Your Grrrs: Sept. 28, 2006

Here are a few responses to Mike's last column:

Laura in Jacksonville, Fla.: TELL ME ABOUT THE PRICES!!! I bought my son the Sony Dreamcast ($500 + 1 game $50 + xtra controller $29) for Christmas in 2001 (I think) – AND had to go to a seedy K-Mart in the bad section of town because they were the only ones who had the damn thing (then the staff puts the system in a see-through bag OMG), get a guard to walk me out to the car (he has NO gun) on Christmas Eve. Within TWO years the game is obsolete. That was the only present my son requested for Christmas – so I bit the bullet – for what? It’s a racket, Mike. GRRRR

Karen writes: Mike, do you recall that Ashlee Simpson spent a couple of seasons on WB's (now CW) 7th Heaven, before she got into music? She did a decent acting job, so perhaps she will surprise you with her work on Broadway. Now, as for people not recognizing her, that is a very real possibility. I remember seeing a picture of Jennifer Grey after the nose job, and I had trouble believing it was really her. A lot of her character must have been in her nose. Who knew?!

Rebecca in McKinney, Texas, writes: Was the question about Ashlee Simpson having work done rhetorical? It has been well-publicized that she got a nose job. But her natural hair color is blond. From the picture put on your Web site, she actually looks remarkably like her sister. I agree with your column about stars trying to "hone their craft" on the stage. Most of these people need to stick to TV or films -- where they can do multiple takes.

Fresno Flats writes about Ashlee Simpson: I think she's trying her hardest to look like Paris Hilton. Put their pictures side by side ... it's uncanny!

Jeff C. writes: You have written a very good article or opinion, kudos. You wrote what I have thought for the last few years -- some people just make a living from being famous, not necessarily [from being] good. It reminds me of the books from Ayn Rand, the “Fountainhead” and “Atlas Shrugged.” some people become celebs or captains of industry for no other reason than they are pretty or have connections. CEOs being recycled, after destroying one company, why not move on and destroy another? Or why not bilk, steal and run the company in the ground with asinine ideas? I wonder when we will learn that just because a person is pretty or well connected it doesn’t mean they are a genius or worthy of high praise.

Jill V. writes: I can understand why Ashlee's plastic surgery makes you Grrr ... but ... you have to admit she looks a whole lot better now! Just imagine how good-looking Jessica would be if she got rid of that nasty bump on her nose. She thinks it adds character. Of course ... she has also thought that Chicken of the Sea was tuna ... WRONG AGAIN!

Mike W. writes: I'm catching up with your Grrr! column, so I managed to read about Brad Pitt's stand on marriage right after reading an article on titled, "Utah Trio Asks Appeals Court to Overturn Polygamy Ban." I'm sure Mr. Cook will be happy to know Mr. Pitt won't be getting married until after he can be married to two women at once.

Cori in San Antonio, Texas: My GRRR goes out to the self-proclaimed atheists who want to ban "religious symbols" and then cite the following as religious symbols: Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny and one I just read on Monday on FOX News, the tooth fairy! The tooth fairy is a religious symbol? Not one of these is a religious symbol and non-Christians show their ignorance when they call them that. At least if you want to ban something, get it right. A Christmas tree is not a religious symbol, really it’s not. Neither is Santa, or the Easter Bunny or any other modern-day secular symbols that have replaced the religious ones.

Perhaps we also need to ban St. Paddy’s Day because, gasp, it is named after St. Patrick, the patron saint (that’s right folks -- he was Catholic!) of Ireland! And get rid of all leprechauns because, surely, they must have religious significance. It would behoove people, all people, to put a little bit of research into what they say or write before submitting their opinion.

John M. in Alabama: This is an open call to all of the huge stars in Hollywood who feel compelled to stand up and make their political views known. To all those who have shared the spotlight with foreign dictators, made dire predictions of the fall of the United States of America or made their dissatisfaction with the current administration the centerpoint of their musical careers.

To all of you I say: Give up these meaningless entertainment careers! Follow your true calling and run for political office! Show those you view as incompetent how to do the job right! Show us all that what your publicist is saying is true, you are a genius! What’s that you say? You don’t want to? You don’t have the background? You don’t have the time? Oh, well in that case, shut up and do what we are paying you to do, entertain! If you choose to do neither, then do us all a favor and slip back into the oblivion of anonymity where you belong.

Paul in SoCal: Couldn't agree more about Hawaii. The wife and I just spent a week on the Big Island in mid-September. The people were wonderful, Lots of Mahalos to go around. Our only Grrrrs were on the plane ride back. There was a family traveling with two children under the age of I would guess four. They took up the better part of four of the overhead compartments. And throughout the five and a half hour flight kept getting up and down to get into them. I guess they didn't understand the one carry-on per person rule. Then there was one child who didn't cry but screamed the entire flight back to LAX. It was incredible.

Brett from Illinois: GRRRRRRRRR!!! To all of the media coverage of the Saints football team this past week. I refuse to feel sorry for a bunch of millionaire football players who haven’t played in their home stadium for the past year because they still got to play. I feel for the real victims all over the region who lost everything. Those players, owners, etc still live in their mansions, and yet, demand more money. Am I the only one who thinks the Falcons game may have been fixed?

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