Your Grrrs: May 1, 2007

Here are some of your responses to Mike's last column.

Elliot in Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.: Hey, Mike — you certainly hit the nail on the head about the whole Baldwin/Basinger saga. As the child of a divorced family, I can tell you firsthand that parents can become so consumed with the hatred of each other that they will compromise the well-being of their children (advertently or inadvertently), just to upset their estranged spouse.

Unfortunately, this is very common in divorces. I certainly do not support Alec’s comments, but at least they were in private. The release of this voicemail to the world will certainly have a longer-lasting effect on that innocent little girl than the actual words that Alec said. Alec, Kim, all their lawyers, publicists, PR reps, agents, and everyone else involved should be ashamed of themselves for exploiting this young girl. They all had a hand in it in one way or another. And for what? To perpetuate a bitter custody battle between two bitter people. GRRR.

Karen P. writes: Mr. Baldwin is an abusive bully!!!!! You can hear it in his voice and in the manner in which he speaks to his child. I don't blame Ms. Basinger for divorcing him. It's just too bad she couldn't convince a family judge of these facts. He should not have any contact with his daughter unless it is supervised and certainly not until he has major therapy. Whoever the family judge is, I hope he reconsiders his decisions. As far as how the story was leaked, we probably will never know. However, the only recourse Mr. Baldwin has is to accuse Ms. Basinger. It's the only leg he has left to stand on as far as custody now.

Angie L. writes: Are we seriously wasting our precious GRRRs on another Baldwinian tirade? Frankly, I stopped vomiting over him after he broke his promise to leave the country if Bush was re-elected. I loved him when he had Schweaty Balls and fought Beatle Juice. But no matter how long he holds the record for "SNL" appearances ... he has burnt his last biscuit with me.

Darren in Minneapolis writes: Mike, Mike, Mike ... when are you going to learn? Rock and pop stars just aren't the brightest bulbs on the tree. I saw this MTV awards show about a year ago and for their big "go green" moment, they suggested that you unplug your cell phone charger when you are done charging your cell phone. That was it. Unplug your cell phone charger and YOU will save the planet.

A thousand years from now, they will tell tales of how the planet Earth was saved by that brave soul who risked everything: fame, money, power, friends. That one soul who battled against the odds, who did what no one thought possible. That soul who saved the Earth from total and utter destruction by ... unplugging his cell phone charger when his cell phone was fully charged. Thank you, mysterious stranger, whoever you are, for unplugging your cell phone charger. The world is now safe thanks to you. That was MTV's one square of toilet paper

Lisa, "Wife to Sean, mommie to Ashlyn, Brock, Shane, Grace, Noah, Hope and Jack and two precious ones in heaven," writes: Thank you, Mike, for the pro-family article that you wrote. It's sad to see just how much the Hollywood culture influences most families today and the country as a result. We need to support the family: Children are our future leaders and our hope, not Hollywood. It scares me how much power these clueless celebrities have. Give me a break: one toilet square at a time? If Sheryl ever had a child throw up all over the place, I doubt she would use one paper towel to clean it up. Anyway, thank you for your pro-family article. It was refreshing.

Greg in Dover, N.H.: Mike: The second I heard that mission statement from Sheryl Crow this morning on the radio, I immediately thought of your column. No surprise here that you were thinking the same thing ... another "green" wannabe. "All I wanna do is wipe my poo ... I've got a feeling that one sheet will have to do."

What a bunch of waste coming from celebrities. How many one-sheet number twos do I have to sacrifice to equal one tour overseas for Sheryl Crow? Last I checked ... large airplanes don't run on corn oil and biodiesel. Carbon points for rock stars and politicians? Gimme a break! If you want to save the environment, quit your job and live off your farm.

Sharon B. writes: Sorry, Mike, I have to disagree: Alec Baldwin should never, ever have said what he did to and about his daughter. There is no excuse for what he said and you can blame whoever leaked it to the press (I notice you people jumped on it without any problem of whom it would hurt), but Baldwin is the real transgressor.

As to your comment that the person who leaked it to the press was the person to blame for the child’s friends now knowing what he calls her — you can’t seriously believe they didn’t know before? I doubt this is the first time he has called her something like that and I doubt it will be the last — unless the public humiliation has put him on his better (I doubt he has any “best”) behavior.

I honestly believe the person who leaked this to the media (and the GRRR is for the media) absolutely did the right thing — it’s about time Baldwin had to own up to his behavior — although I notice he’s still blaming others instead of accepting responsibility as a real adult would do. If some people didn’t have low class, they’d have no class at all.

Bev in Petersburgh, Tenn.: Sheryl Crow owns a sprawling mansion of a home next to my brother's home in Allisonia, Tenn., right outside of Nashville. It's about as "earth friendly" as Al Gore's ... not. Of note, we didn't vote for Al Gore here in Tennessee, either. Why? Because he was a hypocrite.

His "heartfelt humble recollections of childhood in Tennessee" were actually spent in private, elite schools in Washington, D.C., and we knew it ... what a phony. And as an interesting note, Sheryl Crow also lives in one of the wealthiest conservative counties in the country.

This is where the country stars live. I'm 43, a scuba diver, conservative and I love making contributions to environmental causes that I believe in and none of my beliefs are centered around some idiot celebrity and their political causes.

It sickens me actually to see celebrities using a cause such as this to further their political opinions. They are liars. I personally boycott any and all movies by actors or actresses, singers, etc. who use their political beliefs as props. I do not have the same opportunity to push my views on other people ... why do they think they have that right?

They are no smarter than I am ... just luckier to have the exposure. They need to stop taking it for granted. I am happy to keep my money in my pocket or put it to genuine causes that are real rather than give it to them.

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