Your Grrrs: June 27, 2006

So the night before Mike wrote his Grrr column on his fondness for Mark Cuban, my roommate, a die-hard Spurs fan from San Antonio, Texas, was actually telling me what a mean and egotistical person he was. Well, it seems that many of you agreed with her. Straka says he was checking to see if you were paying attention … Katherine Sands, FOX News intern.

James in San Antonio writes: Straka, next time you have an article or Grrr about Mark Cuban, please provide us sane folks a chance to respond so we can destroy any notion that Mark Cuban is good for anything in anyway whatsoever. You are a staunch proponent of people using their brains before their mouths, which Cuban has never done, and I am not sure if he fails to do so on account of not having a brain or on account of being too stupid to use his (very small) brain first. Cuban is an egomaniacal trash talking baby ... period! He is the best example of what goes wrong when stupid people get rich. He cannot even buy the sense he was born without.

Kathy White in Texas writes: When did rudeness become a breath of fresh air? Just because the guy answers your phone calls it doesn’t mean he’s someone to be admired. Mark Cuban is just a trash-talking bully who thinks he’s above the rules. He should grow up and take a few lessons from Avery Johnson, his wonderful coach, about how a decent human being behaves.

Pawel in Canada writes: I was surprised to see how many men wrote in about being offended by how dumb and stupid the average father is portrayed on TV. Frankly, I expected quite the opposite. I expected more women to write in against it. I think that consistently portraying women as smarter and more collected is patronizing to them. I think that making every man dumb and stupid belittles women in a way. Do women really need to be soothed so condescendingly? If I were a woman, I'd take it as an insult.

Aric in Pittsburgh writes: Mike, I've been reading your column for a couple years now, and up until recently, I've laughed and nodded my head in agreement with 99 percent of what you write. Unfortunately, however, I find that I can no longer relate to your point of view, and will no longer be a regular reader. I don't know what has happened to you, but in the last two weeks you have chastised Ann Coulter and praised Mark Cuban. HAVE YOUR LOST YOUR MIND? Ann Coulter simply questioned the despicable practice of liberals shoving "victims" in front of the cameras to condemn the Bush administration and the military itself, all the while pointing fingers at anyone who dares question their motives. As far as praising Mark Cuban, you've got to be kidding me? Cuban is a classless, obnoxious egomaniac who honestly believes people come to the arena to see him. His antics mirror those of a 5-year child who throws a temper-tantrum when he doesn't get his way. Did you not notice the behavior of the Dallas players and fans after the Heat won the title the other night? Players and fans see how Cuban behaves and adjust their behavior accordingly. He may be a multi-millionaire, but money doesn't buy class. I'm sorry to have to stop reading your column, Mike. I'll check back every now and then to see if you have regained your sanity.

Tim from Boston writes: Mike, I have a very simple answer for everyone wondering why men are portrayed the way that they are in TV commercials and evening sitcoms. Next time you watch one of these programs, take a closer look at the credits as they roll and you'll have your answer. The majority of these productions are now written, directed and produced by WOMEN! Enough said...

DRS writes: Hi, did you miss the story on the "Today" show on June 21? It's about a high school valedictorian whose speech draft was censored by the school because of her reference to God. She read it as she had written it only to have her microphone turned off (as warned) when she went away from the "approved" text. Congrats to her on standing up for her beliefs and making her school board look like idiots on national television. The audience booed when the microphone was turned off. It was a great segment. She deserves a medal.

Sam Gay in Fort Rucker, Ala., writes: On "Hannity and Colmes" the other day they had a young girl who happens to be the valedictorian of her senior class. Apparently, during her speech, she “thanked Christ for giving her strength and motivation to succeed” in her studies. As soon as she said this, her microphone was cut off. I would like to know how anyone could possibly be offended by someone thanking God? The majority of the people, including myself, are religious, and yet every time faith is mentioned in terms of giving thanks, some moron goes off the deep end saying how their rights were offended. How? We have heard that idiot Ward Churchill support the fragging of our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan, and as angry as that makes most Americans, organizations such as the ACLU support his “right” to free speech. Does this “right” not apply to the faithful? We have allowed a minority of atheists to take prayer out of schools, athletic events, courtrooms and just about every public aspect of our life. Why? How come when the majority speak out against these morons, the majority is quickly silenced by some left-wing judge. I am a religious man, but not a zealot. I believe people are entitled to their beliefs and opinions. I also believe in common sense which I guess I shouldn’t since none of our lawmakers or judges seem to believe in it.

Gina in Murrells Inlet, S.C., writes: Mike: It's not just the commercials that make dads look dumb. I had to browse the entire Father's Day card section before I could find something appropriate. My dad's not the sentimental mushy type so those were out. But all the other cards contained jokes about dads and bodily functions, dads being lazy, inept, etc. When did it become OK for us to degrade, embarrass and humiliate the man responsible for feeding us, clothing us and putting a roof over our head??

Adrianna in Kansas City, Mo., writes: Grrrr to Bruce Arena and the USA soccer team for breaking my heart ... a Fan Regardless.

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