Your Grrrs June 16, 2005

Your Grrrs...Compiled by Marissa Levy (FOX News Intern)

Frank Looper in Cyberspace: You wrote in your last column, “But I don't think this new Cruise really cares. So, movie fans, meet Tom Mapother IV. After years of being Tom Cruise, it's about time he's entertained, isn't it?” Mike, this is your best column, ever. Well written and not a bit mean-spirited. Thanks.

Shannon from Ohio: To Kate in Florida: Please realize that "bathroom stalkers" are not consciously targeting the stall next to you. More often than not, the search is for a stall with a dry, clean seat; adequate toilet paper; and a toilet that has been flushed by the previous occupant. If the only clean, stocked stall is next to yours then that's where I'm going to end up. When public restroom maintenance improves and/or the public learns some basic toilet stall etiquette, then I'll worry about keeping my distance. 'Til then, it's not about you, it's about MY comfort.

Sylvia, Chattanooga, TN: Thanks, Mike, for a sane and understanding view of Tom Cruise. I think you are probably right on with your comments of Tom's not wanting to be handled and be himself! Good for you for speaking up -- and good for Tom!

James T in CT: Did Mr. Crowe’s ‘apology’ take place before, during or after he said he was trying to reach the other party for a possible monetary settlement? If the ability to use money to settle problems is your idea of respect, let me introduce you to your new roommate, OJ Simpson, and your new babysitter Michael Jackson. Call me old fashioned, but an apology comes with sincerity, not dollars.

Brenda M in CA: Come to sunny California where even the jurors are star struck!

Kate W in Cyberspace A little clarification for Dawn S. who wrote in defense of Russell Crowe. While it is a good thing that Mr. Crowe has apologized for his poor behavior, that is not the same thing as having class. Anyone can say the right things after they've done wrong. People with class are able to restrain themselves in the first place, and therefore have no need to apologize. As for accepting the consequences for his actions, what else can he do? He threw a phone at someone's face in front of witnesses. If he hadn't been arrested do you really think he'd be as sorry for what he did? Sadly this sort of thing is habitual for Russell Crowe. He's a very talented actor but it seems he can't behave himself unless he's on screen. What a shining example he is for his child.

Jill M in Florida: Hello???? There is a big difference between being in the public eye and having your life threatened with physical violence. Lindsay Lohan is a young girl who was literally run off the road by another vehicle at high speeds... just so they could get pictures of her? Why? To see if she drives with both hands on the wheel? This would be a terrifying experience for any woman, young or old, famous or the average Jane. Princess Diana died because of this exact thing. Would you have been happier if Lindsay suffered the same fate? Maybe you're one of those (people) that goes to those websites to see autopsy photos of celebs. After all, they were in the public eye right? So why show them any respect. Grr!! to those people that think that just because celebs are in the public eye, their life and safety are worth less than ours.

Eric in Kansas: First of all, Tom and Katie aren’t in love. It’s a publicity stunt and that’s it. I find it too coincidental that their new love “blossoms” right before two of the biggest summer blockbuster films. Second, they’ve been together 3 weeks now and they are in love enough to get married? I don’t think so. Who cares this much to watch these people? Hollywood is a joke and I can’t believe that people actually waste their time caring about the lives of someone they will never meet. Like Jack Nicholson said, “you can’t handle the truth.” And the truth is Hollywood is its own stage in which these people perform and PR firms and publicists make up all the hype while sipping cappuccinos at Starbucks.

GS Hedges in Arkansas: You hit it on the head. Celebrities are fun to watch in movies but I am tired of hearing every minute detail of the amorous adventures, their tax woes, their brush with the law, and most of all, their political views. They, like everyone else, have the right to have all of the above; but I just don’t need to hear about it every time I turn on the television or browse a “news” site on the web. Amazingly, every once in a while even the most harebrained Hollywood “stars” realize how stupid people have become and simply calls it quits – Hopefully Paris meant what she said about withdrawing from a public life. There are others, like my personal favorite Ms Sandra Bullock, who don’t make a lot of noise in public but do their thing privately, by contributing money or simply finding a home away from the crazy lights of LA. To those stars, I say way to go. We like to watch you on the silver screen, but frankly, after you step away from the camera, keep it private. Paris called it right, what a bunch of losers who spend their time chasing the stars for a glimpse or a handshake or photo op. We have become a pathetic society obsessed with the lives of ordinary people who have a bit of talent for acting and the good fortune to make it to Hollywood. What a bunch of loser we have become when we can’t live our lives without knowing what some star is up to today. Get a life folks and let the stars have theirs.

Liliane K in Cyberspace: Yours is the most objective and common sense comment about Cruise’s outbursts of love. Some people will forgive drunkenness at the wheel, abusing drugs and even hitting someone, but are on his case for what?? Falling in love and being happy beyond reasonable behavior? And I, for one, do not for a minute think that his joie de vivre is going to affect his long and brilliant career. So there. I congratulate you for not joining the fray.

Thomas P.W. in Cyberspace: The statement should be not “are you entertained” but “do you care.” These people are nothing but jerks. I used to like Crowe, but after what he did I don’t care if I ever see another movie of his. His total lack of respect for people, especially those in humble positions, speaks volumes about him as a person and a human being. No, I am not entertained and no, I do not care. ·

Robin in Maryland: I have an idea....Let's embrace the differences in people. We live in a country founded on freedom. Are some of these acts annoying? ABSOLUTELY. But I live in America where freedom reigns and I wouldn't have it any other way.

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