Your Grrrs: Aug. 25, 2005

Your Grrrs ...

Jamie in Cyberspace: My grrr has to do with the pathetic reality shows dominating the pop culture channel MTV. One in particular really gets my goat and that is "My Super Sweet 16" show. It displays the most obnoxious, bratty, spoiled, immature, ugly and ungrateful little girls on the face of the earth. I caught about 15 minutes of one episode and quickly turned it off because I was so irritated. Who in the world would want to watch a show about rich girls receiving an obnoxiously extravagant party while they rub it in the face of all their "friends." The saddest part of what I saw is that a girl was happy about the party because she had made more friends. Please, get over yourself. But I suppose their actions are not all their fault ... just merely the work of their Oblivion parents.

LG from Shawnee, Okla.: This is in response to Matt in Mobile, Ala. Do you know what Grrrs! me? The fact that the overweight and obese are the only people that it is still socially acceptable for other people to humiliate and discriminate against. In fact, it seems to be encouraged. You don't seem to agree that the overweight and obese are treated unfairly. Unfortunately, you are mistaken. We are constantly made to be the punch line of jokes, stared at, pointed at, made fun of and are often treated like we don't exist or aren't even human. You tell us to do something about our weight? I don't know a single overweight/obese person who hasn't done something about it only to have all of their lost weight return with extra pounds. Some people even resort to dangerous diet drugs in order to satisfy society's idea of what "normal" people should look like. Let me point out to you, not every overweight/obese person is heavy because they eat too much. Some medications and underlying health conditions can cause people to gain excess weight. So, what's the problem with giving an obese person a handicapped parking permit? How is this person any different than the person who drives while intoxicated, gets into a car accident and is then paralyzed? He's paralyzed through his own actions, but that doesn't change the fact that he's paralyzed and may need a handicap parking permit. And your statement regarding airlines charging one person for two seats, this does seem unfair. Should the 98 lb, 4' 11" person ask to be charged for half a seat? Maybe the airlines should look to accomodating ALL of their paying customers, regardless of size. And maybe you should learn to be a little more sympathetic toward people you obviously know nothing about!

KK in Cyberspace: This is to Matt in Mobile, Ala. People like you are what this column is all about. I'll accept that SOME overweight people are that way because of lifestyle choices that are made. But YOU need to realize that not all people are overweight by choice. Some people have medical conditions that cause them to be overweight. These people don't have a choice and whether YOU like it or not, they have a legitimate gripe about being treated unfairly. Our society has put so much value on looks and it sounds like you've bought into their message. YOU are the OBLIVIOT! Someday you may have a medical problem which causes you suffering like that. My guess it will be you crying about how people treat you so unfairly. Maybe then you'll understand. Grow up and realize that life isn't all about YOU!

Scott in Dallas: My Grrr goes out to all those TV and online news stations (including FOX News) that turn up the volume for commercials. That 5+ decibel boot is not necessary. I can hear just fine, and turning up the volume will not make me buy the products any faster or with more frequency. The Grrr column is outstanding, Mike. Please keep up the good work.

Marjorie B disagrees: Mike, pithy enough?


Marilyn R. in cyberspace: Thanks for the wake-up jolt. I am, or should write, "was," one of the "Quick Question" Obliviots. It never occurred to me how intrusive that could be to others. I must admit when I have been interrupted in line at stores by "Quick Question" people, I always thought they were being rude. But when I did it, I wasn't rude, I was just in a hurry and had every right to butt in because "the answer wouldn't take long." Thanks for the lesson.

Kim in Roanoke, Va.: Hi Mike, I just want to say my husband and I drove all the way from Roanoke, Va., to visit with FOX on Sunday. It was GREAT meeting the FOX weekend morning crew! I saw you interviewing different audience members and did not realize who you were. I was standing behind the two teenage guys that begged you for your black FOX shirt, and you responded to them that if they didn't mind your body sweat they could have the one you were wearing. And the guy actually said I'll find you later. I just about died of laughter. If I had known that was you, I would have certainly asked for your autograph as well. I missed Juliet doing the drive ... wish I would have stuck around to see that. I think all of you at FOX News are GREAT and it was so great to get autographs and pictures w/the three of them.

Don S. in Fayetteville, Ark.: I hate being one to complain about something on the Internet since we all know the filth that can be readily had on it, but one of my biggest Grrrs is the advertisements on various weather sites. They have some VERY racy advertisements. Every single time that I go to certain weather sites, which will remain unnamed, I see these ads and they are quite objectionable. I had always thought of weather sites as family friendly and I think that children could learn a lot from exploring the information on these sites.

