Your Grrrs: Sept. 29, 2005

Your Grrrs compiled by FOX News intern Jesse Lanier.

Jim from Key Largo: Great piece on the protesters. I can almost smell the bare feet, bad Chinese and body odor. These people still exist: idealists without a cause or clue. It makes me think of my daughter, a senior at NYU, who has actually been living with the likes of these protesters for the past four years. The protest was a bust, your piece wasn't. Thanks for the insight.

Brett from Leewood, Kansas: You could not have been more correct with the line "Why do people insist on eating odiferous foods in public places like trains?" I recently had a similar experience on a flight from Phoenix to Chicago. A family of four (including 2 small children) proceeded to "inhale" indian food for the first 30 minutes of the flight in the row directly behind me. The smell was so overwhelming, I nearly fainted! No less than 15 minutes later, the first child proceeded to vomit their entire meal on the back of my chair.

Ellen in Nebraska: I work in an office that offers many different serevices with different people who handle each service. My Grrr is people who ask for a certain employee and when I tell them thay are out of the office, they proceed to tell me every detail of why they wanted to talk to that person, knowing full well that I can't help them with their problem anyway. The conversation ends with me saying: O.K., I will have that person return your call and they can help you with that. Why do they think I want to hear all the details of their question when I can't answer it anyway? Grrr! Drives me crazy! Thanks for letting me Grrr to you. I love your column.

Judith from Boston: I traveled to and from the Washington, D.C., area this weekend, too. The protesters my family and I saw were clean and dressed in current styles. This "anti-war protesters don't bathe" nonsense has been around since my childhood in the '60s and is untrue, uncreative garbage.

You can and should do better. Please spend your writing talents on something other than old, stale propaganda. If you want to write about unkempt conditions, take a good look at the National Mall.

Its condition PRIOR to the protest on Friday was a disgrace. Huge patches of knee-high to thigh-high weeds were everywhere, along with broken benches and crumbling pavement. Signage to the various monuments was faded and hard to read. There were even weeds growing up at the base of the Vietnam Wall. Our national landmarks deserve better attention and care.

Rob from cyberspace: I know you’ve talked about Movie Theater oblivions before,but last night took the cake for me. My wife and I went to see “Wedding Crashers”. Since the movie has been out for months, and it was a Tuesday night, we figured the crowd would be light. We were right; there were only two teenage boys in the last row of the theater when we arrived. Moments before the feature began an Oblivion and his oblivion date walk in and guess where they sat in a theater occupied by FOUR people? Right behind us! And then while he starts loudly chewing on popcorn, his date starts kicking my seat. When I turned around she gave a weak “sorry”. At that we moved our seats. Later the oblivion started talking to his date and I reminded him there were four other people who did not care for his views on the movie. When the film ended he and his date quickly left with him muttering something unintelligible in my direction. I despise people who get angry when their own poor manners are pointed out to them. Thanks for letting me vent.

Chris from cyberspace: Welcome to the real world of the unwashed masses, Mr. Straka. It bothers me that your entire focus on this protest in Washington, D.C., had to deal with offensive smells and lack of social graces.

I'm sure you had an ugly olfactory attack that day, stuck as you were upon that delayed train, and for that I can commiserate, but what does that have to do with those young kids finding a cause, putting in the effort to get away from in front of their TVs and going out to publicly voice their opinions, exercising the constitutional right to protest the government?

Anthony from Atlanta, Ga.: I cannot agree with you more on your analysis of the typical losers that are deployed to staff-up "protests." I lived in Seattle during the 1999 WTO debacle and recall the throngs of unemployed crackheads and "anarchists" that were either rounded up or imported for the event.

So long as the mainstream media continues to provide an opportunity for these folks to get their much-needed attention, you, my friend, will be forced to endure future train rides with these clowns.

Ty from cyberspace: Your description of the "Protesters from Hell" was hilarious; however, it sounded too much like a "Seinfeld" episode. I think you are a bit too neurotic to be using mass transportation.

Camille from cyberspace: Thank you very much for the article! It was a perfect description of protesters and a wonderful analysis of why no one cares what they are protesting about except for a few people in the media who have nothing else to cover.

Steve from Houston: I'm actually flattered that the youth of this country care enough to protest ANYTHING. Whether you agree with them or not, they are protesting an armed conflict that their country is involved in, with far-reaching consequences.

Jennifer in Fort Hood, TX: Why is it that the same celebrities who sob publicly that we don't do enough for the poor, the starving, or the homeless are the same celebrities who have diamond studded collars for their dogs and cars that cost more than my house times three???? GRRRR!!!

Julie from cyberspace: Grrr ... I just read an article on teaching babies how to do sign language. I have seen this subject cropping up in magazines and other places recently. It is ridiculous. Anyone who wants to make a quick buck knows all you have to do is pick some outlandish idea and say it will make kids smarter and better and greater, etc. It's enough to make me sick.

Katie from Austin, Texas: Grrr to "Alicia in San Antonio." Texas was more successful and prepared because we actually have an Emergency Management Plan in place to handle these types of things (as do the counties involved).

Neither Louisiana nor New Orleans had any plan, and we saw what happened! The only thing I think would've happened different in the absence of Hurricane Katrina is that less people would've evacuated Houston.

Michael from Lawrence, Kan.: Sorry, Mike, but you were being an Oblivion when you made the comment about "traditional" kabbalah (in regard to the Kutcher-Moore marriage). In fact, Kabbalah (in its original form) is a form of Jewish mysticism and has been around for centuries. Ironically, though, describing kabbalah as "traditional" is redundant. One literal translation (Hebrew to English) of "kabbalah" is "tradition." Grrrrrrrr...

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