a fact there are a lot of dial-up users still out there. I enjoy you telling it like it is when it comes to all the spoiled rich cry babies out there, and they all deserve it! I just had to comment when you mentioned dial-up access as an ancient art — which it is not. Far too many people don't realize there is still a very rural America out here, thanks most likely to the phone companies and ISPs controlling Internet access. Don't get me wrong: I would love to have high-speed Internet for my work and play, especially when I have to download large files critical to my work.

Meg E. writes: Mike — I'm with you on the steroid thing, particularly when it comes to equal reporting on the aftermath of steroid use. And since you're a fan of MMA, you should come to Dallas on 9/1/07: Art of War3 is being held at American Airlines Center ( We like the event for the purity of the sport and the humility of the participants; these guys respect each other (totally unheard of in most other sports these days). I really look forward to reading your column every Tuesday — you totally hit the mark! Keep up the great work.


K. Wood writes: Well, Mike, You finally came out and said it: Athletes use drugs. DUH! Top athletes in all disciplines break their bodies just training. They need stuff to let them heal and repair. I'm for just taking the wraps off all the drug policies. We are moving toward a drug-enhanced society anyway, so why the big deal on athletes using big pharma to enhance, revive, etc? What would happen the first time some athlete gets an add-on heart valve to enhance performance? Or a lung add-on? Or slippery skin for swimming? Let the best team win. If they abuse, they pay the price. They may even die. There is a risk to everything. I'm a bloke of 60+, and I'll tell you right now that a tiny bit of testosterone cream allows me to train like a banshee. I do inline speed skating and have been a distance athlete for 35+ years. I figure between running, biking, XC skiing and inline, I've circled the Earth about two times. Let there be drugs to keep me going. Thanks for your good articles.

Virginia P. writes: Writing this in response to a story concerning Michael Vick and the dogfighting issues as reported lately. It was said it was becoming racial. That the animal rights activists were mainly white and educated, while the ones cheering for Vick were just the opposite. I have shown dogs and handled dogs and been around dogs all my life, including Amstaff terriers. I know what it's like to have had to build a taller fence because of the breed and to see people "scared" of my dog, who was a gentle and kind soul. I had an English bulldog who wouldn't allow this so-called "mean" dog eat to out of a dog bowl. Pitbulls were bred by mixing Staffordshire bull terriers with bulldogs and boxers to get an animal who is low to the ground, has powerful jaws (1000- to 2000-pound jaw capacity in some cases) and can fight in a pit. Hence the name pitbull. I want to say only this. That no matter when the dog is being fought or hit or strangled or raped (forced to mate with more vicious dogs to breed more vicious pups) or shot or drowned or whatever you can imagine in regard to dogfighting, I can assure you of this one thing: The dog will not see the "color" of the person doing this to him. The dog will see only that a person is doing this to him.

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