Your Grrrs: July 21, 2005

Your Grrrs compiled by FOX News intern D.J. Shooter.

Chris F. in Warner Robins, Ga.: My Grrr! for the day: Obnoxious, arrogant, dimwitted radio "shock jocks" who use a clearly pointless-but-regular segment on a major morning news program to broadcast a major plot spoiler for a hugely popular book less than four days after its release. I've got a "FOX News Alert" for Mancow: Experts now believe that not just kids are reading the "Harry Potter" books. Further, there is evidence that many children might actually be awake to hear comments made on "FOX and Friends" and that not everyone that would like to has finished the book at this time.

Kristie in the right-hand lane: In response to Trysta in Washington's complaint about someone driving 60 mph instead of the maximum of 70 mph in the right lane, GET A CLUE AND A LIFE! You are an Oblivion yourself. I agree that people should not drive slow in the left "passing" lane, but not everyone needs to go the maximum speed everywhere they go. That is why the highway department in your state posts a minimum speed, which I will bet is less than 60 mph on that highway. The minimum speed posted is to keep people from going 20 mph on a 70 mph highway, thus being a driving hazard. Sixty mph is not a driving hazard. Many of us do not leave at the last possible second from our home to get where we are going, thus having to drive like a bat out of you-know-where in order to get there. Shame on you if you are such a nervous wreck that you can't wait until the semi moves past you on your left so you can get in the left-hand lane and pass. Had you honked at me, I would have realized that I was in the proper lane for the speed I was driving and thought you were crazy and needed to chill out.

Todd W. in Cyberspace: I would like to Grrr some of the people writing in with their Grrrs lately. I found the last batch of reader Grrrs hard to read. Here it goes ...

To Rhonda: A ZIP code is not personal information; your identity cannot be stolen by somebody who knows it. Hopefully the store was requesting this as a very simple form of verification. Avoiding entering the zip code may have been why your card was not accepted, or maybe the computer had a malfunction — computers are not perfect. I’m positive any customers waiting patiently behind you were happy to see you leave.

To Trysta: The person you continuously honked at was doing nothing wrong. The car was going slightly below the speed limit and driving in the right-hand lane. Isn’t that what they’re supposed to? Why would that driver think they are doing anything wrong? The vehicle in the left-hand lane is the one blocking traffic. They are called LEFT-LANE vigilantes so please leave the innocent drivers alone.

And finally, to Jim: We elect politicians based on their views. I want my politician to express his/her views and make it known if they disagree — that is part of their job. I personally do not want a politician who just folds when things go against what they deem to be the right thing. You may call it “whining” but I would call that doing their job.

Lisa in Cyberspace: While you think you are proving a point by walking away from $90 worth of groceries, you are really just proving yourself to be yet another Obliviot. If your Wal-Mart is anything like mine, there is a guaranteed line behind you. Now, because you did not want to give your ZIP code, you left not only your groceries, but a cashier who has to put up $90 worth of groceries and people in line behind you who now more than likely have to either go to another line or wait for your mess to be cleaned up. And to think: All of this because you did not want to give your ZIP code.

Robert D. in Cyberspace: Mike, I read your stuff weekly just to see what new “Obliviots” there are and what new terms you’re creating. Your latest about “everyone’s” fascination with celebrities and their activities (being nice here) has zero interest for me. I’ll look at photos of Paris Hilton as she is an attractive woman. I don’t watch any of the Hollywood/entertainment shows, I can’t care less what they say or what they are doing. I usually cannot deal with their opinions on politics or anything beyond the area of their “expertise." Thanks for letting me vent.

Mike F. in Cyberspace: Love the column. In response to Sheri, every airline in the world operates exactly as she described. They can change your plans for free, but charge you if you need to change them. Welcome to the world of double standards.

Cathi in Cyberspace: My Grrrr goes to Kim who took a cell phone call in a restaurant because a family member was in the hospital. Apparently, if the waitress and others around you knew what was going on, you were just trying to get attention. If you are waiting for such an important call, eat at home or at least step out of the restaurant to take your call. The rest of us do not care about the drama in your life.

Danielle in Cyberspace: Who brings their entire family to the mall? Who wakes up and says “Hey, let’s all 10 of us go to the mall today. Won’t that be fun!”? I absolutely despise going to the mall. It is a central meeting and training facility for all Obliviots. What possesses someone, much less an entire family, to stop and talk for five minutes directly in the line of foot traffic? If you need to figure out where you all want to go next, then pull over to the side of the walkway and talk about it. Don’t just stand there blocking everyone who’s trying to get somewhere, so that those people have to cross over to the opposite flow of foot traffic thus causing THAT side to get congested as well. Have some courtesy, people. That’s what Obliviots are missing — courtesy and the sense to put others’ needs before their own.

