Your Grrrs: Jan. 4, 2007

Here are some of your responses to Mike's last column...

Jacquline writes: I recently heard that the city I grew up in is considering putting cameras up at intersections to catch people who run red lights. Amazingly enough, there are people who are upset by this. The reason, they say, is because it will cause more rear-endings. Let me tell you something: If you stop for a red light, and the person behind you rear ends you, it is their fault. More than likely you will not be seriously injured, either (unless it happens to be a very large vehicle). Now, if you run a red light and t-bone someone, it is your fault and there is a greater chance that someone will be killed or seriously injured. I would much rather get rear-ended because I stopped at a red light than t-bone a car because I decided I don’t have to stop for red lights.

Stephen S. writes: Here's a mean trick to play on parking lot stalker obliviots: purposely walk down the wrong aisle where your car is parked. After about 8 to 10 spaces, cross the row of cars to the correct aisle to piss them off. I love doing that.

Ellen G. writes: Love the Oblivion resolutions. Here’s part b to Resolution #8. Resolve to look in the rearview mirror for tied-up traffic as a result of their stalking. Parking lot stalkers are completely oblivious to the other drivers waiting behind them. Stalkers seem to be attracted to parking spots at the end of aisles, which then results in a three-way traffic jam behind them. This rearview resolution also applies to left lane vigilantes. But that would probably be asking too much of them, right?

Judy in St. Louis: As an "older woman", I don't mind being "stalked" to my parking spot at the mall. I feel safer from muggers and the like!

Todd B. writes: Grrr to the ABC New Year’s Eve show for showing the same people in the audience while Christina Aguilera was performing. Literally the camera would show Christina for 3 seconds, people for 2, Christina for 3 seconds, people for 2, etc. But it was the SAME PEOPLE every time. This happened about 15 times throughout the entire song. Couldn’t the camera man have moved over a few feet to get someone else? Or, better yet, don’t show people at all. People tend to act like morons when the camera is on them anyway. Oh yeah, Grrr to me for watching anything with Christina Aguilera.

Phil S. writes: Mike, I totally agree that these ladies should wear underpants at all times. Considering the fact that the average person gives off 2 to 3 gallons of stomach gas every day, without panties there is nothing to keep the gas in. It goes right out into the atmosphere, undoubtedly to the disgust of those standing nearby. But this kind of thing increases global warming as well. And, if these fine ladies have a little stomach problem resulting in a liquefying of their bowels, without panties you can just imagine the potential embarrassment. The horror!!!!

--Phil, you're a sick individual.

Kevin D. in New Hampshire writes: I’m with you on this year’s resolutions, Mike, except for #8. We have all experienced rudeness in parking lots, but the person who patiently waits for your space and then waves as you depart is merely being polite. Parking can be tough to find this time of year ... lighten up!

Judy T. in Baton Rouge, La., writes: You can dog Mel Gibson out all you want to and I am STILL going to watch his movies, enthusiastically. I have learned during my 57 years on this planet that “all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God,” and that means you, me and Mel too. I choose to be forgiving and let Mel’s rant go rather than being judgmental and nagging the world about it. Judging from the vast amount of aggravation the world seems to inflict upon you, I’m guessing you like to hold a grudge. I find it much too draining, grrr. Besides, when I go back and watch movies like “Tim” and “The Year of Living Dangerously” I fall in love with that goober all over again!

Matt from Norristown writes on UFC: Mike, I can't believe you call these guys athletes and tout this so called sport. They are two guys in the "Octagon" beating the heck out of each other. I can drive to rough sections of any city and watch it for free. I saw it every day while in high school. It is barbaric. It is also disturbing to hear that more and more kids attend these events. It is just one more way to desensitize our children to violence and then we wonder why there are problems with kids these days.

Kent on Left Lane Vigilantism: While you may come up on some law-abiding citizen in the passing lane from time to time, please realize three things: One, occasionally we also need to pass slower traffic and are sorry if this occurs just as you come screaming up; Two, exceeding the speed limit to pass slower traffic is against the law; and Three, if you were also obeying the law, we would not be in your way. Every now and then, when this happens to you, simply slow down, smell the roses and remember we share the road. Calm down, don't take it personally. Rejoice that some people think obeying the laws (all the laws) is important to a person's character. We want to teach our children to obey all laws, not simply the ones they like, and not just because a cop is nearby.

Joe at writes on my Grrr Year Resolution #3: Looks like you’re on your own for most of the items on your wish list of resolutions. That being said we can definitely assist so that you are never bothered by junk e-mail again.

Julie D. writes: GRRR to Hollywood for the rash of movies we have already seen ... i.e. "We Are Marshall" ... typical football story of a tough coach who inspires his team .... "Freedom Writers" ... a hopeful white teacher takes a group of tough inner-city students and inspires them ... "Stomp the Yard" ... a group of inner-city dancers deemed the underdogs takes on a champion and wins ... these same old storylines have been played out again and again ... I don't even need to go to the theater to know what the movie is about, or how it's going to play out. Hollywood, get original and quit recycling movies !!!!!!!

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