Your Grrrs: Nov. 24, 2005 and Bon Scott

Your Grrrs, and for the record — from the last column in the AC/DC article — I know Bon Scott is dead. I was referring to him rolling over in his grave after listening to Elgus Proungly's renditions. It didn't come across too well. Thanks for the e-mails...

David Crews and several others: I like your commentary and just had to reply after you mentioned my favorite band AC/DC by name. I hope you already knew this, otherwise get prepared for some sad news ... Bon Scott of AC/DC is deceased (1980). The current singer for them is Brian Johnson and has been since 1980.

Chris J. in Lexington, Ky.: I have never been a server, but I think it would be very hard to keep up with all the stupid quirks and expectations that people have when it comes to restaurant service. Some people want their salads after dinner or they don't tip. Some people want drinks every 30 seconds or they don't tip. Some people need to be checked on every time you walk by or they don't tip. Some people don't want to be bothered with updates or they don't tip. What an impossible situation! Give the servers a break. As long as they don't screw up and are attentive, put your petty hangups aside and give a decent tip. Lording over a service industry person that doesn't read your mind or conform to your unique expectations is just plain wrong.

Bryan W in VA: The shaving the eyebrows bit was hilarious!! It takes real guts to admit that kind of stunt. Many of us have done the same thing (even with no drinking involved), but would never admit it. If you mess up a mustache, you can shave off the whole thing and start over, but an eyebrow...! Love the stuff you do. You have given words to frustrations many of us have felt for years. As I get older, though, I am trying to develop an attitude reflected in a sign posted above the workstation of a worker on the B-1B project when I was in the Air Force: "I used to get angry, but now, I'm just mildly amused."

P. J. in cyberspace: We love going to Disney World, too. We try to make it an annual trip and for that, we are truly thankful. This year, we've already gone once in August for our anniversary. My husband and I are heading back to Disney World from 12/1-12/4 with our 6 year old and our 10 month old. We'll try not to be Oblivions.

Michelle B.: Thanks for mentioning Kidd’s Kids. Every year they set time aside to help bring cheer to those children and their families. I know several families who were privileged enough to go and they speak highly of this organization to whomever will listen. Kidd not only cares about these families, he keeps in touch with them over the years and follows up on their progress. Kudos to Kidd Kraddick and the gang!!

Pat M. responding to Rob in N.J.: My gas tank is also on the passenger side. If you were paying attention, as I have been, you would have noticed that more often than not, the lines at the gas pump are on the side for the "driver's side" people. We "passenger side" people usually have a clear path to the pump, or at least a shorter line, and are on our way long before the rest. And by the way, what do you care where your gas tank is? We aren't allowed to pump our own gas in New Jersey anyway.

Michael in West Des Moines, Iowa: To Rob in Hillsborough, N.J. ... YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING. His Grrr is what side of the car the gas tank is on. If this is the biggest problem in his life, then something in his life is seriously out of whack. With all of the legitimate Grrrss out there — high gas prices, rude behavior in public, cost of drugs and health insurance, etc. — this guy is upset because he has to figure out how to turn his car around at the gas station? Oh, the horror! If this is a challenge to Robby, I have a sneaking suspicion we'll see him in the fast lane doing 45 mph because those darn car companies have conspired against him to put the gas pedal on the right side.

Elaine in Dallas, Texas: Hi Mike. I love your column! I would like to contribute a Grrr. Hopefully the parking lot Oblivions will read this before the big shopping day this Friday and take the hint. Last night I was waiting for a car to back out of a parking spot. The Oblivion behind me could not wait the 30 seconds this could take and had to slowly squeeze his giant SUV around me. When he did this, the car in the process of backing out was forced to stop so Mr. SUV could pass and we both had to wait for him before we could proceed. Thanks for letting me vent. This has irritated me for years!

Fred from Colorado Springs: What a great column. My Grrr is to those Oblivions who decided that their lives were way too important to stop for a car wreck. I was driving back to work from lunch when ahead of me a bit was a nasty car wreck. Though I was too far away to really see what happened, I was the first car to stop and call 911 and try to render some assistance. I saw at least five cars who were closer to the wreck and whose only concern was to try and go around the wreck to get wherever they were heading (and this does not include the cars heading the other way where the wreck was not blocking their path). It is just hard for me to imagine that all of those people had so many things to do that they could not stop and help these people. Well for those who were too busy to stop and help, the two older ladies in the car and the man in the truck were just a little scared and no serious injuries.

Angela from Houston: I completely agree with your Grrr on people trying to fit huge bags into the overhead bins. I fly frequently for my job and it seems on every flight, someone tries to do that. The other Grrr that I have is when the employees at the self-check in counter feel the need to explain each step of the self check-in process to me. Those things have been around for years, I use them at least twice a month, it's not my first rodeo. Obviously, if I've already got my credit card scanned and have begun the process, I know what I'm doing. I appreciate their willingness to help, but if I need help, I'll be sure to let them know.

Wendy V. in cyberspace: Here's a Grrr I'd like to see in print and it goes out to all the "cool" parents. Thanks for making my child (16) think I'm uncool because I don't allow her to smoke in front of me, won't allow her to run around until 2 a.m. and other things the "cool" parents allow. AND I think it's a cop-out to say you'd rather your daughter smoke in front of you rather than behind your back. Would you allow her to shoot up or practice prostitution or even commit suicide as long as it was "in front of you"? I'm attempting to teach my child some values and self-restraint, not encouraging her to go harm herself. There is a reason they are not adults until they're 18 ... they need guidance and structure not to be left to their own devices!

Happy Thanksgiving, everybody.

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