Your Grrrs: January 4, 2005

Now for your Grrrs ...

From Cyberspace: I am 16 years old and I love your articles. I would just like to say thank you for your views — it is about time someone spoke up about these things. Several years ago, my dad blocked MTV, VH1 and all of those channels. I was very angry at first, because, yes, MTV is fun to watch. However, not having it all these years has made me realize how disgusting and offensive it really is. My friends don’t really see a problem with it, and that is really not good. It is pretty scary to imagine what things will be like when my generation controls things. The people who are producing these shows are the people who grew up when actors weren’t allowed to be shown in the same bed on network television. When we take over, a person probably won’t be able to turn on the TV without seeing porn. Things will continue to get worse unless we do something about that. I cannot believe how low society has sunk to show such appalling things on television. It’s almost as if adults do not want us to be intelligent, good, moral people. They are telling us to be alcoholic and sex-driven. No, I am not some “goody goody” girl complaining about this. I love to shop, I like to read magazines, I’m interested in celebrities and I do average in school. I would just like to see some decency encouraged by adults. The media is everywhere. It has a huge influence over decisions we make and how we live. Why not use it for good?

Al in the Heartland: Cell phones on airplanes made it possible for people to bid a final farewell to family before their heroic intervention of terrorists during the 9/11 attacks. How can anyone deny them that?

—Al, obviously, in that situation, all bets are off.

Mary Ann H.: My husband and I frequently go to the movies and most generally arrive a half hour before the movie starts so we can sit at the end of a row, as it is more comfortable for him. I have no problem with people wanting to get to the rest of the seats that are in our row. However, why do people just stand there and say nothing??!! I am sorry, but my ESP capabilities were all tapped out trying to figure out my Christmas presents. Did you want something? Do you need me to do something? Can you not speak? I don't know about you, but "excuse me" always works for me and there is never an excuse for being rude! OHMIGOSH, I feel so much better. My new year will be so fabulous now.

A police officer from Cleveland: Grrr! to the morons who, after a heavy snowstorm, drive their cars down the street with only a small circle scraped out of their windshield so they can see straight in front of them, while the rest of the car (and windows) are covered with 6 inches of snow!! Mike, when I try to pull these Obliviots over, it takes forever because they can't see my lights behind them!! Furthermore, it is dangerous not only to them and other drivers, but to me when I approach the car, because I cannot see into it to determine how many people are inside, if there are weapons, etc. Mike, with all these negatives, there is one positive for these idiots ... I love to write these Oblivions tickets because they deserve it!

Karen in Colorado Springs: Hi Mike. I thought I would let you know that the state of Colorado has outlawed Left Lane Vigilantes. The new law says that "the left lane on
the interstate highways is to be used only for passing on Colorado's multilane highways where the speed limit is 65 mph or faster. Starting Jan. 1, troopers will replace those warnings with tickets — $35, plus a $6.20 surcharge and three points on their licenses." YAY!

D. Kurrely: What is with these parents who teach their children absolutely nothing about table manners? How can you politely tell a friend or even a sibling their children need to chew with their mouths closed? Did my husband and I sleep through the part where teaching your children table manners was dismissed? I see these children with bright futures -- college graduates and having power lunches while negotiating with mouths full of food, smacking down the road to success. I found this behavior to have fallen into several of your "lexicon" categories: Oblivion, Obliviot and even a bit Wal-Martianist, but how about Etiquettidiot?

Jessica in Indiana: I agree that it seems trivial to Grrr! about this considering what's been happening in Southeast Asia, but I also think it is still worth Grrring about because of the attitude it reveals, and I don't even know anyone personally impacted by this debacle! What really bothers me the most about the "alleged" sick-out is that the [airline workers in the U.S.] who called in "sick" not only put the passengers and their employers in a tough situation, they also apparently have no concern, respect or loyalty to their own co-workers! Who did they think was going to have to deal with the stranded and (understandably) angry passengers? I certainly hope that their actions have serious repercussions, because the position in which they put their fellow employees is inexcusable. I'll admit that I've had fantasies of doing something to "stick it to" whomever I had an issue with, but I have always refrained from doing so because I know and respect the people in my workplace who would have to fix whatever I did or did not do. So, to all those who participated in this shameful scheme, way to go! You really showed "them" what a valuable employee and teammate you are!"

Amanda from Fond du Lac, Wis.: I am a longtime reader of your column and a huge fan. Your terms are constantly a part of my vocabulary and I've even brought family and friends on board. It's very ironic that you asked our opinion on your anchoring. I just happened to be flipping channels and spotted you on FOX News. It was odd to see you live on TV, and I sat there giggling to myself. I immediately thought I had to respond to you regarding it. You seemed like a scared little boy, inexperienced in a way! It was so funny and cute! And you're more handsome in person, I must say! And on cell phone Obliviots, how about the people who need to have the flashy lights and accessories, and wear it on their hip noticeably as though it is a status symbol to have a phone? And they have those silly theme rings like "Big Pimpin'" by Jay-Z and "Eleanor Rigby" by the Beatles. But I have to say the best one I ever heard was on my sister's phone, whenever her friend Jill calls the "Meow Mix" jingle comes on. "Meow Meow Meow Meow Meow Meow Meow Meow Meow Meow Meow Meow" ... you get the picture. Great job on the column! I'm your biggest fan! I swear!!!

—A scared little boy? Wow, with fans like you Amanda, I might be out of a job. LOL.

Jon from Utah: Does anyone else have a problem with all of these toys that are being
sold that are wired to the box? Being a parent of two little boys, I spent my Christmas unwiring toys from their packages. You would think that the toy manufacturers could design a more consumer-friendly packaging technique, instead of holding our toys hostage. Maybe we as consumers should start complaining about this and purchasing toys from manufacturers that don't use this practice. This has become such a major Grrr of mine that I actually look for toys that don't have any wires.

M. Fry in Cyber-Space: I am so glad to hear you speak up about this truly grrring situation! I travel for a living, sometimes three trips a month (not a lot I understand, but more than the vacation traveler). These trips are usually 3-5 hour flights, and the thought of sitting next to some loud-mouthed salesman or any Oblivion who does not understand that I don’t want to listen to him/her yap their jaws for the next three hours is completely unnerving. I can deal with crying babies — it happens — and kids kicking my chair, but this is going way over the line. Now for the Internet — if that was available on the plane, maybe the salesman would not talk so much and I could get some work done at the same time.

Steph in Minnesota: Well, it's happened again. I read today that Phelps's DWI as well as other charges will be dropped off his record as long as he adheres to his probation requirements. I guess you can break laws and get them cleared off your record as long as you've won some medals. Too bad for the rest of us average joes. Like many others, I really enjoyed watching him swim and win, but I still don't think his accomplishments should exonerate the bad decision he made. If it was anyone else, you can bet it would stay on their record for life. Once again, fame outweighs the law.

Frank in Maryland says not-so-fast Steph: I don't know anything about the DWI laws in Minnesota. I have lived in Maryland all my life. Steph is clearly not familiar with the DWI laws in
Maryland whether she has ever lived here or not. For better or worse, Probation Before Judgement for first time DWI offenders in Maryland, and expungement of their record upon completion of an alchohol rehab program is the usual sentence. Mr Phelps was treated as would any other citizen of our State and received no celebrity priviledge. With this added knowledge, perhaps she can again enjoy his swimming accomplishments.

Rod on The Stupid Lit'l Dreamer awards: Good choices, but my write-in vote is for Alex, the 8-year-old girl who raised money for cancer research with a lemonade stand.

Until next week ... Grrr!

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