Your Grrrs: Feb. 21, 2006

Your Grrrs...

Lisa B. writes: Could someone PLEASE put Dick Button out of our misery as a figure skating commentator so we can watch the programs without having to hear every little thing he thinks is wrong? His comments are so negative and constant it makes the skating difficult to watch, and you can’t mute him without also muting the music. During the pairs competition he actually talked about how tired he was of seeing all the female skaters’ bottoms sticking up when going into a death spiral! It was so bad one night the other commentators finally (and blatantly) had to point out how wrong he was. He is the John Madden of figure skating. It is time for him to retire.

John C writes: WAAAA! Terrell Owens wants attention! WAAAA!

Please note the following about T.O.:

#1 Never tested positive for drug use
#2 Never been accused of drug possession
#3 Never been accused of weapons possession
#4 Never been accused of domestic violence
#5 Never been accused of DWI, DUI, reckless driving or driving without a license
#6 Doesn't have multiple illegitimate children
#7 Hasn't had multiple marriages, divorces or issues with child support
#8 Doesn't drink, smoke or "hang at the bar"
#9 Never been accused of taking or placing illegal bets
#10 Generally lives a healthy lifestyle
....need I go on????

How many athletes, rock stars, movie stars, celebrities or even journalists can say all that? The real GRRRR is for people who get mad because of the potential that other people might get attention.

Jim M. writes on Cheney: Once in a while you are wrong and this is one of those times. The fact that a man was almost killed is not funny. The press’ reaction to not being told is, however, hilarious. If you call that a political view, then you are one of the elitist press and that is a real GRRR.

Chris S. writes on Customer Service: I recently moved from California to Texas and I did not require my satellite provider to transfer my service so I cancelled it. After two months of waiting for my $7 refund, I called them to check the status. I of course got an Oblivion that speaks about six words in English and is yawning on the phone. After confirming that my address change request had NOT been done like I had asked two months prior, I was told they could not issue another check because they already sent one to my old address. So, I paused and asked "what do you suggest I do"? Here comes the GGGRRRR … she suggested that I go and look in the mailbox of my old home and see if it's in it. So, I paused again and said, "So, let me make sure I understand what you are suggesting. You want me to drive 2,000 miles, break a federal law by looking in someone else's mailbox to see if my $7 check is in there?" She paused and said "YES." I then asked to speak to someone who could authorize my expenses. Then she hung up.

From Al S. in Fayetteville, Ark.: It never ceases to amaze me how many times a day I see people flinging a glowing cigarette butt out of their car window! I live in an area that is having MANY brush fires because of drought and these people just have no care for the dry grass in the median or along the side of the road. I see many burned places in these areas as I drive along the highway and it is as if the cigarette flingers think that those burned spots just spontaneously combusted! Wake up, people! Those were caused by cigarette butts! Along with the fires that are causing substantial damage to property, these brush fires also cause hazards for drivers because of low visibility from the smoke. Use your ashtray!!

Julie in Oklahoma City: A big GRRRR goes out to Garth Brooks who on the cover of Parade magazine is quoted as saying Trisha Yearwood is the woman he always loved. I wonder how his wife of 18 years must feel knowing he didn't love her, and now everybody knows ... what a rotten jerk.

Veronica in N.J.: My Grrr is to the makers of infant medication. First they charge you an arm and a leg for 2 oz. of medicine. Then they provide you with a dispenser that makes it impossible to get all of the product out of the bottle. I have dozens of bottles with only drops left waiting for me to come up with some genius way to get that last bit out.

Matt S. in Lexington, Ky.: Here is my big grrrr for the day. Why is it that every time something happens, Hillary Clinton has to come out with a comment? The comment today made me go "Hmm, how dumb can this lady be??" She actually was referring to the VP's shooting accident and said that anytime something happens, this administration does not have the ability to level with the American people, whether the incident is large or small. I almost fell out of my chair. This administration!! No wonder her husband cheats on her and then lies about it, to the grand jury, no less. Go back in your hole, Hillary. Most people with any sense know by now you're not worth the airtime.

Todd in Slidell, La.: My GRRRR for the last three Olympic games has been the chronic increase in U.S. athletes on the podium attempting to mumble the words to the National Anthem, when they clearly have no idea of the lyrics. These athletes have tearful close-ups, emphasizing their feeble attempts to mouth the words. Maybe memorizing the words should be required for all athletes, or train them to just smile and not say a word! Stumbling through it with no clue is an embarrassment to them and our nation in this otherwise proud moment!

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