Your Grrrs: May 22, 2007

Here are some responses to Mike's last column.

Micah W. in Charleston, S.C., writes: As heartbreaking as this whole "Maddie" missing girl case is, I've got to express a perplexing Grrr that doesn't seem to be addressed anywhere in the media: What kind of parents just leave a 4-year-old and two 2-year-olds unsupervised and alone in a hotel room while they go to get appetizers and drinks?

Now, maybe it's different in Portugal, but all of the tapas bars I've been to serve small-portioned appetizer foods and drinks. They're not drinking-only type establishments and have children's dishes as well. On a "family" vacation ... seems their children weren't exactly their top priority, until one went missing. It may be a tough question to ask the worried parents, but isn't that what the media is supposed to do -- ask the tough questions?

Here in the U.S. it's a charge to even leave a toddler unattended to run to the store, let alone three of them to go have a private "happy hour." Some old rock tune says: "Don't know whatcha got, 'til it's gone." I'm sure they have a better understanding of the phrase now, but the whole thing seems like it was entirely preventable had they exercised some semblance of decent parenting.

All the speculation and reports in the news of some international child pornography ring, the celebrity bandwagon pleas and donations (all PR for the celebs), really just seems like a distraction from the root of the problem ... They left their children alone, in a strange place, for some selfish desire on a "family vacation" for God knows how long. The whole case stinks to me. I truly hope the little girl is found, and in good health so that the parents can keep their little princess near to them, as they should have that fateful evening.

Angie in Atlanta writes: Regarding these yahoo parents in Portugal who are searching for little Maddie. Not to take anything at all away from their grief and pain, but OH MY GOD!!!! What the heck were you two thinking? You chose a "date" over the well-being of your children! What about parental responsibility? Kidnapping factor aside ... what if one of the three children you left ALONE needed something while you were gone?

What if they had a nightmare and needed Mommy and Daddy to make it all better? What if they became ill? These parents enabled this sicko to steal their precious daughter from them. They began this hell. Yet I have heard nothing about their neglect in this matter.

I realize that to mention it might be considered pouring salt on the wound. But I just want it out there ... in cyberspace and beyond ... that I hold you partly responsible for your little girl's fate. You left your children alone, in a foreign country, no less! You guys win the biggest Grrr award ... hands down!

A Baffled U.S. Mother of Four writes: Gerry & Kate McCann are suffering as their 4-year-old daughter, Madeleine, is missing. They are grateful for all of the reward money pouring in from famous Britons and have no plans to leave Portugal until their daughter is found. What I don’t understand is what the McCanns thought they were doing when they left a 4-year-old and 2-year-old twins alone in their villa while they went out for a bite to eat!

Their children should be in the custody of Portugal’s CPS and they should be in jail for neglect, and yet nobody seems to have a problem with that part of their story. Am I missing something?

DeAnn in Montgomery, Ala., writes: Here's my Grrr! Finding your column on the FOX News Web site. I have to click on a story and hope that it has it in the left column. Why can't they give you a cute little box like Paris and Britney? Don't tell me they are more popular!

DeAnn, bookmark

Sam in Chicago writes: I think you are absolutely right when you say that Amy Fisher and Joey Buttafuoco will not have a reality TV show. However, I disagree with your reason.

I don't think the shock value will even register, nor the "celebrity" of its "stars." The reason that this premise will fail is that the young-and-dumb demographic fueling these shows has little or no idea who these two are. The very fact that you had to describe the state of their affairs would suggest this. O.J. Simpson? Name recognition. Gene Simmons? Name recognition.

The main reason people remember Buttafuoco is his name, but most have no clear idea of what he did, or Ms. Fisher, for that matter. Maybe I'm selling my generation short, but in this case bad TV is being drowned in the shallows of our memories. If we cared about them or knew about them beyond some passing fancy, Fisher and Buttafuoco would probably be on TV already. I can't tell who deserves the Grrr! most.

Brenda P. in Michigan writes: You are so right about a show about them! The problem is that more dreck will replace this. With all the channels on TV, I watch sports, FOX News and "Dancing With the Stars." That’s it! Love your Grrr!


Jude writes: About the Joey and Amy story ... It is sick! Sick! These people have became celebs and they both should be in prison for life! Instead we pay them to entertain us? What is this world coming to?

Cheryl from Virginia writes: I read your column whenever I get the chance, which is entirely less often than I would like. I don't know if this subject has been broached yet, but I saw an item by a reader about checkout lines at the grocery store. She had some very good advice for those who should NOT use the self-checkout.

My gripe is using a cashier-assisted line, only to have them throw one item in one of those teensy-weensy, useless plastic bags, when several more would have fit (despite their small size). And who wants 30 of those things hanging off your arms as you try to open your front door, with a gallon of milk in one swinging your arm around so you can't get the key to the lock! I know, put the bag down, right? Well, that opens up more problems.

Shopping for groceries just shouldn't require so much forethought on the logistics of checkout, bagging and transporting home what you bought. Just my Grrr for the week.

Larry G. writes: Thanks for having the courage to speak out for decent programming. Now, if only we could get rid of all the other "reality" shows out there, maybe my wife would be induced to get a "real" life of her own, instead of vegetating while listening to such tripe. Thanks again for such lucid and enjoyable writing. Keep up the good work.

Sherry writes: Are you kidding me? Please, tell me you are kidding me ... I may have to throw my television in the yard and give up watching all together. There is so much drivel on the tube now, I'm about to switch to radio full-time.

Maybe I'll continue to download old-time radio shows to my computer and just listen to that! The truly sad thing about this "proposal" ... there will probably be a network to buy it and viewers to watch!

Kerry B. in Atlantic City writes: Mike, I hope you took a long, hot shower after writing about those two dregs Amy and Joey ... I don't envy you your job sometimes ... and TV execs are wondering why TV viewing is going downhill. With dregs like that on reality TV I'll just turn my TV off and read a good book.

Jim in New York writes: Hi, Mike, here's another category for your "Celebrities and Politicians skate laws." Cops, firemen and corrections officers. I was speeding locally one morning on the way to a day of canoeing and fishing. Sure enough, a trooper was right on top of me.

When I was pulled over, the corrections officer I was traveling with simply flashed his badge. No ticket, no warning ... just a "have a nice day" and I was off. These guys/gals NEVER get tickets.

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