Your Grrrs: June 12, 2007

Here are some of your responses to Mike's last column...

Nick writes: I, along with hopefully every other sane individual, would like to Grrrrrr the hell out of the fact that Paris was released after three days due to "Medical Reasons." I would also like to extend my condolences to every other law-breaking resident of jails all across our country. Apparently breaking the law and going to jail is a crappy experience ... so much that if you cry enough, you can go home. You know, maybe in a way we should thank Hilton. After all, if this sets any kind of precedent, I'm fully expecting to see a reduction in my taxes. I mean, now that we've established the fact that if you're sad to be behind bars you can go home, we'll be able to shut down just about every jail in the country and the tax dollars I spend to support them won't be needed. So, maybe instead of Grrrr'ing the fact that she was released after three days for being sad about being in jail, I should Grrrrr the people who let her stay out of jail for so long. If only she would've gone to jail sooner, that tax reduction would have already come and I'd be enjoying a nice vacation with that extra money.

Jon writes: Gee ... she must have done a lot of reflecting in the last three days for them to let go early ... if her fellow inmates weren't ticked before, I bet the are now! I wonder if she will use that as an excuse to not finish her sentence and pay her debt to society?

Stephanie writes: I am a 21-year-old virgin, and am deeply disturbed at the audacity of Gisele Bundchen to state that today no one is a virgin when they get married! May I remind her of Jessica Simpson -- a very popular virgin who waited until marriage. While I am not yet married, my sister and many of my friends were able to "restrain themselves" until finding and marrying their soul mate. These have since testified that the wait was worth it! With that, I look forward to my own incredible wedding night.

Chris writes: I love your column, it always makes me laugh at how dumb people can be. Anyway, on to my GRRR. Paris Hilton out of jail in three days for being bored? And an ankle bracelet? What kind of an excuse is that? "Oh, poor me, I'm here with nothing to do, and my ankle hurts, send me home *cries*." I hate celebrities.

Rick from Afghanistan writes: Over the last few weeks we’ve been bombarded by articles about the hard times of Paris, Britney and Lindsay, to include your own GRRR! While I agree with your views with regard to these women, I have had enough of them. I now note articles expressing concern that Hilton is at risk for a virulent form of staph infection that is rampant in the L.A. county jail. I am stuck in a central Asian country where plague, tuberculosis, leishmaniasis and all manner of other ailments are rampant. I do not have my own room, nor do I have a special facility looking out for me. There is no physician coming to tend my tears. And, people here actively try to kill me; nearly succeeding at least once. Oh, I do it for a lot longer than a few weeks, as well. I am an American serviceman. I would rather read about real, reluctant heroes and true role models. There are thousands of young Americans here who do what fate and duty demand of them every day; young people who suffer real privation in the pursuit of noble cause and common interest. We need to tell those stories and stop inflating Hollywood egos.

Becky writes: I can tell you that I will block NBC completely if they hire Rosie.

Steve writes: I have to write this or I will blow a cork. We have recently seen Paris Hilton's sentence changed due to a "medical condition." Some rumors indicate that it was because she was refusing to eat the jail food. I don't know and I don't care. She was sentenced by a judge because she had broken the law not once, not twice, but three times. Would any normal person (in other words, non-celebrity, non-monetarily connected) have been treated the same? Doubtful. In other news, you see Kelsey Smith (the young lady in Kansas) given a death sentence. Did she break any laws? No. She went shopping! For a present, no less! She was given a death sentence so that some twit could get his jollies! Sometimes, this world makes no sense whatsoever. Paris, if you happen to see this, serve your time in jail like the judge sentenced you to do. You could have wound up like Kelsey. Will you be a better person for it? I don't know, that is up to you.

Bryan in New Mexico writes: Is there some shortage of available actresses out there, that we have to continue to be subjected to the likes of Lindsay Lohan? Until Hollywood (collectively) fires her, she will not hit rock bottom and will not get her life together. But as long as she keeps getting movie roles, no matter her personal behavior, why should she change her life. I really think that Hollywood is so out of touch that they honestly believe that she sells movies. Don’t they know that 95 percent of the moviegoing public would pay to see a movie regardless of who is in it? We go to see movies because we might like the movie, not because a certain actor is in it.

Steve writes: You are saying what I’ve been saying for years about losers. Saw your segment on "Fox and Friends" and agree that athletes have gone to the pits and are no longer role models (A-Rod). Even though there are a few exceptions, I still did not base athletes as role models to my son (he’s a Marine currently serving his 3rd tour in Iraq) but used everyday people to look up to and he turned out great. I’m out to get your book to see what else you have to say about others.

Michelle writes: I love your articles, but don't we hear enough garbage about these two obliviots without you chiming in? They are of no interest to intelligent people and I hate that you are giving your column time to them. Please get back to better topics!

Rachel H. in California writes: What do you mean by celebutards? Is that a crack such as a person calling something or someone "retarded" as an insult or a joke? That makes you an oblivion. Do you know what it's like to live with someone with an intellectual disability? You would certainly feel differently about the flippant and insulting way the word gets thrown around if your little Maxine were autistic or had Down syndrome or was mentally retarded.

Jim writes: Gimme a break!!! Paris Hilton is nothing but a media-made "celebrity" of no note famous due to her attention-getting antics such as managing to get a film of herself having sex on the Internet. She thinks she is not only above everyone else, but above the law of the land. And while "Herbie II" was a cute movie, Lohan is certainly no star and obviously she can only garner attention with DUIs and trash antics. Roll both of them up along with Britney Spears and a few other so--called "Pop Tarts" and you still wouldn't have one decent human being. None of them are worth our time.

Susan writes: Enough already. No more stories about who’s wearing underwear. Prostitutes are the only women I can think of who go out sans their panties (at least they are working). If a man exposed himself like that, they would be arrested for indecent exposure. Jail is for criminals and that’s what she is. Thank God she did not kill anyone while driving drunk. I wish the media would focus on young people who are doing good works.

Carol writes: If I have to endure much more nonsense about Paris Hilton and the trauma she has suffered being locked up, I think I will scream my head off until someone shoots me. News headlines indicate that she is "fine" after her first harrowing night in jail. Who gives a flying rat's ass about her? She is alone in her cell, there is no one to bother her, and nothing is going to happen to her in the jailhouse. Personally, I hope it terrifies her, so maybe she will learn something. Maybe she will learn that the punishment for committing crimes is not supposed to be pleasant. And I think her parents should have to do the time with her! There is the real crime, raising a daughter who turned out to be such a worthless waste of good air! Thanks for the vent time.

Deborah writes: I had the opportunity to visit Chicago’s Navy Pier last Friday with a school group and encountered many other school groups on end-of-year field trips. I witnessed something that broke my heart. I was sitting on a bench waiting for my group to return from a stroll to the end of the pier when a young adult in his mid to late 20s came by with several young boys probably in the first or second grade, all wearing white polo shirts and blue shorts, obviously part of a field trip group. I heard him admonish the boys by saying “the police don’t look for little (substitute an ethnic race here) boys.” I can’t imagine what those poor children thought. How horrible to think that if you were lost, no one would come looking for you because you are the wrong race. I am still lost for words to describe how I feel about this “adult.” Things will never change in this world if attitudes like this still exist.

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