Your Grrrs Aug. 14, 2007: 'Entourage' Column Responses

Here are some of your Grrrs and responses to Mike Straka's last column...

Amie in D.C.: Mike, like most of America, Washington, D.C., is in a heat wave right now. What grrrs me to no end while we're in a heat wave is that the building managers where I work have to crank the AC down to 60 degrees and it's FREEZING in the office. I get that it's 109 degrees outside, but don't you think it's a little ridiculous that I have to put a space heater under my desk just to get through the day -- and this is when I have put a sweater on too!

Matt writes: I am so sick of all the controversy around Barry Bonds breaking the home run record. Barry is the only cheater?? Is that what you are all saying?? You people only hear what you want to hear! Remember when the whole steroids controversy started, the reports were that 50 percent of ALL major leaguers were using steroids ... including pitchers!! Are you going to say that it is OK for a pitcher to juice but not Barry because he is chasing a record?? Also, what about all the other batters who were juicing? They still could not hit like Barry. It takes a WHOLE LOT MORE than some extra muscle to hit like Barry does. MLB was never testing for steroids or other performance enhancing drugs until this all came up. Who is to say that previous record holders were not using something? Do not dismiss this ... no one ever even considered questioning this back then. What would you say if you found out one of them was using steroids?? Would you even consider an apology to Barry?? People, a very talented player broke the home run record. The previous record-holder recognized his accomplishment, congratulated him and said, "it is time for me to step aside" for the new record holder.

Nilo writes: I normally don't respond back to articles, but that was excellent. I'm 46 years old and I have been watching "Entourage" since the first season. I turned my 19-year-old son on to "Entourage" halfway through the third season (he was mad at me for not telling him earlier.) He quickly went to Best Buy and purchased Season 1 and 2. Two things he doesn't miss on TV is "Entourage" and football. I real enjoyed the comparison to the Bulls. Thanks for the article.

George writes: Excellent, Excellent...... All women should read this....but then again they would not believe it, they are convinced we are more complicated then we are.

Jenni from MN: Usually I love your articles, and have gotten many friends and family members to read it regularly also. But Good Lord Mike -- were you just pissed at your wife yesterday or what? Oversimplify? That's a bit of an understatement! First of all, this comment: "It all comes down to two very important things for all men: Sex, and size. It's really that simple" is completely untrue! Men, believe or not, are humans too and do think about things other than sex. And although I know you think you're being funny by saying that, it's a little disappointing to hear that type of statement from you. And as far as men watching football strictly to get away from their wives, there are actually lots of women who love football. And there are lots of men who love their women for loving football. As far as alone time, maybe you and your wife should have a talk -- she probably would like time for herself also.

T Gee in Hilliard, Ohio, writes: Your column about "Entourage" couldn’t have been more on target. My wife is sick of me complaining about the show only being 30 measly minutes long. They should make a movie. The rumor was that this was loosely based on Mark Wahlberg’s coming up. Is that true?

-- Yes, that is my understanding.

Shawn in Wyoming: Your analogy of "Entourage" and the Chicago Bulls was right on. I am a huge fan of "Entourage" (and yes I want to be like Vince) and I was a huge fan of the Jordan-era Bulls. Nice work.

Alay R. in Clinton, MS, writes: Reply to Don O. from last column: You're obviously not a parent, or you'd realize that the decisions that parents make early in a child's life have an influence on the decisions the young adult makes later in life. It's true that the young adult is responsible for their own actions (that's why the parents don't go to jail for them), but that doesn't make them any less responsible. If a young adult makes poor decisions, it's usually because they didn't have the proper examples growing up. A child isn't just a small person you have to change, feed, get to school on time, etc. They need to be taught proper behavior, and most of their behavior comes from the parents' example.

Adam G. writes: Your worst column in years.

Julie K-H writes: Let's hug it out!

Warner D. writes: The scene at Hopper's house is classic. Vince is brought there by a beautiful girl who is obviously interested in getting to know him better, since she says as much. He meets Dennis, who immediately offers to let Vince play "with the MEN," or, if he prefers "play on the beach with the girls." Vince decides to get involved in the bet on Manchester United, and bets $100,000 on Dennis' advice (Vince is broke.) The favorite loses, even after being awarded a penalty kick to tie in the last moment. Reality begins to set in for the losers, when a sleep-challenged, Deadhead-type friend of Dennis wakes up and confesses to not placing the bets. Only if you are a gambler like myself can you truly appreciate the irony. Later, Vince wins $100,000 by betting on Brazil in late game. This entire series if terrific because the characters frequently get exactly what they think they want, only to be mortified by the results. Keep up the good work! You certainly seem to think like most of us old-timers do (I am 57 and counting.)

Jason R. writes: Your piece on "Entourage" nailed it. Bravo. The fastest 30 minutes on Sunday night, every Sunday night.

Wes writes: I love the show, but your Grrr!! should have included the show's inability to flow. There has been no word of Walsh or the new movie or the film festival or how the movie did, it's almost like the past two episodes were used as filler.

-- Yeah, I can see your point. Like, what happened to the new agent whose dad runs the private school Ari begged to get his son into?

Rob writes: Right on brotha man! "Entourage" is the male response to "Sex and the city"... both are excellent views into the opposite sex with a little eye candy to boot! Can't wait until football season!

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