Your Grrrs: Feb. 13, 2007

Here are some of your responses to Mike's last column.

Melody writes: Dear Mike, your article was a refreshing change from what I am seeing in the rest of the media about this tragedy. It’s nice to read someone who is looking at the individuals involved as real people instead of, as you say, cartoon characters.

I call myself a follower of Christ. After reading your article, I thought of what Jesus said when He was asked to sum up the law: "Love God first and foremost, with our whole being, and then love our neighbor as ourselves." He went on to describe exactly who our neighbor is in the parable of the Good Samaritan.

I have no emotional attachment to the people mentioned in your article. I don’t know them, don’t travel in their circles, but, clearly, according to Jesus, they are my neighbors. I may never meet them in this life, but I can pray for them and their families, and, at the very least, stop gossiping about them.

You made me stop and think, and change my attitude. Thank you.

Damon D. writes: Mike, once again you've hit the nail on the head with today's article. Indeed, a person can't stay running wild in the fast lane and not pay a price. As far as who's to "blame", let's remember that while external circumstances can have an impact on the way we conduct our lives, the bottom line is that of personal responsibility in the choices we make. Sadly, Anna Nicole and others like her have made bad choices and eventually those choices catch up. It doesn't make any difference if it's an icon or say, a diabetic. Eventually, choosing too much sugar is going to kill you. Thanks Mike.

Tracy F. writes: While I agree with the fact that Smith's death is a tragedy, in the grand scheme of things, the responsibility for her life sits squarely on her shoulders. She was an adult when she began her quest for the limelight, not a child star who became a cash cow for unscrupulous parents and agents. Every decision she made, she made as an adult. And as an adult she led her "beloved" son into her lifestyle, which killed him, and now all of her choices have left a 5-month-old daughter at the mercy of the same leeches who encouraged her poor decisions. This poor child doesn't stand a chance.

Brendan writes: Grrrr to a society who really cares about Anna Nicole Smith dying. So what? When we have notable scientists die who made important discoveries, do they show up on the front page of news sites? Do people who made countless charitable donations throughout their lives get newspaper headlines when they pass? Do we get updates on the upcoming autopsies of the countless service members who die each year protecting this nation's freedom? So why is it we are inundated with coverage and retrospectives of the life of a degenerate woman whose only contributions to society was as a laughing stock, a gold-digger and a stripper? It sickens me that someone who made her living off of her body and her pure stupidity would get this kind of coverage and SYMPATHY from news media at all.

Shelly Z. writes: Thanks for saying that the other “train” wrecks need to take note. I said the SAME thing after I heard Anna Nicole died. You ROCK!

Ida writes: In response to your story, GRRR! Anna Nicole Is Dead; Let's Hope 'Girls Gone Wild' Take Note. WELL WRITTEN ... I agree with you on all aspects. The way I see it, these Hollywood creations have what's called the "Marilyn Monroe Syndrome"... looking good, feeling bad behavior.

Janet writes: Mike, you nailed it from start to finish. In these matters, the question is never "if," but "when." Just another waste. Hollywood has been lamenting "why?" for years. James Dean died some 50 years ago, and there have been plenty of similar deaths since. You'd like to think somebody would "get it," but in a culture of permissiveness that teeters on expectation, fatal excess is a very predictable outcome. So regrettably, I'm left to believe we're not done with such stories; it's just too bad a baby girl has lost so much. Thankfully, she's blissfully unaware of the circus that surrounds her.

Dianna writes: Grrr! to Borders books in Lewisville, Texas, for putting your book in the Politics and Government section. I looked all through the New Hardcovers and New Nonfiction sections before asking a sales assistant. She found it way back in the Politics and Government section. I told her I thought it ought to be moved up front with the other new releases. A lot more people would buy it if they could see it. I hope not all Borders are doing this. I love your column; keep up the good work.

Robert M. writes: I guess the thing when people die — they get elevated: "Don't speak ill of the dead" and in my life I have done that but the sadness is for ourselves and a re-reading of all that is going on in your life. I will pray for her family (and new baby) and keep moving on for nothing more than being aware that there is MORE to life than celebrity worship ... and share love for the family even more.

Melody W. writes: GRRR to "The truth is, until all of the facts come out, we won't know who's to blame." Anna Nicole made the irresponsible choices to drink, get high and sell herself to the diet commercials and reality TV (in spite of not needing the money), all of which probably contributed to her death in some way. We all make choices and those choices have consequences — a concept even most children understand. Anna Nicole is to blame for her own death. That's the lesson the Girls Gone Wild need to learn. Unfortunately, it's too late for Anna Nicole.

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