Your Grrrs: Aug. 4, 2005

Your Grrrs compiled by FOX News Interns Michelle Siegel and D.J. Shooter. It's their last week. Thanks to Michelle, D.J., Marissa Levy and Annie Grappone for a great job this summer.

Jason in Calif.: I am so sick of hearing motorcyclists complain about other drivers when they think it's OK to pass in between lanes at 85 miles an hour, then rapidly slow down when they actually have the lane to themselves, weaving through traffic everywhere, usually in groups. When I see a motorcycle driver actually concerned about their own or anyone else's safety, then I'll start to look out for them. Incidentally, every accident I have ever heard the details of involving a motorcycle was caused by the motorcyclist, usually speeding, weaving or otherwise trying to show off. Jason in California, proud to have actually LEARNED how to drive (therefore not native to the area) on the East Coast.

Nick in Cyberspace: My grrr goes out to a man my roommate saw on a Greyhound bus headed to Minneapolis from Madison. This obliviot thought it would be a good idea to fill his baby's bottle, not with formula, juice or even water but Mountain Dew. This despite dirty looks from the other passengers. How can anyone think its a good idea to give a baby a drink loaded with so much sugar and caffeine? Even I try to stay away from the stuff, and I would certainly never feed it to a small child.

Carrie in Cyberspace: My GRRRRRR goes out the OBLIVIOT that parked in the middle of the drop-off zone in front of my office building. She parked her car and went into the building completely oblivious to the fact that she was blocking other drivers from getting out of the lot after they had dropped off their passenger during the lunch hour. After a co-worker's husband dropped her off, she witnessed another employee telling the security guard that someone was blocking the way for other people. The woman was actually standing at the front desk and got very upset that her passenger didn't get out and move her car. She then stormed out of the building and moved to the proper parking lot and came back. GRRRRRRR to her for thinking she is so IMPORTANT that she doesn't have to abide by the NO PARKING ZONE sign posted at least three times while driving up to that zone.

Jared in Shreveport, La.: I just wanted to send a GRRR to all those who notice Oblivions and don't call them on their stupidity. Whether they are camping out at the gas pump doing everything BUT filling their tanks, or parking directly in front of Wal-Mart to load purchases much to the frustration of others that are now blocked from coming or going, these fools need to understand that their actions are unacceptable in our society. I'll be the first to admit that I'm not perfect, and sometimes find myself only grumbling under my breath at these people, but enough is enough. Honk your horn, call someone out, or just give them an evil glare that says "knock it off, you Oblivion!" These poor fools will most definitely get offended, but maybe after the 100th time someone flashes their brights or honks at them as they cruise in the fast lane, they'll realize that they're not alone on this planet.

Sonny in Cyberspace: I bet the dead dog law suit will be given validity by some judge because it goes to PC. I'd further bet a jury will award to the plaintiff. Animals are quickly gaining legal parody with humans in this increasingly illogical and insane society. To say we've "gone to the dogs" could be a great thing among today's brain dead city slickers.

Erin in Cyberspace: Just wanted to tell you that my husband and I 100 percent agree with your most recent rant on our nation's sue craziness. We have become such a nation of entitlement that we think we deserve millions for our feelings being hurt. Thank you for always bringing up topics that help open people's eyes to just how ridiculous things are becoming.

Stephanie in Cyberspace: After I read Brandon from San Diego's Grrr about the gym, I quickly remembered my biggest Grrr at the gym. I'm a woman in my mid-20s and have attended gyms for over 10 years. Therefore, throughout high school, college and now as a working woman, I have attended a handful of different gyms in different cities and states. My Grrr is the leg abductor/adductor machine. I Grrrd the machine itself at first, since you are opening and closing your legs over and over again, but I got over it since the crazy things works well at toning your legs. My question is WHY in EVERY gym do they put those machines right in front of the free weights and curl bar area, where I have to open and close my legs right in front of all of the guys lifting weights and bars?!? Not just in one gym ... in ALL of the ones I have been in! The free weights/curl bar area is the most frequented by men, since all guys want to work their arms, shoulders, pecs, etc. Why not put it BEHIND the quad machine or hamstring machine or off to the side so that you're not opening your legs to a room full of sweaty guys staring at your crotch?! Grrrr!

