Your Grrrs: December 21, 2004

Now for Your Grrrs ...

From Tami, a FOX News lover: THANK YOU! for pointing out that it is Christmas and not Xmas or Happy Holidays. That it's not about Santa or about the gifts, but about Christ himself. I love America for having the ability to worship according to my own beliefs, and believe in allowing others to do the same. I don't feel the need to eliminate menorahs placed in public places, but I don't feel nativity scenes should have to go, either. Can't we all just get along and have religious tolerance? And as for Bon Jovi, FORGET him!

S. Baker at Misawa AB, Japan: I am so tired of people removing the word Christmas or Hanukkah from everything. The only reason we have “giving trees”, “winter breaks” and any kind of giving (you're welcome, retailers) at all this year is because of these religious holidays. If this small minority of people are so against it, then they should avoid Christmas parades, refuse to accept any gift at all, refuse any bonus you might get, do not be civil to anyone just trying to be nice by wishing you a happy holiday and go to work on December 25. And let’s not forget the schools. By all means keep them open for those two weeks so our poor children aren’t exposed to any more Merry Christmas then absolutely necessary. I celebrate Christmas, but I was never offended by anything related to Hanukkah, or Kwanza or any other religion's holiday. Grrrr to all of the Bah-livions out there who want to take everything special away from those who celebrate these holidays. And by the way, MERRY CHRISTMAS to those of you who want to hear it.

From K.C. in India: I am getting so sick of hearing people's gripes about what they feel might hurt someone else's feelings because of Christmas. Now, I admit, I am a conservative. I do celebrate Christmas, though not as a religious holiday. My beliefs tell me there is no evidence dating back to the time of Christ that says Jesus was born on December 25. But I still celebrate a social holiday. I put up a tree, complete with lights and ornaments. I decorate my house with lights — in India ... that's a rare thing. Since most of the people of this country are not "Christians" of any sort, you would expect a big fuss over someone celebrating a "Christian" holiday. Not so! However, in the USA, long believed by the world as a "Christian nation," God forbid anyone use God's name, or any reference to Jesus Christ in a holiday which is supposed to remind people of His birth. No one complains when the Muslims celebrate Ramzan (or Ramadan). No one complains if the Hindus have special celebrations for Daserah or Deepawali. Why is it, then, that Christians can no longer openly and joyously celebrate a holiday? One that has been in existence for over 1000 years??? Grrr! to all these self-seeking jerks who want to take Jesus Christ out of everything. If the majority of the population, those who (like me) are still proud to be Christian, does not do something about this soon, there will not be a "Christmas" ... maybe just a Santa-Tree Day. Who wants that? And Mike ... I wish you and all your readers a MERRY CHRISTMAS, FELIZ NAVIDAD, etc., etc.

Judi in New York City on The Grrr! Poll: I know a majority of voters chose Michael Moore as Oblivion of the Year, and, while I am no fan of his, I could not vote for him. That's because I don't think he's oblivious at all. I think he knows exactly what he's doing; that is, spewing left-wing propaganda. If the award was for Liar of the Year, he'd definitely get my vote. But for being oblivious, I think the award clearly goes to Teresa. P.S. Love the column!!

Brenda in Texas on Bon Jovi's FOX snub: I know how you feel. I have been a fan of BJ forever, but his behavior during the election (and ever since) has left me disappointed. I didn't know he was holding a grudge so long. Sore loser. Guess we'll have to listen to "old" Bon Jovi music, 'cause I won't buy another until he grows up.

Connie F. in Poplar Grove, Ill.: I don't think you are an Oblivion at all. Your criticisms are well thought out and written with humility. You admit when you make a mistake and it's clear you never write anything just out of meanness. How hilarious that you won't cover Bon Jovi anymore. Please, please don't ever do it. He deserves to be ignored by you from now on.

Gwen, mother of almost three, on Shopping Cart Etiquette: As a pregnant mother with two other small children in tow, I place my cart on the line next to my car. It is dangerous to be leaving small children in a car alone to return carts. I also am not gonna make my children wait in the cold while I unload my cart and then drag them around the parking lot in the cold to return it to a cart corral. My children's safety is more important than a potential scratch in someone's car. If you are worried about your car, park farther out and walk.

A Grrr! From Roberta in Cyber-Space to my buddy, Roger Friedman: Grrr! to Roger Friedman, who seems to be obsessed with Michael Jackson. I’m so tired of seeing headlines for Friedman’s column that address Jackson’s life and times. Newsflash: Jackson is VERY old news. No one but Jackson, his entourage and (maybe) his family care about his financial or legal woes. Enough already, move on! And PS: Here’s another tip for Friedman —next time you do a movie review, don’t suck lemons first. Most of the films you dis are hits at the box office.

— Roberta, while I share your MJ Grrr!, Roger really is an excellent reporter.

