Your Grrrs: March 7, 2006

Your Grrrs...

Randy Wayne in Hollywood writes: After reading grrr after grrr, I am relieved that I'm not that only one who is aware of these Oblivions. I now have a new word in my vocabulary. Thanks for that and thanks for the kind words you wrote about me in your Grrr! Goes Hollywood story. Keep on writing and I'll keep on reading.

Kathleen in Federal Way, Wash.: I have found myself despising Hollywood lately — almost hating them in ways that are very unusual for me. They hate me, my husband, our beliefs, our God, politics, world view and love of country — why should I not despise them? Watch them? I don't want to give them a penny of my money ... I think the lot should be shipped to Pluto for a few years until they remember that they are not gods, they are human beings who should be grateful for this great country and the chance to be actors and actresses. They hate us — the very people who buy their movies! They have a lot more money than we will ever have and they act like they are somehow wiser and more intelligent than we are because of it. They work for us by entertaining us and as far as I am concerned the entire city is now fired! Watch the Oscars? NO, Sir — I will watch some Marx brothers movies or perhaps a "Thin Man" movie this weekend. Modern Hollywood isn't worthy of my attention and hard-earned money!

Frank in Montana: Most Americans don't give a hooey about Hollywood, so I guess that's why all the SELF-adulation. If the actors didn't love themselves, then there wouldn't be any "love" there. I gotta have a beer now.

Susanne R. writes: What is up with the endless awards shows for actors? I'm sorry, but it just irritates me to no end that these already self-important people congratulate themselves on a regular basis. Did I miss something? Are they curing cancer or ending world poverty? They are acting and getting paid lots and lots of money to do so.

Dawn A. writes to Hollywood bashers: If they refuse to see anything with George Clooney, Sean Penn, etc. then why don't they just throw their TV and computer out the window, pick up a book and live in a cave for all we care? Enough with the Hollywood bashing already. It does no one any good. Get a life.

Thomas in San Diego writes: "Grrrr" to "Diana D." What about "Brokeback Mountain" do you not approve of? The story of two people who love each other but are not permitted to be together because other self-righteons "don't approve" of their union? Who ever said it was your place to judge someone and approve or disapprove of their relationship? It's really none of your business to approve or disapprove of two consenting adults loving each other! Hollywood is not ramming anything down your throat! Good movies are not there to reinforce your belief system ... they are there to challenge your ideas .... GET OVER YOURSELF!!!

Jeff in Greenville, N.C,: New words for the lexicon — "Carb Nazi" or "Diet Nazi." These are people who, for no reason but their own, make sure you know they are on a diet (any diet, just pick one). I had to travel with a partner for a week who insisted that everyone know she was on a "low-carb diet." Her phrase that week was "it has to be low-carb, it has to be low-carb." That took about two days to wear thin. My comment: "just eat something like the rest of us and shut up." My sister also is guilty of a similar craze known as the "South Beach insanity." Most of these diets are not healthy or good for you. Here's my diet — eat less and exercise more. Works every time and doesn't cost big bucks to participate. And if you are on a diet, just calm down, make that information known in a low-key way and don’t terrorize the rest of us who are not on YOUR bloody diet. Grrrrrrrrr!

Jim M. writes: Why do so many of the folks who make radio commercials think having the voice use a bad, fake British accent will lend any credibility to their pitch? We've got one going locally where the voice is flogging (that's the British word for peddling) Web services. I swear he's trying to win the Stan Laurel sound-alike contest. There's another where the voice says bathroom with the ahh for a. The British use the same sound we do in the word bathroom. However, they don't say bathroom. They say "gent's" or "loo."

Stephanie in Ky.: To Tabitha wondering what is wrong with kids these days after a girl ran out in front of her SUV. What I have found is nothing is wrong with kids these days. Kids are kids. They always have and always will push the limits. What's wrong is our parenting. Parents who let their kids push and go beyond the limits only allow them to grow up to be parents who allow the same from their kids ... and the cycle goes on. Kids will be kids, but adults have to work at being parents.

Rachel in co-worker hell: I recently had a co-worker tell me that she has all the symptoms of having a "bully for a boss:"

1. She feels stressed all the time
2. She misses work a lot and has no vacation time left because she feels stressed
3. She does not feel motivated to do a good job
4. She does not like coming to work
5. Said boss does not respond well when she tries to communicate these feelings.

Funny how all of the "symptoms of a bully boss" depend completely and utterly on HER feelings, HER actions and HER laziness! This person has missed work more than she has been here lately and she always makes sure to tell us all how it's our boss' fault for making her feel stressed. Not to mention all she does is fart around on the Web when she is here. GRRRRRRR!

Terry J. on Stern: I believe you are incorrect concerning Howard Stern. He may have a big mouth, but, the allegations, and lawsuit, have already been unfounded by every legal expert. These are all the desperate ramblings of Les Moonves, as CBS/Infinity’s ratings have gone in the tank and ad rates have shrunk across the Eastern Seaboard since Stern left the network. Also Sirius, who everyone thought would tank soon after Stern and Bubba The Love Sponge (Todd Clem) came on board is growing and seeing subscription rates increase 5x this quarter.

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