Britt in Lakeville, Minn.: Did you hear there is a group of parents trying to ban red pens in schools because it is too stressful for our kids to see red ink all over their corrected tests and homework? What in God's name is happening to our society!!? We keep asking ourselves why our kids are more violent and self-centered than in previous generations. I will tell you. We have taken away any chance for them to be accountable for their actions. Johnny does bad on a test. It can't be his fault. He's just a child. It must be the teacher's fault for not holding his hand through the test. Janie gets caught shoplifting clothes at the mall. It can't be her fault, she's just a child. It must be the entertainment industry for showing her an unrealistic view of how girls her age should dress. Parents everywhere ... shut up and raise your children yourself. Quick lesson ... teachers teach your children, they do not raise them. TV is for entertainment — it's not real. Red pens are for showing us the errors we make so we can fix them and move on. I for one plan to raise my two boys to know that society owes them nothing. You get out of life what you put into it. You don't study for a test — you will fail. You steal — you will get punished. You hold a hot cup of coffee on your lap while your driving and it spills and burns you — your fault —McDonald's owes you nothing. Get a grip people. We are trying to raise kids that are supposed to be able to go out into the world and stand on their own two feet.

Don in Yuma, Ariz..: Grrr! This is the difference between Democrats and Republicans. Democrats hunt for Karl Rove. Republicans hunt for Usama Bin Laden.

Stephen M. Blank in Canton, Mass.: How about sitting in traffic, single file, creeping along at a snail's pace, and then finally coming along to a construction site doing road work and seeing the police who are there to facilitate the movement of traffic doing one of the following: talking with the construction crew, talking on their cell phone, leaning against a truck in the shade or looking in the hole in the ground like they expect to find a dead body. Grrr!

Blair in Cyberspace: This is for Andrew in Wisconsin that was, for obvious reasons, upset at the man giving himself a manicure on the flight into Kansas City. I flew from Portland, Ore., to Tucson once and, I kid you not, a man about six rows behind me actually took off his socks and began to CLIP HIS TOENAILS!! I waited for the flight attendant or any of the passengers that sat next to this Obliviot to say something to him, but no one did! Finally, I couldn't take it any longer. I got up from my seat, walked back to this person and said "Could you please stop doing that? It's rude!" He glared at me and said "What did you just say to me?" and I responded "You heard me — KNOCK IT OFF!" I then promptly walked back to my seat. He stopped the clipping and I just wondered why no one else said anything to him. I think that's why these Obliviots keep doing this stuff — no one ever calls them on it! I normally don't like to be rude, either, but this was beyond the pale!

R in Silicon Valley: Grrr to me (twice, no less!) for suffering from a bout of temporary obliviocy in the San Jose Airport this weekend. When I approached the self-check-in terminals prior to my flight, a number of them were open, so I walked right up and checked myself in — bags and all. Minutes later, at Starbucks, I stepped right up to the register and ordered my bagel. Only later did I realize that the lines for both began some 10-15 feet away from the terminals and register respectively, in order to keep the walkways clear for other travelers trying to make their flights. My sincere apologies those in line who stood by while I jumped ahead of them and didn't say a word. I wasn't even in a hurry to make to my flight!

Dave in New York City: I can empathize with you on the audience singer Oblivion. A few years ago at the famous Christmas-time Metropolitan Opera presentation of La Bohème, an Oblivion of a certain age sang along with the entire opening act at just a level that was annoying and perceptible. And she was horrible and way off-key, but she knew every single word! No amount of stern looks could make her stop. After the applause subsided at the end of the act, someone behind me politely but with a snarly voice sqwaked "Hey lady, I didn't pay $180 bucks to hear you sing!" Not a peep was heard the rest of the performance.

