Your Grrrs: Feb. 9, 2006

Your Grrrs...

Rick in cyberspace: A big GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR to those morons who deliberately took the opportunity to be political at the funeral of Coretta Scott King. Political affiliations aside, the morons who felt they needed to politically vent during an emotional time in our history should be ashamed of themselves. They disrespected Coretta Scott King and the King family. The funeral was to mourn a great woman and all she stood for, not to take cheap shots at the president.

Susan in cyberspace: I recently started a job where I am required to take three elevators before I get to my floor. I have never seen so many men use good manners -- I’ve only encountered one time in four months that a man exited or entered an elevator before a woman. I find it refreshing to encounter good manners in an age where so many people act as though they are the only humans on the planet. Now, if we could just get people to stop talking on cell phones in the elevator … do I really need to know how your date went last night?

Susan, did it ever occur to you that they might be leering as you exit before them?

Julie from Tenn.: As a woman, I wanted to respond to your comment about letting women off the elevator first. When I first started in the corporate world, I had a huge problem with this elevator thing. I took me a while to understand what I was supposed to do. Here's the problem -- the men are supposed to let the women on first, but by doing this the women end up in the back. Then when its time to leave the elevator, the woman can't get to the front. At this bank that I worked at, it was out of control. The elevators were always packed and the men would not get off the elevator to let you out. If one did get out first, there would be a big show about how he was only getting out to hold the door so it wouldn't close on me. I eventually learned when I got in to go to the side and as close up front as possible. But not to close too the front, because the woman isn't supposed to touch the elevator buttons. I don't mean to be ungrateful, but sometimes I just wanted off the elevator.

Traci in Cyberspace: A Grrr! to new mom Britney Spears ... who was recently seen driving down the Pacific Coast Highway with her newborn son IN HER LAP! On a highway in California! She answered the criticism by saying she was fleeing the abusive paparazzi and trying to protect her son. Her bodyguard in the passenger’s seat didn’t provide enough protection? What was she thinking? Grrr!

Paul from Florida: Kylinn your elitist snob, what you have written, in a microcosm, has explained why Hollywood lost money this year. "Those people don't know art." "Those people didn't go to see our movies because they just don't understand what we're trying to say." You seem to forget the "Lord of the Rings" series. It was unique in how it was made, Peter Jackson's direction was superb, the visuals and effects were outstanding. People, how many Oscars did they win? A record 11 including best picture. Movies that distort history and truths to further a political ideal are not art. Why wouldn't you study "Harry Potter" in English class? It's written in English isn't it? I'm an adult and I thoroughly enjoyed the whole series and can't wait for the last entry. They weren't as dry and boring as "Dante's Inferno" or "The Canterbury Tales," although Grendel in "Beowulf" was totally misunderstood. People go to see movies to be entertained, not lectured to, not demeaned and especially not to be told their beliefs and ideals (and those of the majority of this country) are misguided.

Shannon K. in Seahawks country: Mike, you need to slow down that DVR and take another look at that game. Even if you're a Stealers fan (oops I meant Steelers), and I'm assuming you are by calling it a great game, you have got to acknowledge the one-sided calls the refs made throughout the game. At least look at one of the (many) replays of Roethlisberger's initial touchdown for the Steelers. It is plain as day that ball was under his belly on the ground when he landed, then he pushed it across the goal line. Yet the play wasn't overturned. Meanwhile Seattle racked up more penalties in one game than called on them any other game all year. It was a bogus game and the officials should be ashamed of themselves for their shoddy calls. Congrats to the Seattle Seahawks for taking it on the chin and still being great sports about it, because an awful lot of us Hawk fans are having a tough time taking it quite as well!

Leeann from Mississippi: Living in Mississippi, and having to watch my insurance (home and auto) rise because of the damage from Katrina and Rita, it does my heart good to know that Nationwide Insurance paid all those millions for that ridiculous Fabio commercial for the Super Bowl. Isn't it wonderful how insurance agencies are complaining about the hurricane damage and how they are going broke, but then find it in their budget to blow money that could have been used for the victims of Katrina to jump on the Super Bowl hype?

And with that, your Grrr! for today.

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