Your Grrrs: Sept. 13, 2006

Here are some of your responses to Mike's last column compiled by FOX News intern Lasette Canady...

Adam adds to Grrr! Going Down?: Here's the best part of those elevators (we've had them here for a couple years now) ... as each person hits the floor they want -- the elevator counts the number of people assigned to each car. In theory, when one car is full it will start sending people to a new car. Here's what really happens ... say your cafeteria is on floor 15, at lunchtime you and a buddy go to the elevator and both hit 15 and it assigns you to car A and counts two passengers, but right along behind you comes a group of six oblivions who see that you just hit 15 and now know that they can get on 15 and since they are also importants they don't bother to hit the buttons for 15 or the best you can hope for is that one of them does ... now you've got eight people in a car when the elevator thinks there's only two. So guess what happens ... it keeps assigning others to that car until it officially fills up. Then when the car does come not everyone there will fit -- so the whole process will repeat itself again while you wait for the next one to come. Sorry to be the bearer of more good news.

L. Marston writes: As someone who complains about the elevators in my office building (a county courthouse), I have to say your story made me appreciate its old-fashioned
up/down arrows! Still, I have to deal with jurors on a regular basis -- they apparently have never been in a building with elevators before and can't figure out when to get on, get off or what floor courtroom 683 is on! I never remember anyone explaining to me that the first number might be a clue to the floor a room is on, but apparently it should be taught in schools! Thank you for letting me know I have nothing to complain about, at least compared to your elevator system! Thankfully I'll probably be retired before the county EVER updates our elevators! Thanks for the laughs!

Katie in Florida writes: Is this elevator system approved by the Fire Dept.?! How about all the ladies in the building? There are many times I have gotten off of an elevator before my floor because I did not feel comfortable with a fellow elevator occupant. Now I guess one is "stuck." I smell lawsuits!

Patrice in Syracuse, N.Y., Grrrs: Further GRRRRRs to Brad and Angelina. They should have chosen to not impregnate until gay couples are able to impregnate one another (without intervention or a third party). Hypocrites!

Kevin from N.C. writes: My Grrrr is about Maria Sharapova’s screaming each time she hits the tennis ball. I correctly predicted she would start a trend. Just days after her US Open win I was playing tennis and on the court next to me a girl, probably not more than 10, obviously new to the game, wailed just like Maria each time she connected with the ball. It brought back memories of the grunts and growls that were prevalent on the tennis courts during the John McEnroe era. Just play the game, folks!

Ben M. 9/11 Grrr: My Grrr! is for those people who think it is interesting or necessary to share "their story" of where they were on 9/11 (I make an exclusion for those who were there or lost loved ones in the attacks). Every year this time, these people come out with their "I remember exactly where I was at the time...". Yeah, so does *every* other American old enough to remember! Why is it that anyone would think that anyone else is interested in their specific story of where they were? Weren't we all tragically shocked and devastated by what happened? Let the people who were there be the ones who tell the stories. Grrrr!!!!

Scott in seat 9B Airline Grrr: Ever notice the flight attendants on some commuter airlines referring to the captain by their first name? "In a few minutes Captain Steve will turn off the seatbelt sign….." Captain Steve? Is this a Disneyland ride or an airline??? With all due respect to airline pilots, it's bad enough to be stuffed in the back of a dirty, noisy turboprop airplane only to find out it's being flown by a pimply 21-year-old referred to as "Captain Steve." Hello! This does not help the passengers' confidence. How about "The Captain" or "Our Captain"?

S. Gay writes: How have we become so tolerant as to let entertainers from other countries criticize our elected officials?? Over the course of the past few years, I have read statements and been to concerts where musicians have jumped on their soapbox to tell us what our government is doing wrong. Thanks for your opinion on foreign policy, now sing the damn songs. I have yet to read anyone criticize the Queen of England or why their government officials still insist on wearing little wigs. I know that everyone is entitled to their opinions, but just because someone is in the entertainment industry doesn’t make them a credible political analyst.

M. Hamilton writes: My “Grrr” is for “Parking Lot Vultures” and “Parking Lot Stalkers." I work in a large building with a close parking lot and several far parking lots. I get in early enough to get in the close parking lot. I often go out to my car a couple times during the day to get something or drop something off. There are always Parking Lot Vultures just circling around the close parking lot waiting to pounce on an empty spot … even though there are plenty of open spots in the far parking lots. And when one of these Vultures sees someone walking in the close parking lot they turn in to a Parking Lot Stalker. They get right behind the person, slowly stalking them and sticking close to them as if to let the other Vultures know, “This prey is mine!” Sometimes I wave them off and tell them I’m not leaving. But if they are really aggressive and annoying I will just let them watch as I take my time to get what I need out of my car and then walk back toward the building. Would you believe some of them actually act as if I wronged them in some way?

Ali S., McKinney, Texas, writes: To Sam G., re: the basic awareness course: Great idea, Sam. However, this training already exists. It's called "Parenting." Why do we expect our schools to take up the slack for what should first be established at home?

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