Your Grrrs: Aug. 31, 2006

Here are some of your responses to my last column...

Lt. William F. writes: I agree that when it is hot out it is only natural to complain. I feel this should be done in moderation (maybe once or twice to cleanse the system) and then move on. If some of these pretentious people really want to complain about the heat, maybe they should look at a Marine or Army soldier standing in 118+ degree heat in full combat armor working a checkpoint in Baghdad. I can’t sympathize with any of the Hollywood-types that constantly complain about everything and yet never lift a finger to do anything positive to help the problem. Just my two cents.

Wyld F. to Charles in Tenn.: While I agree with you most wholeheartedly on the little corner adds popping up over television shows, I'm afraid I can't even begin to fathom why "Have a nice day" and "No problem" are insulting to you. Have you read up on the current state of American culture lately? You're lucky to get more than an evil glare in most places, much less a happy response or eye contact. If your waitress uses the general term "guys," but is wonderful in every other aspect, will you refuse to tip her because you are somehow insulted by that single word? To put it plainly, I'd spend more time being insulted by real jabs at your obvious deficiencies ... like "GRRR" or "Would you like some Prozac?"

Rob in Hillsborough, N.J.: You hit home for me Mike, with your discussion on Mr. Screamer. I tolerated 13 years working for the biggest rectal aperture I've ever come to know until I finally called it quits.

E. living in a cubicle nightmare writes: I enjoyed your article about aggravating co-workers. There are three in my little office area, but I have one that I nicknamed "Dr. Kevorkian." He's always so negative about everything. I swear that if you were the sole winner of the biggest lottery in the history of the world, he would come up with all the bad things that either had happened or had been rumored to have happened to every other lottery winner. And why the nickname? Because after you get done listening to him, you want to commit suicide!

Rick T. writes: Very ironic column this week. Was it intentional? You are unhappy with complainers. Isn't that the whole point of your column? To complain about things you don't like? We all do it. That's why we read your column, to commiserate with another complainer.

Russ H. writes: My latest Grrr is that continues to have news about Tom Cruise's split with Paramount. Who on this Earth really cares?

Julie in Scottsdale, Ariz., on complainers: Sounds like the Democrats to me!!! GRRRR to these constant whiners!!

Lee G. writes: For God's sake! Someone needs to complain about Bush.

Mark in San Diego, Calif.: GRRR! To those that dismiss things by saying that handy little catch-all phrase, "there are more important things going on in the world." Sure there are, but I don't want to dwell on the awful. I like to have some relief from the shocking and disgusting by some lighter fare. I like to see that an actor is recognized for a performance that I found wonderful or just gander at the spectacle of the celebrities. What a dismal, dreary place it would be if all we thought about was perverts, terrorists and whiners.

Rhonda in Allentown, Pa.: This past weekend, my husband and I attended the Michael McDonald/Steely Dan concert in Atlantic City. We had a couple in our row who either together or alone left their seats and returned three times during McDonald's performance alone. Now, we certainly understand that people might need to get up and leave their seats, but do it in between songs and don't expect me to have a conversation with you. Yes, I know you're sorry, yes, I know you are a pain, yes, yes, just go! The fourth time they left at the beginning of intermission, but, of course, they couldn't return BEFORE Steely Dan started playing. No, they had to wait until the band was in the middle of the second song to come back and then they wanted to apologize profusely! Obliviots!

Tom M. writes: The word "nabbed" is overused by the news and it drives me nuts. Seems like every week someone is nabbed. I am happy for that, but just like listening to Randy Jackson's broken record, I tire of it.

Krista in Va. writes: Mike, I am an avid reader of your column and I have a big grrr. In response to Nick in Minn., and Gary in Voorhees, N.J. -- I don't understand why you are bashing David in Columbus for being upset that McDonald's did not check his ID when he used his credit card. His reaction was not out of line, nor was he being a nightmare customer. I am currently going through the court process due to someone stealing my credit card and charging nearly $2,000 to it. Had the many businesses checked for an ID, then the fraudulent charges would have been prevented. Since then, my credit cards now have "See ID" written on the signature space. Have someone steal your credit card. You'll be as insistent on having someone looking at your ID as well, and maybe you‘ll be more understanding.

Kathryin in Waco, Texas: This probably won't make it to print ... too much of a hot potato. But your article on whiners struck a chord with me, especially since it came on the first anniversary of Hurricane Katrina. What about those Louisiana/New Orleans government officials who had the first line responsibility for their citizens? Instead of taking that responsibility, they got in front of the cameras pointing fingers and whining about how others messed up.

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