Karen in Cyberspace: Finally!! There is someone out there who feels like I do that people like Courtney Love, Paris Hilton and Jessica Simpson, to mention a few, are really, really boring and get far too much attention from the media. I think the media fascination with celebs is nauseating. Madonna got thrown from a horse and the media went crazy dissecting her injuries, which weren’t that bad. My friend broke both her wrists in a motorcycle accident and can’t work for months. I don’t think Madonna will have the financial problems that my friend is facing. Celebrities that are diagnosed with cancer get headlines. My neighbor has prostate cancer and is out of work for eight weeks with minimum pay. Friends and relatives are doing benefits to help with the bills. Sometimes the media reminds me of sharks at feeding time. Why don’t they concentrate on real issues and ImporTants like the above-mentioned celebs will fade away.

Cyndy C. in Cyberspace: I'd like to address the issues raised by Becky in Kansas City concerning her courteous sons who hold doors for Oblivions who refuse to say thank you. I am a middle-aged mom of two teenagers, and this is something I have taught my children to do. I hold doors for others whether they be younger or older than me, male or female, regardless of race or ethnicity. I find that the people who are most thankful are the people of a race other than my own! Because my children have chosen to do the same thing, I (like Becky) find myself aggravated when the recipient of their kindness chooses not to acknowledge it. As I watched my teenage daughter hold a door today for a slow-moving elderly gentleman, I was reminded of something I'd like to share with the Beckies of the world: Keep it up, Mom!!! Our sons and daughters will grow up to be fine gentlemen and ladies, in spite of the Oblivions around them. You're doing the right thing!

Paul S. in cyberspace: I am sure the majority of people would agree that most of our Grrrs can be settled if everyone had some flipping manners, however, that seems to be going away in our society. The only way to remedy this is to build a stronger foundation in youth of tomorrow. I recently wrote a letter to the school board where my children attend. I requested that they create a class to include manners, etiquette and courtesies. Furthermore, this should be a one-year required class for either juniors or seniors because it will only benefit them during job interviews, college interviews or anything that needs a foot in the door. This class would teach not only the please and thank you basics, it would also go into thank-you cards and then into some of the points of etiquette to include introductions, handshakes, that a man needs to remove a hat (but so does a woman if it is a ball-cap at a sporting event) and (my persona gripe) to look at people when being spoken to, etc. I am not going to say where I am from, but if you agree, maybe if we all wrote a letter to our school boards, one area might just get the ball rolling!

Maj. N.R. of the USAF: Yes, it’s refreshing that Ms. Min (Us Weekly) is a hard-working, up-through-the-ranks, siege-surviving wife and mother. However, my Grrr is that as an Air Force officer, I see plenty of hard-working, literally up-through-the-ranks, literally siege-surviving wives and mothers (and husbands and fathers as well) who make no where near $1M annually. In fact, just last week a military mom was relaying that she had hoped to get her child a “store-bought” birthday cake this year, but just couldn’t afford it right now! Grrrr to that!

Tim in Maryland: One of my biggest GRRRS!, and I’m sure you get this in just about every big city, is people who will walk in front of you on a sidewalk, and then stop. I am always tempted to say to these people, “I hope you don’t drive the same way you walk.”

D. Potter: I know you won't post this (since you haven't posted my others either), but GRRRRR to you and your staff for not posting my well-written and thought out (not to mention my touches of humor) GRRR responding to other GRRR writers that need to be addressed. I am sure you will GRRRRRRR me for my lack of consideration to the fact that you receive tons of e-mails every week with other people GRRRing as well, but I do know about it or wouldn't have just written it out in this sentence. Thanks for letting me vent on you, about you. Keep up the good work (even if you don't wish to post my GRRRs).

Here is one from D. Potter from last week responding to John from Rockford, Ill., who wrote: My Grrr goes out to all these pompous self-righteous jerks who think it is supposed to be open season on smokers! Just what did we ever do you? You people act like we are trying to force cigars, pipes, and cigarettes down your lily-white throats...

RESPONSE: To John: Some of us are not judging you as smokers, but WHAT YOU DO as smokers. Personally, I don't care if you wish/choose to smoke and slowly decrease your life span, but littering the streets/roads/grass lawns/even open-top convertibles that pass by with cigarette butts after they get done with their cancer sticks, and automatically assuming that the first open spot outside of a building that does not allow one to smoke inside the facility is the best place to light up. Now, we have a situation where smokers (and non-smokers) have to go through now TWO doors: 1) A door of cancer-causing smoke, and 2) The actual door that prevents the smoke from getting into the smoke-free facility. I don't care if one smokes, but when they blow it in my face when I don't want it in my face, that is just plain rude. OK, OK ... I can accept an accident from my smoking friends the first time (when they forget who minds it and who doesn't ... or just forgot to ask) but after the first time, or those who want to think that everyone wants to have smoke in their face during a face-to-face conversation, I don't buy into it. Not everyone carries a cell phone these days (yes, I admit that I don't carry one YET, but am planning on doing so), but a cell phone is not the automatic answer to alleviate this problem simply because of two friends (one who smokes and one who does not smoke). So, John, I don't have an open season on smokers ... just those who forget (pardon me for not being PC for the column: are OBLIVIOUS) to a little common courtesy on behalf of the non-smokers.

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