Your Grrrs: April 6, 2006

Your Grrrs...

Beth in Cyberspace: My Grrr is to all the oblivion carpool parents out there! Here are some suggestions to keep things running smoothly in the morning: You do not have to be the first car in line in order for your child to exit the car, this is unnecessary and holds up the line. Several cars can unload at the same time. Do not pull up beside other cars, it is single file for a reason. Are you in such a hurry that you would risk your child walking between moving cars? If your child is not exiting the car right away, pull up or pull over! I can't count how many times I have gotten stuck behind someone while they just sat there. Grrr!

Natalie in California: In regards to Jim S. and family, Mike, aren't you paid to write your own views and share them with us? That is what I love about the Grrr! Column!!

Marc S. in Kansas City, Mo.: Sorry, Mike. I could care less about Katie Couric or any other celebrity. Celebrities and sports stars are so out of touch with the general public that I stopped paying attention to them and their “problems” long ago. I wish people would care half as much about the problems really vexing the nation as they do about the latest celebrity gossip. The only person that truly cares is one laughing all the way to the bank and the overpaid company shills. I am surprised that you even waste your time Grrring about it and putting as much gravitas on Katie Couric’s departure as the war in Iraq or homelessness or child abuse. I know that you make part of your living by interviewing these hucksters, but really, enough is enough.

Anthony in cyberspace: Suffering through this season (for we Texans March through June!!) of allergies is truly awful. Be thankful your age hasn't entered into the picture yet. Some meds cause other lesser-known but equally aggravating effects. But I'll not go there. Those who leave their filthy nasty "tissues" are just plain gross. No excuse. Suffer through it every year. Never will you see me leave one tissue untrashed or hands unwashed. Ewww!!!

Jack W. in SLC, Utah: The recent rumblings of Delta's pilot union strike is something I strongly support. How much can the execs take from a person? Seriously, they ask so much out of their pilots, and the income of the CEO continues to grow. Is there a problem here? Bless the pilots' hearts. You guys deserve a whole lot more than this. Last year, they took a huge cut over the next five years, and the very next year, not even two years into the first cut, they are asked to take ANOTHER cut. Grrr to the suits who ask this from the people who actually make the company happen. And even though I will probably lose all my miles I've saved when your strike "destroys" Delta (as your executives have threatened it will do), I will still support your strike. Enough is enough.

Frank C. writes: The worst thing about the allergy ads is the list of possible side effects such as:

- could cause nausea and vomiting
- in a study caused persistent headaches in some patients
- do not take if you have heart problems
- consult your doctor if you experience consistent loss of vision

I think I'd put up with sneezing if the alternative were nausea, vomiting, headaches, heart attack and blindness.

Jared C. writes: I think [Katie Couric] shouldn't be a prime-time anchor anyway. People who disagree with this decadent diva don't deserve their dissent, and they can't get a word in edgewise. Please CBS: hire an anchor who is not in love with their own voice, and someone who will allow those whom they interview to actually speak. Like Chuck Norris.

Rachel in Medical Billing: I work in medical billing and I'd like to respond to Randy in Orlando about his Grrr. Depending on what type of insurance you have, the copays, deductibles, and allowed amounts are subject to change at any time. The doctor doesn't change them. The insurance company does. The next thing you must understand is that when you are asked to pay your copay and deductible, this is not the total amount of the charge, it's the amount the doctor estimates you will owe after your insurance pays their part. If your insurance company doesn't pay as much as what was estimated, you are stuck with the rest. It is illegal for your doctor to fail to attempt to collect the full amount your insurance company says you owe. Doctors do their best to give a proper estimate, but when you're depending on a third party to pick up part of the bill, it's really all up to them. In the future, you can ask for the amount of the total charge, so you will know exactly how much your insurance company is expected to pay (what you might get stuck with if they don't).

Jami in Neb.: Hey Mike! Love your column! Just wondered if you have ever tried Rhinocort? It is the one drug I have found for allergies that does not make me have cottonmouth, sweating and loss of appetite. I always suffered, especially once the golf season started, but this drug has made my golf game and my summer much more enjoyable. By the way ... Katie Couric? So tired of her and her "forced on you opinions" that I switched to FOX & Friends ... what a relief to have someone let me think for myself!!!

Susan M. writes: Grrr ... to the reports that car seats can no longer safely transport the astoundingly high number of obese children. And double grrr to anyone who tries to insinuate this is an issue the manufacturer needs to fix. Hey, parents of obese children, turn off the TV (which has been proven to have a direct link to weight gain), go outside and play and feed your children healthy food. If your child is too heavy for their car seat, look in the mirror for the person who should be blamed!

Cynthia From Florida: I have a HUGE Grrr. There is a commercial airing at the moment featuring a product called “brow booster.” Yes you are reading this clearly! Brow Booster. For those who “suffer” from thin eyebrows!. Are you kidding me? Suffer? Suffer? Jessica Lundsford suffered, Carley Brucia suffered, POWs suffer, abused children suffer, cancer patients suffer. Get the point. If all you have to complain about in your life is thin eyebrows, then baby, you need to be on another planet, because you annoy me being here on this planet. Talk about obliviots!

Larry T. writes: My Grrr is the annoying noise that broadcasters insist must accompany everything. Even traffic reports have drums pounding and horns blaring in the background (as if we road warriors weren’t keyed up enough trying to avoid the obliviots). Some of this stuff is so loud you can’t even hear the intended dialogue. We don’t all come from the MTV generation. I’ve even been in churches that insist on a musical background when the pastor is praying. Enough already!!!

Eric in Houston: My Grrr goes to the cell phone providers that insist on following up their customers' outgoing message with a message of their own that usually goes something like, "to leave a message, wait for the beep, when you are finished, hang up." Really? I have to wait for the beep to talk and I should hang up when I’m done talking?!? All this time I’ve been doing it wrong and hanging up first. I assume it is to try and drag the call out over a minute so they can charge more -- time is money.

Diana C. writes: I, too have noticed the phenomena of people stopping dead in front of doors. I, too, have tried to be polite and say "excuse me" and know the dirty looks he speaks of. I've just come to the conclusion that Chris is right. Treat them rudely so they'll understand. They don't deserve anything remotely well-mannered. This also goes for the obliviots who stop in the middle of aisles everywhere. "Git outta my way, you moron."

Lesley H. in N.C. writes: Sports announcer: "He literally set the court on fire."
Co-worker: "I literally have a mountain of work to do."
Politician: "Our schools are literally busting at the seams."
You'd think we live in a world of arsonist athletes, Everest-sized piles of paperwork and exploding schools. When did "literally" become the new superlative? It figuratively makes my skin crawl, and literally makes me question the intelligence of those who use it in such a way.

Sharon S. B. responds to Jim and Family who want me fired: What a bunch of idiots!! I assume you all are if you let Jim speak for you ... and, especially if you think Mike is such an idiot for speaking the truth about the fakey Kellie Pickler!!! Sure, she's cute and she has an average (and that's pushing it) voice, but she has ruined her total "persona" with her fake cutesy downhomeness. I live in Houston but I was raised in Oologah, Okla., and nobody is truly that studiously ditzy. As far as I'm concerned, idiot Jim and his family wrote their stupid response to you with their heads up their butts and couldn't find them with a flashlight, a map and all their hands!!! And, as far as I'm concerned, they can keep them up there. You go Mike -- you always tell the truth, even if it may be painful at times....

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