Pam in Owensboro, Ky.: I may be one of those left-lane vigilantes you are all complaining about, but I've got news for you: I don't have to get over in the right lane to make it possible for all of you Obliviots (yes, that includes you, Mike) to go even more over the speed limit than you already are. Take Rabova who whines about the people who stay in the left lane even though the right lane is clear. Well then, Rabova, if the right lane is clear, you should have no trouble getting past the people on the left. If you complainers can't see that YOU are the problem (go back and read the e-mails and if you are not as frightened as I am, there's something wrong with YOU), you are truly Obliviots.

Matt in Cyberspace: Left-Lane Vigilantes are incredibly annoying. What's even more annoying is that, when one finally does move to the right, he (or she) invariably speeds up as well. Why is this? Am I the only person who has noticed this? The other thing (well, one of them, at least) that drives me crazy is people who don't seem to grasp the very simple concept that, when you hit an upgrade, you have to give the car a little more gas or it will slow down. When you hit a downgrade, you have to let up on the gas a little bit or it will speed up. They seem to have their foot locked in one position on the gas pedal, which causes them to either slow way down or come right up on my bumper, depending, of course, on the type of grade. I suppose that cruise control is simply too hard for them to understand.

Rick in Minnesota: I've got a huge Grrr that I have not seen mentioned in your column before, and I would bet that quite a few of your readers are actually guilty, but are completely oblivious to it. DON'T TAILGATE MOTORCYCLES! You may not get hurt in an accident, but WE WILL DIE!!

Trey R. in Houston, Texas: Men, offer the pregnant ladies your chair. Especially at the OB's office. I was in an overcrowded waiting room at my wife’s OB. All the seats were taken and pregnant women were standing. The nurse at the check-in counter had to literally ask some of the waiting husbands to give up their seats for the pregnant ladies. I asked the nurse if she had to do that often. Her response: All the time! And this was a HIGH-RISK OB. Shouldn’t it be second nature for a guy to give up his seat when he is at an OB’s office surrounded by pregnant women? Especially since all of the women at this office were there because of a problem with their pregnancy? Oh, and a special shout-out to the guy who ignored the “No food or drink” sign and brought his lunch to office with him to his wife’s appointment. Dude, that’s cool. That sign was meant for everyone BUT you. And that burger smelled great in that small room. Did you double down on the onions? My pregnant wife thanks you for that extra touch.

Sandy in Cyberspace: I just finished reading the article on regarding the tragic death of the three boys from New Jersey and the fact that they were alive for possibly 17 hours. The lawyer for the families is quoted as saying "responsibility for the deaths is now squarely on the shoulders of the police." I find this appalling. While it is certainly a tragedy that these boys died, why are the police responsible? Where were the parents during this time? It is a parent's responsibility to know where their children are. Also, relatives searched for these boys for several hours before they called the police. Why didn't any of them open the trunk of the car that was only feet from where they were last seen? This is just one big unfortunate accident and no one is to blame, but if we are going to be forced to blame someone, I think the parents and relatives need to take a good look in the mirror and not blame volunteers who came to help them search for children they could not keep track of.

Brian in MPLS: Well, I have written several GRRR e-mails and have never gotten one onto your article, so now my Grrr is to you. GRRRRRR!

— So, in an effort to undo our friend Brian in Minneapolis, we tracked down all the e-mails he ever sent to Mike. Here they are:

Waterpark Grrr!: Last weekend I had the joy of spending the day at a water park in Wisconsin Dells, Wis. Aside from all of the oblivions and self-importants in the park, I was most astounded by what I saw on a girl who appeared to be not more than 14 years of age. She had on a spaghetti-strap, form-fitting top. That wasn't the bad part. In large letters across her breasts was "STOP STARING AT MY 8&*^." Now, first of all, what parent in their right mind allows their very young teenage girl to wear such a thing in public? Second, if you don't want people staring, then why in heaven's name are you drawing attention to them? I just don't get it. Thanks for letting me vent!

Driving Grrr!: How about the parked-at-the-top-of-the-highway-exit-merge-lane Oblivions? These people ought not to have their driver's licenses at all. They stop at the top of the exit awaiting their break in traffic, thereby nullifying the need for the 1/2 mile of merge lane in front of them. Meanwhile those of us who are bold enough to actually merge into traffic are hopelessly stuck behind these mor — ... no, jack — ... nope, OBLIVIONS! Perfect term for them.

Thanks, Brian. Sorry to make you go Grrr!

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