Your Grrrs January 11, 2007

Here are some of your responses to Mike's last column...

Marcie in Frankfurt, Ky.: First off, let me say that I never watched "The View." Tried it a few times, but never found it interesting enough to spend an hour of my time. When Rosie joined the show, I started watching it everyday. I can't believe the firestorm that has occurred over this entire thing with her and Donald.

No. 1: I am from Kentucky and I was very proud of Tara Conner when she won for Miss USA. That said, I am one of the people who is now very ashamed that she is from Kentucky. Not everyone here agrees with what Donald did and I wouldn't agree just because she's from Kentucky. I believe she was supposed to be a role model and just because she wasn't mature enough to handle the responsibility, she should not have just been slapped on the wrist.

If you or I signed a contract, we would have been given our walking papers immediately, so it should have been the same for her. She just fed into the misconceptions about our great state that we are all a bunch of country hicks who can't control ourselves in the big city. But of course, it's exactly as the world has come to expect. No one takes responsibility for their actions and everyone expects everything to be handed to them on a silver plate.

No. 2: Donald needs to lighten up. I have seen so many people on TV make jokes or comments about him and especially his hair, so why did it bother him so because Rosie did? I didn't hear anything that I haven't heard before, whether it was from the media or a comedian. Is it because she's gay and openly talks about it and it offends him in some way? (And, no, I am not gay, so that's not why I'm defending her.) I've never seen him go after another comedian or anyone else for that matter with such a vengeance.

My advice to Rosie is: You have a lot of fans who love you, love your openness and honesty, love the fact that you say what most of us are thinking but don't have the guts to say. And yes, even I haven't agreed with everything you have done or said, but don't change for anyone. And especially don't back down to someone who is suppose to be such a terrific person but who has come across himself like the school-yard bully we have all known. (And he called you a bully.) If he did it for the ratings, then, here's a news flash for you Donald: I believe I read you came in third. Some of us didn't like what you did and are not afraid to let it be known. Thanks for letting me vent. I love this column.

Wayne writes: I'm confused. Are you writing a column about the Consumer Electronics Show or are you writing a column for (pick one) the Focus on the Family Newsletter, the American Family Association Journal or the Christian Coalition?

James W. writes: I'm very proud of you, Mike. Thanks for letting yourself get shot with lots of electricity for our sake. You brightened up my Wednesday morning.

Eric S. writes: My pet peeve of the week is drivers illegally running the HOV lane. Now I don't have a problem with them being in that lane as long as they're willing to take the risk of getting caught. What I do have a problem with is what they do when they see a cop. They'll dangerously cut someone off trying to avoid the ticket they deserve. GRRR!

Gordon writes: Mike, excellent article, and a great observation. If Vegas is "Sin City," what should we call Washington, D.C.? Sometimes I wonder if greed is perhaps not as bad, or worse than, certain sexual romps. There certainly is plenty of both in D.C.

Virginia writes: Thanks for the tips on Las Vegas. Never been, no intention, but I would like to see the Hoover Dam some day. And Elvis' "Viva Las Vegas" was a pretty good movie, you have to admit. But thanks for the validation of my gut instinct.

Paul D. writes: I had an almost identical experience in Waikiki. Tell me all the tourist traps aren't the same.

Mary writes: So right. I've been in Vegas for the NAB engineers convention and New Orleans for NAPTE twice for each. While New Orleans was/is drunker; Vegas is conniving and mean. Circus Circus with the parents on the gaming floor and the toddlers sleeping all over the place makes you wonder what alien force came up with this place. Signs in the lavish ladies rooms reminded the gals they shouldn't drink while pregnant, while in New Orleans I actually witnessed refusal of service to an obviously pregnant women. New Orleans just kinda happened; Las Vegas is deliberate. Thanks for the opportunity.

Joe J. writes: As a Las Vegas local, I have to say, what did you expect? It's Vegas, man. Those are the reasons why people come here. Please do us all a favor and never return.

Lief writes: So stay back in the Heartland and have fun reading the Wholly Babble every night. I'm glad there's at least one city left in America where grown-ups can go play without fundie morons screaming, "What about the cheeeeldrunnnn?" or attempting to close everything down that offends their imaginary friend in the sky.

Patrick B. writes: I suppose that you will next write about how water is wet and the sky is blue.

Al writes: I really enjoyed your story. People are so naive to think they can partake of places like Sin City and not get burned. As a Christian believer, I have learned to stay clear of such places in order to safeguard my soul as well as my marriage. Yes, God can and will restore us when or if we fall to temptation, but we can save ourselves plenty of grief if we just use a bit of wisdom. The Bible is true when it says, "If we sow to the flesh, we shall reap corruption." I had to learn the hard way, I guess most people do.

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