Your Grrrs: Sept. 27, 2005

Your Grrrs, compiled by FOX News intern Katherine Podkalicki.

Dave & Melinda, cyberspace: There are tons of divorced people in this country with broken hearts. Why everyone chooses to bow down to Jennifer Aniston is beyond me.

Cheri in cyberspace: Please do not perpetuate the myth that Oprah purchased those cars she gave away to her studio audience. They were donated by the auto manufacturer, but she did arrange for the donation. The recipients would not have received them without her influence.
Huge kudos to Oprah for her hurricane relief donation.

Alicia, San Antonio, Texas: I find it hard to believe that some people actually think that the successful handling of Hurricane Rita has nothing to do with the chaotic handling of Hurricane Katrina. Texas is prepared because we've learned from Louisiana's mistakes, not because our politicians are supposedly more competent.

Janice, cyberspace: You hit the nail on the head today by calling out those celebrities and other seriously wealthy people who have either not donated or donated small amounts (relative to their actual worth). Oprah's personal $10 million is the first seriously honest donation from the fabulously rich sector of America. Some other celebrities are just throwing their names behind fund-raisers or corporate funds. Even though many celebrities do take time to donate large amounts, it sometimes seems like such a small drop when compared with the size of their personal bank accounts.

DM, San Diego: Maybe many wealthy Americans did donate oodles of money to Katrina relief, but didn't announce it on national TV, and maybe they made sure their donations were made anonymously. So, I don't think it's fair to assume that those types of donations were not forthcoming.

Liz, Cherry Hill, N.J.: I believe that Oprah Winfrey can well afford a $10 million donation.
I also believe that Sean Combs can afford a $10 million donation! Even George Clooney (who is presently planning to build a multi-million dollar casino), can afford to give more money!
This applies also to Julia Roberts and Jennifer Lopez. Showing up just to "hug people" doesn't do enough!

Andrea in cyberspace: Media publications such as Us Weekly and People have coverage on the Katrina disaster, yet there are a few pages dedicated to the freebies all the stars received for the VMAs. It warmed my heart to see Paris with $15,000 of free jewelry. Eva Longoria got $13,414 worth of free stuff. Celebrity gluttony has gone too far. Compare that to the pictures of the looters taking armloads of merchandise from stores. The only difference is that one is illegal and the other not.

David F. in cyberspace: Oprah stated she could still see shoppers milling around the Hermes store even though the employees stated that the store was closed. Like any business, people still may be in the stores but they shut the doors and let those out as they finish their business transactions. The problem and situation arose because Oprah got treated as a "regular" person and I'm sure that didn't sit well with her or her entourage.

Aaron M in Sterling, Va.: This Grrr goes to the Oblivion couple and their overindulged child I encountered in the airport recently. While waiting for the flight to board, the mom kept asking the kid whether he "went poo poo," and subsequently decided to change the diaper right there in the waiting area. Contrary to the parent's belief, her kid's poo does stink, and not everyone wants to smell it, especially before 6 a.m. To all you Oblivion parents: use the changing tables in the bathroom. That is why the airport installed them! Also, an airplane is not your kid's toy! Keep their little hands and feet under control!

Gail in Dunedin, New Zealand: Thank you for your article which makes a start with Oprah (yes, definitely one of the more responsible celebs/rich people) and going on to include the puerile b/s we have all had to put up with regarding Aniston/Pitt. As you can see, I live in New Zealand and we also have to sift through not only the completely overcooked Aniston/Pitt nonsense, but also the Beckhams, Law/Miller etc., etc., etc., just to get to something newsworthy. Like many others, I couldn't give a toss what happens to people with that much money and that many resources at their fingertips.

Jen in Pittsburgh: I understand that the New York Times may have a left slant, however, does that mean that every person on this Web site is required to criticize it? I think what Stanley meant by "Simpler Souls" are those who don't, or are not able, or who do not feel the need to spend hundreds/thousands on a handbag. Please. Winfrey may be a terrific, hard-working woman, but she, along with many of her fellow celebrities, earns a "Grrr" from me for choosing to spend that kind of money on the trivial.

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