Matt R in Birmingham, Ala.: Don’t feel sorry for the "legal professionals" for having to deal with all these absolutely idiotic lawsuits today. If we had decent, honorable, respectable lawyers who exhibited any sort of integrity, none of these "lawsuits" would ever see the light of day. Instead, the bottom dwellers will take anything and everything in the hopes of an out-of-court settlement so they can pocket 40+ percent (and expenses added) of any settlement offer and the leftovers can go to the plaintiff. If anyone needs sympathy, it’s us average everyday folks who have to hear, see and read about the bastardization of our country by the legal profession. Thank you.

Mike in Leavenworth, Kan.: The couple suing the animal shelter for euthanizing their dog is evidence that *some* people should be neutered and their pets allowed to procreate. Lord have mercy on the poor child whose parents resent him before he is born.

Kristina in Texas: My Grrrr goes to everyone out there with a Grrr. Why are we not telling these Obliviots of their wrongdoing? Why are we not saying to those people blocking the pumps at the gas station “Excuse me, but you’re blocking the pumps from others needing gas?" Why are we not saying to that person singing so loudly at a concert you can’t hear the band, “Excuse me, you’re singing is so loud, I cannot hear the person/band I came here to see?" Why are we not saying to that person clipping their nails on the airplane, “Excuse me, but that is disgusting and completely unhygienic?" My point is, Oblivions are named that for a reason — because they are Oblivious! An awakening from you just may be the Rx they need!

Derek in Cyberspace: A huge GRRR to the oblivion who parked next to me at work today!!! I blew a tire while pulling into the parking lot and planned to change the tire at lunchtime, so I managed to drive to an area of the parking lot that’s usually empty. When I came out at lunchtime, there was my truck, with an obvious flat, and another car parked right alongside, making the tire changing impossible. There was a sea of empty spaces all around, many that were much closer to the building. Oh and thanks for ignoring the intercom page that asked you to move it. Because of you, I wasted most of my lunch, and will be stuck here tonight changing it … MORON!!!

From Bullseye Bicyclist in cyberspace: What is up with drivers who physically threaten and intimidate bicyclists?! In our town, there are a number of avid bicyclists and we have a large cycling club. Although cycling is extremely popular, rage and aggression against cyclists is much more popular than cycling. In the last couple of years, there have been a couple of cyclists killed and numerous injured. Do these BULLIES just feel impotent and powerless in their own lives and have to take it out on basically defenseless people? I recently encountered a road rager who tried to force me off of a barren country road in his SUV. I was obeying all traffic laws, riding on the white line, wore bright clothing and rode in clear conditions. In our state, bicyclists have the same RIGHTS and DUTIES that motor vehicle operators do. In other words, we are to behave as if we are operating a car and follow the rules of the road. Drivers need to understand they must share the road and respect the rights of cyclists who are using the road.

Kelley in Cyberspace: Most shelters make you sign a contract when you adopt stating that "if for any reason, you cannot keep the animal, you must return it to the shelter." I don't see how they could have any legal standing. I think the courts are to blame for accepting these frivolous cases in the first place. Someone should show some common sense and stop people like this from abusing the judicial system.

Scott in Cyberspace: Sounds like they should also sue Child Protective Services after CPS rushes in to seize the unborn baby immediately after birth as said baby is now in danger because these people resent it. Damn dog.

Leslie in Pottstown: Mike, I thought you might enjoy hearing about my most recent Oblivion sighting. My family and I went to a large local fair with all the usual games and rides. My husband and a neighbor decided to go on the bumper cars. While I was watching them drive around and bump into each other, I observed an Oblivion yakking on her cell phone WHILE DRIVING AROUND IN A BUMPER CAR. She blabbed for the duration of the entire ride! Why did she even bother to ride the bumper cars? She certainly wasn't enjoying the experience since she was too busy yakking. I can only hope this isn't indicative of how she behaves when driving a real car (but I'll bet it is)! I never miss your column, thanks for being the voice of the sane!

Tom Hall in Scottsdale, Ariz.: In response to the couple suing to animal shelter ... What Grrrs! me is a legal system/judges that would even let such a ridiculous suit be brought forward in the first place. If this one doesn't qualify as frivolous, what does?

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