Your Grrrs: Feb. 7, 2006

Your Grrrs...

Stan in Missouri: The violent reaction by some Muslims to those Danish cartoons does not promote their religion of peace. I find it very ironic that they would burn an embassy in response to the insinuation that their religion and their prophet support terrorist acts. Why not blow it up?

K.C. of Oceanside: OK, I'm officially reversing one of my prior grrrs. Before, I was with the Muslims on the issue of the cartoon offenses. I agreed that they were insulted, that the reprintings were a thing less of freedom of expression and more of a "we can do this and you can't stop us" slap in the proverbial Muslim face. But now, after burnings and beatings and stonings and general mayhem and destruction in so many countries, I officially switch sides. You would think someone toppled their government for the fuss they're putting up. Its like they've been waiting for a reason to cause indiscriminant chaos. Perhaps it's time that we stopped saying "We're sorry" now, and taught the kid that temper tantrums don't solve anything. If a kid throws a tantrum in a store, do you give it what it wants? Hardly. A good parent stops the tantrum, they don't stand there and say "I'm sorry the candy insulted you." Time to put this toddler to bed. These cartoons are no excuse for the violence and (possible) loss of life.

Anthony F. sings the blues: I wanted to get tickets to an upcoming concert at the House of Blues. Instead of ordering them off Ticketmaster and paying an additional $6 per ticket, I decided to head down to the House of Blues and purchase them there. Much to my surprise, the ticket office charges a $1.50 "event fee." How can they get away with charging an "event fee" for their own concert? Why not just say the price of the ticket is $21.50, not $20.00 plus a $1.50 "event fee"? These extra fees are outrageous. Ticketmaster now charges another fee, in addition to the service fee, to have the tickets e-mailed. How does that cost them more than printing the tickets and mailing them? When ticket prices are quoted, quote what it is going to cost me to purchase the ticket, not some fictitious "face value." GRRR!

Pope Banana in West Virginia: It's no wonder corporations are falling under the screw up, move up trend in business. Our company (a Fortune 500 with a well-recognized name & logo) recently published a women's organization update discussing what goes into account for promotions in the average company. They rated socialization skills as 60 percent of the consideration, personal appearance 30 percent and abilities and job-related achievements as only 10 percent. And the article wasn't criticizing this practice, either -- it was encouraging more women to realize that they can move up quicker if they focus more on looking good and socializing than on their actual work! What ever happened to integrity and self-respect?

Kylinn in Conn.: Grrrr to the people who are upset with the Academy Awards for not nominating the top-10 box office movies. The Oscars are not about popularity, they're about artistic ability. Movies nominated for an Academy Award are like the books you read in English class: they aren't the most popular books, they're of the best artistic quality like the books are of the best literary quality. You don't read "Harry Potter" in English class, and "Star Wars" doesn't get a Best Picture nomination. It doesn't mean it isn't a good, entertaining movie; the Oscars are just using a different set of standards.

TL King writes: For the second time in a year, my car was hit while parked and the one who did it took off and didn't admit to the dirty deed. To the ones out there who have hit a silver Isuzu Rodeo in Maryland, I just want to pass on that I truly appreciate the fact that I have to rent a car while my car is being repaired, spend extra money to pay my deductible and in general, have to take time out of my day to file the police reports and insurance claims. Pay your insurance and take responsibility for your driving problems ... and hey, a newsflash here people, hit and run is illegal and will eventually get you into all types of hot water. I for one, will be standing in line cheering the court system on to let you have it.

Hector in cyberspace:
Underappreciated: Wounded U.S. Service members
Overappreciated: Wounded Journalist
Sorry he (the journalist) got wounded, but why all the news coverage?

Julie in cyberspace:
Underappreciated: Face-to-face conversations with people
Overappreciated: Cell phones
Underappreciated: Face-to-face dates
Overappreciated: Internet dating services
Underappreciated: Face-to-face time with your kids
Overappreciated: Dropping kids off at every activity available.

Jolene in Gaithersburg, Md.: Oh my god, Mike! I had the exact same experience on the train this week. For my entire 30-minute ride to work, the woman sitting next to me proceeded to slather her face in makeup, applying it with teensy brushes as if she was creating the next great work of art (she wasn't, by the way). I thought for sure she would take her eye out and found I wasn't the only one on the train stunned to see her whip out the eyelash curler! Being a woman myself, I understand the desire to wear makeup, but c'mon lady! If you can't get your butt out of bed 30 minutes early to do your makeup (which, in my opinion, should only take 10 minutes), then you should just accept the face God gave you and go to work au natural. To top it off, when we got to my stop (I was in the window seat), she couldn't even be bothered to stand and let me out. She did the little slide-sideways in her seat maneuver, due to the entire Macy's makeup counter being in her lap.

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