Your Grrrs Aug. 28, 2007: More Michael Vick Responses

Here are some of your responses to Mike's last column...

Ryan S. writes: Grrrr ... Only a D-bag wines in the paper because no one else cares to listen to you in real life. Thank God for the power of the press and your impeccable writing abilities.

Mike S. writes: Let him serve his time in dog years ... then ban him forever.

Ty B. Writes: You really are a freak.

Bruce writes: A largely anonymous NBA ref faces 25 years in prison for gambling and betting on games, yet a famous QB who tortures and electrocutes animals looks at a year in the pen?? Thank God I live in Canada.

Charles H. Writes: Who cares what you think? It's football not Sissy Ball, kinda like war. Get over it!

Jeffrey M. writes: Getting shot dead from road rage is the worst-case scenario. You could also get your head stomped in the mud if you aren't more careful. I would even suggest that often they are looking into their mirror at you at the red light, so you might just control your facial expressions, running mouth or finger gestures. In fact, I would suggest you need a full-blown attitude adjustment lest you get snippy at the wrong Obliviot.

Lacey Y. writes: You are totally blowing this out of proportion. How many millions of people tuned in to watch George Foreman in his last fight? Should they be thrown to the pack as well? Man up.

Ryan B. writes: Wow! Your take on Mike Vick is short-sighted. Do you have any perspective? Rapists and murderers get less attention than this. And you show no understanding of Mike Vick's fan base! Those loyal to him are already looking forward to his return to NFL -- even if he receives a ban. He will certainly be allowed to apply for reinstatement after prison -- duh. You write as if Vick was a role model before this incident ... you should stick to subjects you are comfortable with, like passive-aggressive driving habits.

Mike writes: The Grrr about the Oblivion passing on the right hit a nerve with me.
The thing that makes me go Grrr the worst is when you are driving on the interstate. You see a sign: right lane closed 2 miles. Everyone keeps going. At the right lane closed 1 mile sign sensible people merge to the left and continue. Oblivions continue in the right lane. When you get to the lane closure there have been numerous signs, but Oblivions are still in the wrong lane and are now forcing their way over. If they thought a minute and merged when they should have, the traffic would flow better and they would get through faster. Idiots!!

Jeff T. writes: Have you ever considered anger management? Breaaatttthhhheeeee!

Karen A. writes: Right on!!! He should have to clean dog kennels at a humane center the rest of his life!!!! Then sleep in one!

Pamela E. writes: It is so wonderful that there is a God and his last name is not Straka.

Corwin S. writes: Since you want to interject the children into the equation, here’s the point that you’re conveying to kids: There’s zero justice in America. Even if a man serves his time, and pays his debt to society, he still doesn’t deserve a second chance. I think your draconian response to this man owning up to his wrongs is childish. And you’re just another disgruntled nerd who’s happy that the jock is going down. Hope you feel better about yourself. And remember to tell the kids that there are no second chances in life. That’s exactly what your article is stating.

Bob M. writes: "Tooth-to-skin," "electrocute him" ... Excellent! I'm becoming a recurring reader. Your evil plan is working.

Denise H. writes: Your story hit the mark, and though I'm not a big football fan, I am a big DOG fan. If this jerk doesn't do some prison/jail time, this country will, and should be, outraged. I completely agree with you in that he should also face the gambling charges, as there is a huge underground gambling issue in this country, which is a separate story, but one that truly needs to be addressed in connection with Vick, as I believe what we are seeing here is just the tip of the iceberg.

I lived in Hawaii for three years and there is a huge dogfighting ring there as well -- which Vick probably participated in. Dogs do have souls, but Vick does not, and I firmly believe that. I also believe that there is a special place in hell for people like Vick. No, I can not humanize him and use his first name, or a salutation ... he does not deserve that much! In fact he does not deserve to live -- and he certainly does not deserve to make a living in the public arena -- anyplace in the public arena. My hope is that he is thrown to a pack of Dingo's out in the dessert -- and my hope is that it is very slow and painful death -- and still that is too good for him! May he burn in hell!

Chase M. writes: You are comparing Michael Vick to a murderer. That is ridiculous on your part. What he did was definitely wrong and cruel, however, they were dogs. It's not as though he was killing children, they were just dogs. It is sad that people get more upset over someone killing dogs than a judge letting a child molester out of jail after only three months only to see the convict strike again. It is sad that people with views such as yours are broadcast out to the public and that we, as a whole, are ignorant enough to go along with your ideas. Try writing articles about the real news and quit bickering about some guy that destroyed his own property.

Matt O. writes: Hi Mike, it looks like you are inspiring other authors. It actually mentions you in the dedication. It's a hoot:

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