Carla J. on MJ Fans: Can we add Michael Jackson’s fans to the “2004 Oblivion of the Year” list? They don’t know him personally, yet they scream “I love you Michael” whenever they get a chance. Don’t they read the news — he’s being investigated for child-molestation crimes! What a bunch of morons. Maybe they should be on an “Obliviot” list instead. And besides that, I don’t think he’s even Michael Jackson anymore. He’s like “Pseudo-Michael,” or “Plastic-Michael”. I have to admit, I used to be infatuated with him … but I was 10 years old (and he was still human!) Oh yeah, and he wasn’t under investigation for child molestation.

Ben in Nazareth, Penn.: My Grrrrr is a common one, all too common. I am talking about the worst kind of Oblivion, the kind that has the nerve to complain about another Oblivion while actually demonstrating to the world why they themselves are Oblivions. These are the people in a crowded store that will stand in the middle of an aisle talking to a friend about how inconsiderate people are, or the person who talks loudly into a cell phone in an elevator, complaining about someone else's rudeness. These same people will get indignant if they have to wait a minute or two in a line, though they will have no problem holding up the line themselves — case in point, the Oblivions in a bank-teller line who complain up and down about the time they are "wasting," then wait until they get to the front of the line to fill out the paperwork and make up their minds about what they really want. Apparently, the people behind them are not nearly as important and their time isn't worth nearly as much.

J. McDowell on DD Oblivion: Last night, my wife and I were in the Dunkin’ Donuts drive thru waiting to pay for our order. The car at the window, two cars forward, had been there since we pulled up and remained after several minutes. Assuming this person was having a problem with their order, I made a mental note to check our order before pulling away. Several minutes passed and another car pulled up behind us. This car was close enough to trigger the ordering speaker but unfortunately, we couldn’t move the line enough to get his window near the microphone. Still the lead car remained at the window. Eventually, the driver of this vehicle exited with a coffee in hand and walked back to a curbside trash can, breaking off the sip cover and tossing it away. As he approached the can, he greeted the driver of the car behind him and began small talk about how cold it was and the anticipated snow showers. He continued this chat as the order box squawked incessantly to the customer who could not respond (“Hello, how can I help you? Hello?”) and the line continued to grow. In a sudden flash, the man finished his chat, threw those of us in line a genial smile and wave, returned to his sporty Jag, and drove off with his engine roaring as he quickly raced the 30 feet from the window to the edge of the parking lot so that he could stop and exit. What an Oblivion.

P.S. What do you call an Oblivion you’re related to? Oblivi-kin? Fami-louts? Gotta-love-ems? Best of the season to you and the whole extended Straka clan.

M. Fry in Cyber-Space: Personally don’t think you need to nominate yourself. You have an opinion and you like to share it. What’s wrong with that? In fact, I don’t mind people like Michael Moore sharing his thoughts with anyone who will listen, but it sure won’t be me! I believe in the rights of Americans to think what they want and to share what they want within limits. Bashing the president in a movie that is clearly produced to try and keep him from getting re-elected, I think the American public will have issues with that. In fact they did when they re-elected Bush for what I believe will be an awesome next four years! Keep up the good work and I will keep reading!

L. Whisner asks "Who Are You?" So, who the hell are you? You have this prominent forum to express the FOX mantra, but I don't know you and don't want your opinions. I have heard that everyone is entitled to their opinion — NO, they're not! If you ignore facts and have an agenda, keep your opinion to yourself. By the way, concerning Michael Moore: Please learn the difference between diatribe and journalism.

Paula in Cyber-Space: You rock!! I don't think you stink at all! But no one can make everybody happy, especially when they speak their mind. I just have a comment on the "Christmas Cheer" comments regarding retail and other customer related services. You are so right!!! Common courtesy should be expected from everyone, whether it's the person behind the register to the person who is waiting in line to checkout! The poor retailer probably is working extended holiday hours and having to put up with the shopper who had to find a parking space, waited in line for a half-hour at three different stores and can't seem to find the gift they originally intended to buy because it's a hot holiday item. It becomes a vicious cycle. And you'd think that after going through the same ol' thing year after year, one would be used to it by now. Anyway, enough said. Have a Merry Christmas!

Michelle in Cincinnati: Grrrr to 'C. Rice in Cyberspace' (last column) for assuming that because HE isn't interested in Broadway musicals that none of the rest of us "outside of New York" aren't either! How dare you try to speak for me — I'm a Midwestern girl who loves Broadway but, due to a severe lack of funds, can't go jetting off to NYC for a show every weekend. I love that the media is trying to get Broadway to ME so that two years down the road when the show goes on tour, I can decide if it's something I'm interested in seeing. C. Rice can leave his uncultured butt at home and change the channel on his "movin' picture box."

Until next week ... Grrr!

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