Your Grrrs: Sept. 15, 2005

Your Grrrs compiled by FOX News intern Jesse Lanier.

Frank from Cyberspace: "America's Team" and the subsequent hype over the Pats after 9/11, etc., were media creations. They're images created to gain ratings. For a member of the media to 'Grrr' over media practices is somewhat strange. And that's the truth.

Robert from Cyberspace: I am a New Orleans native. We are proud here in the city of New Orleans. Ask anyone from the Big Easy: We have our own culture, heritage, cooking, and jazz. And we have our Saints. Through good and (mostly) bad seasons, thick and (mostly) thin, we've stuck with our home team. But Hurricane Katrina took our city away. Wiped it out. A sad diaspora throughout the nation has left us as refugees without a place to call home.

But we still have our Saints.

Joseph from Lawrence, Kan.: Mike, loyal Saints fans are a special breed of people! We don't have a chance in the world of backing a winner, but we stay with them every year! We'll take whatever we can get!

Janice from Cyberspace: Am I the only one that remembers how emotional the first Yankees game after 9/11 was? Or how much the whole country was rooting for the Yankees in the World Series? The Yankees were definitely treated the same way the Saints are now. I don't think there's anything wrong with it. It's not so much for the overpaid players but for the city. If they have something to be excited about and look forward to, they can begin their healing. I can't believe that that's the thing that 'Grrrs' you most right now.

Catherine from North Carolina: Anybody know how much money the individual Saints players have donated to the Katrina disaster? Did the NFL donate all the proceeds from the Saints/Panthers game to the Red Cross? Surely they did and I just missed that tidbit of "news." The Saints' Web site is soliciting donations from the general public but no mention of their organization's specific relief efforts. Oh, that's right, they did their job and won a football game. That should sustain the people of Louisiana for years.

Warren from the North Shore: I was born and raised in New Orleans, pronounced Nu Awlinz, by those of us who grew up here. When I read the article "Grrr! America's Team," referring to the Saints, New Orleans intentionally omitted from their name, I didn't know if I should laugh or puke.

America's Team?.....America's Team?......... Give me a break already.

Tom Benson had the audacity to ask our state government to subsidize his corporate income due to low ticket sales. Pfffttt! Maybe if his team wasn't so pathetic people might pay to see them play. Hey, Tom, do us a huge favor and DON'T COME BACK!

Deanna from Texas: I read your 'Grrr' about the New Orleans Saints with great interest. Being from Dallas, Texas, and being a Cowboys fan through and through, I generally take umbrage at any other team claiming the "America’s Team" recognition. However, Cowboy loyalty aside, I do confess that I have always loved the Saints and I was pleased as punch to see them win on Sunday. My love for the Saints is based on two things: 1) I am passionate about underdogs and the Saints have been underdogs for as long as I can remember, and 2) I LOVE New Orleans. I consider it my adopted second hometown, in fact. Having spent a lot of time in the Big Easy, I feel the losses there almost as if I were a native New Orleanian. After reading your take on the Saints’ win, I can’t help but feel you are just a little bit jaded … or maybe I’m just a little too "Pollyanna-ish." Maybe people were just happy to find a silver lining in the dark cloud that Katrina has left hanging over the city of New Orleans. Maybe a bright sunny day and a winning football team was just enough to make the displaced and grieving citizens of New Orleans feel "normal" again. So what if it’s a little "hokey" to call them America’s Team? For once, the Saints came out on top, and as a Cowboys fan I’m willing to concede the "America’s Team" title to them … for a little while.

Chris from Cyberspace: As the (unrecognized) creator of the term "obliviot" (sent you an e-mail 5/10/04) I can tell you the real reason the Saints can't be America's Team: It's because the Packers always have been and always will be the most "rooted for" team in the NFL. Where else do you have so many fan clubs?

Heath from Louisiana: I’m a Louisiana resident and a huge Saints fan and I agree completely with your 'Grrr!' about "Exploiting Katrina." While I hope they can pull it together for the fans and have a winning season (and possibly a post-season), they are just a sports team. If they happen to win the Super Bowl, THEN maybe we could call them "America’s Team," as that could symbolize Americans’ history of rising from adversity to achieve superiority. Until then, it’s just football.

Pete from Dear Park: Dear Miss Gordy: Thank you for setting ALL of us straight! And can you imagine a newscaster coming on the air and saying what you said? Not in our lifetime! May God continue to bless you and yours as you settle into a new life.

Sharon from Houston, Texas: Please tell Miss Gordy that most of us here in Houston understand what she is saying and wish people out there would stop blindly believing everything they hear and see on the radio and TV. We in Houston sincerely care about what has happened to these people and are doing our best to help in any way we can. Best wishes (and my prayers) to Miss Gordy -- she's got a lot of moxie.

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