Your Grrrs: Jan. 9, 2007

Readers respond to Mike Straka's last column...

Candace writes: Just a few days after writing about how these "young, hot" irresponsible women need to get less publicity, you write yet another piece on Britney Spears. Yeah, maybe she was falling asleep at the club, maybe not. WHO CARES!!?!! Cover things that matter. You know, several days after Britney decided to go clubbing without her panties, an F-16 pilot got shot down in Iraq. Since I am the wife of an Air Force pilot, I checked FOX's Web site for more information on it hourly. But there was hardly any information after the initial very short story. There were, however, articles everywhere about something Britney had done almost a week earlier. Something that women do all over the country! All everyone was talking about was this low-class girl who can do nothing but sing and dance. This hard-working pilot died doing something honorable. He is survived by a wife and five children. He is a role model. You should be featuring his life, his work ethic, his Christian values and his dedication to teamwork, integrity and excellence.

Melissa E writes: Are you seriously sticking up for Britney? I suppose that someone should. Where are her parents or that aunt who always puts in her encouragement anyway? Someone should have told this young MOTHER of two to stay home, tuck her children in and drop into bed herself since she could use some serious beauty sleep. Any working mother of two very young ones NEEDS her beauty sleep!

Sally writes: If it is too late to qualify for 2006, then I would like to nominate Rosie O’Donnell for 2007. Today’s latest salvo, with participation by Barbara Walters and the dreadful Joy Behar, was the absolute end for me. For whatever reason Rosie had for starting all of this, and even though The Donald should have “risen above” the fray and not stooped to personal insults, I was speechless when Rosie started in yet AGAIN today about how DT must be obsessed with her, etc., etc., etc. ENOUGH ALREADY. If she’d kept her big mouth shut, none of this would be happening. Mike — make her/them go away!

Kelly writes: In response to Kent: While I understand that you may have all day to drive slowly up and down the highway, the rest of us don’t. So get out of the left lane!

Carolyn writes: Thanks for posting Kent's e-mail in the Jan. 4 Your Grrrs. I got quite a chuckle reading his classic, holier-than-thou left-lane vigilante response!

David P. writes: Politicians establishing an Ethics Package for themselves is as ludicrous as pedophiles establishing a kindergarten.

Terri on Spears: Great job, Mike. The child has a lot to learn, but with the constant media attention, she can't catch a break. If we had cameras in our face 24/7, I am quite sure that they would catch all of us doing something not appropriate or not right!

Scott C. writes: Grrr! to people who write in to tell you to chill out. Your column is not only an appropriate expression of daily frustrations, but a biweekly catharsis for your avid fans who share your pain. The irony is probably lost on these oblivions who take the high and mighty road, going around telling people to calm down. Hey, idiots, check out the name of the column: if Mike calms down, there won't be a column to read!

Cortney in the USAF writes: I am active duty Air Force, and everyday I look forward to reading your column. In a world full of "oblivions" (which I have adopted as my new favorite word) you are a breath of fresh air. I love the column you did on Britney Spears, you are totally right. People need to give her a break. Thank you again, and keep up the good work. You're making this Air Force gal smile daily.

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