Your GRRRS: March 27, 2007

Here are some of your responses to Mike's last column:

Mark M. writes: I love how you can be so condescending on the people you subject yourself to be around. Yes let's go to a diner and eat breakfast. Wait, can't do that, people might not have taken a shower. And hey, where are those pesky kids at to shovel my driveway because I'm too darn lazy to do it myself? Man, those kids are so irresponsible. Yes I can see how you're so right. You have nothing better to do then complain and you get paid for it. Maybe you should take a vacation, but I doubt you'd last the trip as I guess the people in coach would give you a headache. Maybe you should learn to be more responsive and less critical. People sometimes are stupid, and that's the way it's always been. If you don't like it, get a life.

Carol B. writes: Dear Mike, regarding your comments about the pancake house, would it hurt some people to drag a comb through their hair and at least put on some presentable clothes to come out to a public place? I have been in places like IHOP and Perkins for breakfast and some of these people look like they just walked out of the house, picked up a dirty child out of the yard and headed for the pancake house. I wonder if these people have any self-respect at all. It's not bad enough that they look bad, but some of them smell bad also. The saddest thing is these lazy mothers who bring their children out in dirty clothes with dirty faces and hair that looks like it has never been combed. Not to mention taking them to the movie theaters this way. I think some people finish cutting the grass, grab the kids and take off to the movies. For goodness' sake, take a shower (at least). Our brand new theater in my little town already smells like dirty feet. I usually just wait for a movie to come out on DVD; that way I don't have to look at or smell these slobs.

Stacey T. writes: Dear Mike — I totally know what you mean about the breakfast nightmare. I was an undergraduate once, so showing up at IHOP at noon with pj's on and beer still coming out of my pores probably Grrr'd other people, but I've noticed that it now Grrrs me as well. After St. Patrick's Day, some friends and I decided to make a trip for a nice hot breakfast and during the wait we were absolutely surrounded by, well, people who had looked like they had wandered in from the homeless shelter. Seriously! Comb your hair, lady! Wear some decent-looking pants, sir! And will somebody make those children take a bath!? The waitress was also rude to us. When asked if fruit could be added to the pancakes, she replied, "Well, that depends on the type of fruit because we're sort of out. You know what? We don't do that anymore." Um ... what?? Anyway, I think a bowl of cereal will suffice my Sunday morning breakfasts for now on.

Sue J. writes: Mike, you are so right! You wrote: "What could kids possibly need their own money for, when everything they want is handed to them by Mom and Dad?" Friends of mine have a 7-year-old, and the whole house revolves around the kid, who isn't happy unless she is the center of attention. I doubt if, in her short life, she has ever wished and hoped for/saved up for/earned money for ANYTHING. Mom and Dad buy her every new novelty or fad, tickets to shows/movies in town, etc., before she even knows she wants them! Unbelievable. For one who had a paper route (on a bicycle in all weathers, winter and summer) AND a Saturday job to expand my meager pocket money (for which certain chores were expected), I totally don't think this is in the best interests of the child to teach her the way life really is.

Cynthia B. writes: Mike, I think you’re letting your Grrrs get to you. When you go around looking for Grrrs … you’ll find them, no doubt about it. But don’t forget to take some Grrr time off, and just start looking for people's better nature once in a while, too. I’m sure you’ll find them as well. I know from experience, some of those folks who think a baseball cap and rubbing sleep out of their eyes is an adequate grooming for breakfast have probably spent all night awake at a loved one's deathbed, or helping a neighbor whose house burned down in the night. Some of those managers who drop the ball badly by forgetting to order the necessary ingredients for your pancakes will learn better and become outstanding forward thinkers … if given a little credit. And there are other ways to relax and enjoy oneself other than pinning all your hopes for entertainment and relaxation on the shoulders of other people. You could try entertaining yourselves as a family for a change. We see maybe one movie a year and we have no problem relaxing and being entertained by each other. Don’t get me wrong, sure people will Grrr you eventually. It just sounds like you are really starting to see only Grrrs. You need to lighten up a bit.

Monica R. writes: You are so funny and so true! Continue to tell it like it is, man, there’s not enough of you out there!

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