Your Grrrs: January 11, 2005

Kevin O. in Cyberspace: I personally believe that when a person wants to make a change in their life, no matter what the time of year, it should be a "New Life Resolution." The whole term "New Year's Resolution" implies that whatever you are resolving to do will end when the year does. The term "New Life Resolution" indicates that you are making a life change, which by the way most New Year's resolutions are about changing something major in your life. Make a decision to make the change, and make it. It's that simple.

A.F. in Plano, Texas: My New Year's resolution is to get married in 2005. I'm not dating anyone, nor am I interested in anyone, but nevertheless, I resolve to get married this year. I'm tired of being the poor single friend everyone is trying to set up with their poor single friends. I'm tired of seeing the media cater to "couples" instead of to "people." So enough is enough. I will find the right guy for me and tie the knot. Hey Mike, know any single guys?

Maria D.: I resolve to be kinder to people. To take time to smell the roses and enjoy the simple things, like watching a sunrise or sunset, enjoying the smell of my baby's hair after her bath. Praying for the safety of my husband and the thousands of other soldiers, airmen, sailors and Marines serving in harm's way. To be grateful for the good things in my life.

Debi in Colo.: My resolution for this year is to not have one of my two children (both are grown and have their own lives) run my life. This may be selfish, but I did all I could do when they were growing up (single parent) and I feel that now it's my turn to have a life. I'm going to make a couple of big changes this year and am truly excited about it.

John J. in Ft. Worth, Texas: I resolve to stop helping Oblivions drive me to an early grave. I’m already a good candidate for a stroke, and every time I encounter a Left Lane Vigilante or a cell-phone Oblivion in the movie theater, I get so furious I could just explode.

Lacey in Kansas City: My resolution is to stop listening to all of the Oblivion mothers out there who spend their time throwing their opinions around to anyone that will listen. I resolve to stop explaining and justifying my decision be a working mom. Anyone who believes that a mother is not capable of pursuing a career while being an awesome mom and wife is really selling themselves short. I vow to cherish every second of my child's youth and make decisions solely based on what is best for our family.

Michelle in Cyberspace: My 2005 resolution?: Not to allow my lazy, sexist, egomaniacal, can't-spell-worth-a-damn boss with poor managerial skills and an over-abundance of ear wax (no joke!) to annoy me. Not one little bit. Nope. In fact, 2005 will be the year I find a new job, complete with a boss who respects me and actually understands the importance of the almighty Q-Tip.

Samantha in Ft. Lauderdale: The only resolution I have is to be sure to use ALL of my vacation time this year!

Brian in Cyberspace: My resolution is that I am going to finally stop and spend the day just wandering around Valley Forge Park, which I have been driving by in traffic for the last year. I’ve spent too many days in traffic fighting Left-Lane Vigilantes, etc., while driving by the park wondering how it would be to spend the day there instead of fighting the traffic.

Randy D.: In 1984, I made the exact same resolution as you (never to make New Year's Resolutions). I must say, it has worked out great! I don't have to go through the hassle of coming up with something new to resolve each year, and I don't suffer stress when I break a resolution that I really wasn't truly prepared to fulfill anyway.

Marc D. in the Army: I resolve to leave Iraq in 2005 and not come back ... but, as you noted, most folks don't keep their resolutions for long...!

Dr. Lisa in Cyberspace: My New Year's resolution is to do even better in school this year. At 48, I've just barely scratched the surface of my premed courses. I've got two to three years of premed courses and the other courses I need to finish my degree, then four years of medical school. I just wish I'd had this much fun and been this excited about my FIRST college career. Come to think about it, I wish I'd picked the right major the first time ... or at least figured out what I want to be when I grew up a whole lot sooner.

Until next week ... Grrr!

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