Your Grrrs: Jan. 31, 2006

Your Grrrs....

Someone from Gramling writes: The CDC should be called in to quarantine the "Idol" audition crowds. There is an epidemic of false self-esteem spreading, fueled by crap that mothers, "friends" and paid voice-coaches have dropped on screech-owls, causing them to think they can sing like a canary. The symptoms include a swollen or puffed-up confidence which sucks the life out of the person's natural strengths. Simon may have the cure: tell them the truth, tell it thoroughly and quickly, wake up the contestants from their coma-induced "dream."

Angela in Houston writes: I think one of the reasons why people are dying to show their "stuff" on "Idol" is because maybe their parents didn't tell them they aren't good singers. I love my parents, they encouraged me a lot, but not in singing. They knew I couldn't sing, so instead of being these parents who just tell their kids what they want to hear, they told me the truth and encouraged me in something else that I was better at. So thanks Mom and Dad for keeping me from making a complete fool out of myself on national television ...a nd the rest of America thanks you too.

Monica S and hundreds like her write: I saw the episode of American Idol you are discussing and was appalled at the way Kendra Winston totally ignored her children. You would think that after "42 foster homes" her children and their futures would be a little more important.

Pat D in cyberspace: I am so glad you noted those contestants (Pickler and Kendra the solicitous mother) because both of those reactions really struck me, too. I agree that Paula is showing a little more personality and guts, and I have to keep telling myself that if I’m going to watch that goofy show I will have to put up with my annoyance at the unnecessary and overdone critiques by the three judges. I guess that’s TV.

Dee in Cedar Falls, Iowa: Grrr to Justice Cashman on the 3 to 10 year sentence! The Corrections Department determined the defendant was unlikely to reoffend? He was a "reoffender" the SECOND time he assaulted that 6-year-old girl. He should get 10 years for EVERY time he assaulted that innocent girl. This is absolutely ludicrous. Hopefully he'll get what he really deserves while he's in prison.

Jennifer in Overland Park: My Grrr! goes out to my boss, who uses my office supplies instead of walking to the supply room to get her own. GRRRR!!!

David R in the USAF writes: Not to be a Ditto Head, but I totally agree with you about Antonio Davis’ reaction to defend his wife and refusal to apologize. Any true man would have done the same; any who wouldn’t doesn’t deserve a woman’s respect or companionship. I haven’t followed NBA much since Stockton and Malone left the team I grew up supporting, but now I’m an Antonio Davis fan for life and will follow his career closely.

Dan V in Edison, N.J.: Your praise is entirely premature. She [Paula Abdul] still has no independent capacity to judge. Whenever Simon or Randy ask her to decide first, she's always hesitant and ambiguous. She refuses to actually say the word "no" when asked to cast her vote.

Frank T writes: One thing that I think they ['Idol'] could cut out and only people like you would they hear it from is this: I do not think they should put some of the contestants on TV when it is obvious that they are mentally challenged. To make fun of them is not appropriate. Now to the others that think that they “are all that and a bag of chips,” let them have it.

Brandon F writes: A quick Grrr about "Reality" Shows: Why is it that every one of these shows insists on previewing the episode we are currently watching with teasers at every commercial break? It does nothing but make us watch the same clip five or six times during a single one hour show.

Powderpuff in Cyberspace writes to Amie from the last column: Amie ... there are subtle "adjustments" that, for the sake of comfort, must be made throughout the day. If your co-worker's adjustments are overt and numerous, perhaps sneak a bottle of baby powder onto his desk when he's not around ... he should know what to do with it. It's not just for babies anymore!

Sheri in Ohio: My Grrrr! is to Gil in Va. who says A. Davis had no right to go into the stands. Does it matter who started the argument? He was defending his wife! Any respectable MAN would take care of his family FIRST, and ask questions later. Maybe she did start it -- the point is he saw his wife in distress and he went to her aid. We need more men like you. I hope your wife/girlfriend (IF you have one) knows she can't count on you!

Juanito also sends Gil his regards: Really, Gil? You hope Axelrod takes the Davises' to the cleaners? I love your mob thinking. That's what attorneys hope for nowadays, anyway -- for the chance to rake in more cash. Isn't that extortion? A quick-rich scheme. Nevermind the talent that got Antonio Davis to the NBA in the first place. Stop cluttering the court system with fraudulent cases like suing a professional-sports player just for the sake of teaching him a lesson. Moron!

Dave R in Tampa, Fla.: Mike, you are obviously a wimp. You stand up for the girl, but poor little Mickey goes home because the bad man poured beer (water) on him. You showed that guy ... wow ... gutless Mike ... you probably made the girl feel bad because she made poor Mickey go home ... GOOD EXAMPLE YOU SET!! Same with the wife ... IF YOU CAN'T STAND THE HEAT, STAY OUT OF THE KITCHEN! DON'T START SOMETHING YOU'RE NOT MAN ENOUGH TO FINISH. She was at an away game ... home fans have right to support their team.

Tammy in Alabama ... OUCH: To T. Woods (takes time pulling out of parking spot), the speedier and more gratifying solution to the Parking Space Stalkidiot (or maybe Parkidiot?) is to wave sweetly and mime "I’m not leaving." As soon as their car has pulled past the space, pull out right behind them, remembering to wave sweetly again (it’s a Southern thang).

Jean in St. Louis: I am so tired of people not taking responsibility for their own behavior. Many of us can go to a sporting event or any other event have a few beers and still behave like normal, civilized human beings. Alcohol is not the problem when people behave badly the same way guns, knives, etc. are not the problem when people commit violent acts. If a person wants to hurt someone else, they will use whatever is handy to do it. If a person cannot control themselves when they drink, then they shouldn't drink. Let's stop making excuses for bad behavior and start holding people responsible for lack of self-control or judgment.

Valerie S in Jacksonville, Fla.: Who knew you were such pop idol material! (Real Deal video). Go get 'em, you adorable thing you :)

—Aw, shucks Val. Also, I apologize for not being able to post every single Grrr! that's sent in. Let me just say thank you all for Grrring with me. I really appreciate it and I get some great Grrrs from you guys.


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