Your Grrrs: July 27, 2006

Here are some responses to Mike's last column, Heroes and Villains ... Marianne Lebedinskaya, FOX News intern

Gail C. writes: Mike, I totally disagree with you on Tiger Woods. While he is a great golfer, he has a nasty mouth! I know people who have heard him at golf tournaments and I have watched him on television and can read his lips when he would release a tirade of ugly language. That is not what “one of the greatest examples of how a professional athlete should behave”!

Kristy A. writes: Let Paris Hilton call herself the icon of the decade. After all, this decade can be called the Naughts, or the Zeroes. She's welcome to the distinction.

Daniel A.: Tiger Woods is far from "one of the greatest examples of how a professional athlete should behave." Tiger has one of the filthiest mouths on the Tour and is routinely caught by television cameras and microphones spouting obscenities because of an errant shot. What does this teach young children who grow up idolizing him? If a youngster is looking for a sportsman to emulate, there are far better choices than Tiger.

James K. writes: I think Paris Hilton forgot a word when she claimed her "Iconic Blonde" status ... dumb! She actually meant to say that she is the "Iconic 'Dumb' Blonde" of the era. You know, the one typical of most dumb blonde jokes. Not all blondes are "dumb," of course, but Hilton would have a tough time arguing that she is not the girl being spoken of in most blonde jokes.

Rachel H. writes: Paris Hilton is an icon? Oh sure -- only if the word icon means Image Conscious, Overrated and Narcissistic. How on earth did that girl get to be so famous? Even my 16-year-old daughter thinks she's a joke.

Brendan W. writes: I would have to agree to an extent to Paris' comment on being this decade's iconic blonde. She is most definitely one of the most recognizable people in the U.S. right now, and most assuredly the most recognizable blonde. Whether it's for good reason or not, people know of her more than many others and that would most certainly classify her as iconic. Personally she annoys the hell out of me. Just the way she carries herself and her meteoric rise to the top of the celebrity hierarchy just by being rich, partying, acting like a snob on her horrible "The Simple Life" and making shoddy sex films grrrs me to no end. But you have to admit that the fact that she is so recognizable and that she is able to get a rise out of so many (positively and negatively) would make her iconic ... right?

Dan writes: Did you just say that the new Paris Hilton CD was "OK"? Now I know you've gone completely nuts! It's just another attempt by the music companies to make money off a blonde celebrity. She has no talent ... when will people realize that?

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