Your Grrrs: Nov. 14, 2006

Here are some of your responses to Mike Straka's last Grrr! column...

Charna W. writes: I love that Faith Hill's immature response was caught on tape. She's one who makes me want to gag when I see her on "Oprah." She wants the world to think she and Tim are perfect and have everything together. She tries to put forth this perfect image and it's probably mostly a put-on. She's not the darling everyone thinks she is, I'm sure. I'm sure she's nice enough and a good person, but be real.

James Z. writes: With K-Fed otherwise occupied with his new divorce, does that mean we won't be watching John Cena smash him into paste at the next WWE Pay Per View? Because I'm still willing to pay good money to watch John Cena turn K-Fed into a pretzel.

K. Parent writes: Hi, Mike. I just discovered you! Love your writing! Thanks for this article, for being kind to Britney, tough with K-Fed, and objective — not rabid-anti — about AI and Carrie. I enjoyed it, not just because I like your style, but also because I agreed with you all the way.

WJN writes: And here is the REALLY bad news for Ms. Spears — no matter what happens, K-Fed will be a part of her life FOREVER!!! Ms. Spears sealed that with the birth of the children!! Lucky girl!!!

Josh R. writes: Wow, you must be some kind of super genius. I mean I don't think anyone could have the foresight to see that Britney Spears' marriage wasn't going to last. And that signing a prenup might have been a good idea ... way to go ... I especially like that part where you say "I told you so" just to remind us all that you are basically psychic. Hey, do you think that Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes will last? Please? Let us all in on that major news event ... I'm sure that is the top priority of the media, I mean country, right now. Just imagine all the good you can do by reporting early on that train wreck.

Sharon Smith writes: Just wanted to say that I agree with your column regarding Carrie Underwood. I don't understand why people knock the "AI" winners and contestants because of "how" they got to where they are. "AI" presents an opportunity to talented singers. Why should we knock the success of a Carrie Underwood, Clay Aiken or Kelly Clarkson because they took advantage of an opportunity? The bottom line is talent and many others, besides those mentioned in this e-mail, are very, very talented people. Right on to Carrie and all the others. Right on and sing on!

Tammy in Placerville, Calif.: What the heck happened to the "do not call list"? How did these campaigns for political office get exempted? We have been so frustrated this last week with all the automated calls to our home phone. Our answering machine is loaded up every day when we come home. Five and six calls a day while we are at work and then from three to seven calls a night while we are trying to relax. We actually stopped going to the phone to answer it after a while. We received recorded calls from Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton (daily), Nancy Pelosi, Clint Eastwood, Rudy Giuliani (I live in California??), Arnold Schwarzenegger and God knows who else. I am so glad that the election is over and once again it's safe to pick up the phone.

Julian C. writes: Just want to report on great customer service. Yes, it still exists. I ordered some clothing from Lands' End. Over a week later it still had not arrived so I got on their Web site and discovered it supposedly had been delivered over a week ago. I called customer service and explained the situation. Thirty seconds later the CSR says they will overnight a new package to me at no cost. Her only request was that if by some chance I received the original order to call them for prepaid shipping back to them. Still in shock.

Kelly C. in Boston: I have become an avid fan of your column recently, and I wanted to comment on a GRRR! that has really gotten to me. You should do a column on big, influential companies using Internet scams. Since when is false advertising and giving your customers the ole’ bait-and-switch common practice? Example: I ordered a 14-day trial of a popular acne product. They guaranteed they would only charge me shipping and handling to try their product. Trust me, I read ALL of the fine print. I tried it, didn’t like it and didn’t order any more. A month later, a $69.95 charge shows up on my credit card. When I call the company, they explained to me that I never “cancelled my account” so I was now a monthly customer. While fuming, I figured it was my fault for falling for such a dirty trick. I asked when I should expect my shipment for the month for which I assumed I paid $69.95. They explained that the $69.95 was for the original 14-day trial, since I kept it and apparently liked it since I didn’t send it back. What?? Since then, I have reported them to the Better Business Bureau, and I have plans to start a Web site warning people of this scam. Please join the fight and warn your readers of this annoying and potentially very expensive ruse. It’s absurd!

Bill W. writes: Mike, I’ve been reading your column for several years. Sometimes I agree with you, sometimes not. But you always state the reasons for your stance, and I have to respect that. In all the time I have been reading your column, I don’t think I have ever run across anything in the Grrr lexicon for people that do something about a Grrr. I would like to suggest the Unger (un-grrr), and below should be its first recipient.

As a veteran, I was very pleased to see a piece on FOX News Channel about a group called the Patriot Guard. This is a group of motorcycle enthusiasts that were sick and tired of seeing anti-war protesters showing up at the funerals of our fallen soldiers. These folks keep the protesters away from the funerals and funeral procession, preserving the memory of the occasion for the family. It is sad enough as it is; these families do not need the protesters telling them that their son or daughter is a killer or died for oil. The members of the Patriot Guard will lead the funeral procession, keeping the protesters at bay if necessary. They have even served as pallbearers when called upon. They do not look for any thanks from the families, but I am sure that these families are extremely grateful for the actions of these folks. How about an “Unger” for the Patriot Guard?

Denise in Arlington Heights, Ill.: I had an even worse cell phone in the bathroom experience. Multiple companies in my building share communal bathrooms, and "in stall" calls happened daily. I finally hit my limit when one was using her SPEAKER PHONE while we were using the facilities, and it was NOT a personal call either! Afterward, I told the offender it was rude, but she kept right on with her conversation. I was so steamed, I marched directly to the building management office to complain. The next day a notice went out that cells phones were banned in the bathrooms because it was violating other people's privacy. It's been over a month now, and I haven't heard a phone since!

Steve Lee writes: You are great! Thanks for keeping our eyes open to the reality of the lives of celebrities.

Oliver in Ariz. writes: Didn't bother to read any part about [Britney Spears] and her sperm donor. You are too great a writer to even waste any time or print on the likes of most of the entertainment celebrities, especially Britney Spears herself. Really enjoy most of your columns, but you really don't need to write about "trailer trash Americans" to help get your Pulitzer Prize. THANKS FOR WHAT I CONSIDER TO BE "THE GOOD ARTICLES."

Rebecca H. writes: I enjoy reading your column. You are very honest and tell it like it is. I know that I would love to say what you write. Thanks for being honest.

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