Your Grrrs: December 28, 2004

Now for your Grrrs ...

Ben in Texas responds to my critic L. Whisner from last column: There is a reason that that little X is on top of your screen. If you don't like what you read, stop reading it. And YES, according to the greatest piece of paper ever to be introduced to mankind, everyone is entitled to their own opinions. If you don't want them, don't take them. As for who this hilarious writer is, there is a bio of him at the bottom of every article he writes. I love when the Oblivions can only blast you for keeping with what you believe instead of making insightful and helpful comments. Thanks for the weekly humor. Keep it up.

Ed from Indiana: In response to L. Whisner's “Who the hell are you?”… Is this Obliviot not guilty of his own rhetoric? It is interesting too that he refers to the word diatribe, not unlike his very own comments. Mike my friend, do not dock yourself any professional or self-esteem credits for the utterance of this Grand Oblivion.

Jessica in Cyber-Space: This is in response to L. Whisner in your last column. If you do not like Mike and you do not want to hear his opinion, then DON’T READ HIS COLUMN. Nobody is forcing you to log on to FOX News and read it (although I bet you are one of those people who read the column every Tuesday just so you can voice your outrage about his opinion that you feel he is not entitled to). The last time I checked, this is a free country, and Americans are entitled to their own opinion. They are entitled to voice that opinion, and you are entitled to not read, listen to, etc. their opinion. P.S. Mike -- I think you are an awesome JOURNALIST and look forward to reading your column every week. Merry Christmas.

John B. in N.C.: I enjoy reading your column, and I agree with many things you have said,
and have disagreed with many things you've said. I'm not a Christian. I am the atheist son of two atheists, however, my family is conservative on more issues than not. That said, every year we celebrate Christmas, and it's almost always a wonderful time (missing family members or friends that can't make it or have died can put a tinge on it). It's not a religious holiday for us, however we are fully aware that we are in the VAST minority, and so we've just accepted the fact that we will have to endure the religious aspects of the holiday along with the other aspects (and there are other aspects). One of the things that almost no one ever talks about is the stress that some families go through just by the fact that they are getting together (Christmas, Thanksgiving, 4th of July, birthdays, etc.), whether it's due to family dysfunction, drunk or self-involved relatives, sick or crippled relatives or ones you just don't like. I've never had that with my family, but I've seen it with some of my friends and co-workers. The "spirit of the holidays" can mean great stress and suffering, but no one talks about that because Christmas is a tradition! Anyway, my point is, I'm not offended by "Christmas" or "Merry Christmas," but considering that the "Christmas season" actually came about by the incorporation of Christian and non-Christian winter festivals and observances, I'm glad to see the public incorporation of those other observances, and the general trend toward a more secular public display. Does that mean that (some people) get to take God away from those that need/want to believe? ABSOLUTELY NOT! "Merry Christmas" are two words that convey different meanings and ideas to different people. It's the individual's responsibility (when sending or receiving) to determine the intent of the words and to remember the context with which they are conveyed. Merry Christmas.

Sue H. in Medford, Wis.: Kudos to you for mentioning Charles Osgood's segment on "Holiday" vs. "Christmas." I watched it, too, and was glad someone took the time to point out how ridiculous this country is getting. I never had a problem w/other religions. I was brought up to respect them.

Good Tidings from Shane in Va.: Happy New Year ... always a pleasure to read, even when we disagree.

--Thanks, Shane.

Kristie in Parkinglotland on Gwen from last column: Wow. This week's Obliviot in your column was sooooooo easy to pick out. It was Gwen, the inconsiderate Shopping Cart Obliviot. Guess what, Gwen? It is not my fault that you have children and can't manage them. You are a complete Obliviot ... Put your kids in the car and LOCK the doors. And by the way, I DO park further out and walk, but stray carts like yours have a way of being blown in the wind and come straight for those cars parked further out. Gwen, GROW UP and realize that you are not the only person in the world. Be considerate of others.

Bob K. in TVland: I enjoy your column. However, you come on too late at night on Sundays for me to stay up and watch. At my age I need all the beauty rest I can muster. How about subbing for O'Reilly one night when he is off, so I can see you in action? I like O'Reilly most of the time, but I believe his exposure is beginning to swell his head. I like a quiet and humble man whose words ring truth. There is lots of power in that. I have a million Grrrrrs myself, but my two cents have yet to be needed. Keep up the good work!

Rachel from Wis.: Today was the first time I've read your Grrr! column. My mom is a big fan and knew I'd love it. And I did, at first sight. Your Left Lane Vigilante reminded me of the worst road jerk I've ever encountered. Mostly I see people driving under the speed limit, who when you go to pass them feel the need to speed up to 20 over if necessary so you can't get around. The worst I encountered was when a friend was taking me home after work on a two-lane highway. We got behind a van going 45 in a 55. We waited a bit to see if they'd speed up and finally hit the signal to pass. The van sped up and jumped in the left lane in front of us so we couldn't get around. When we moved back to the right lane, this guy swerved back to block us again, both times waiting 'til we were close enough. He almost swiped the front end. This guy needs his own category and a good swift kick.

Gary B. on the Ski Slopes: Our family is in Keystone celebrating Christmas (not the holiday season) on the ski slopes. Today, while taking a quick hot chocolate break, a man decides the place to change his clothes is in the snack and resting area in full view of a few hundred people. My daughters and niece saw this man strip down to his "tight whites." Does he not even think for a minute about walking the 20 feet to a locker room to change in a more appropriate place? To top it off he and his wife began trading charges about who had the fatter personal body parts ... I was just glad she left her clothes on! Grrrrrrr.

--Sounds like the Obliviot Couple of the Century.

Kevin H. in Ala.: Hey Mike, my GRRR is why is it so hard to find your column if I miss it on Tuesday?! The other columns stay hyperlinked from the main page on for several days, but not yours. What gives?

--Kevin, mouse over Top Stories, scroll down to Foxlife, and you'll see the link.

Rich in Va.: I gotta get this off my chest. Please read the holiday sale figuresestimates that the press puts out, including FOX. I'm so sick of hearing, no matter what, that retailers are not making enough money!!! We read that mall parking lots are filled to 98 percent capacity, that in N.J. a mile long line of cars are waiting to get in a mall parking lot, etc. BUT, that is not a indicator of what people are spending. An indicator is people buying more live Christmas (holiday?) trees than artificial trees, to save money ('cause artificial trees have an initial higher cost). You hear the tree sellers bragging about this is the best-selling year in ages, but is tempered because frost, etc, hampered sales in years past. All merchants in the mall could clear their shelves three days before Christmas ... err 25 December, and they would still complain how sales were low compared to years past and somehow blame it on manufacturers, who would blame it on the truck drivers, who in turn would blame it on the high cost of fuel, etc. But somehow, it is us consumers who are always blamed for "weak sales." GRRRRRRRRRR.

Until next week ... Grrr!, and Happy New Year!

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