Your Grrrs: April 4, 2006

Your Grrrs...

Jim S. and family writes: Just finished reading the article you wrote about Kellie Pickler. First of all, my whole family is very ashamed of you, and sure we're not alone. Secondly, I'm very surprised that FOX News would allow you to write such a article, expressing your own personal views and feelings about any one of the "Idol" contestants, and then trying to sell them to the public. Well Mike, here's a bit of my own personal views. First of all, you would not recognize talent if it jumped up and bit you in the butt. Secondly, I think FOX News should fire you, and then arrange it so you could never work and write for any other national broadcasting station. Third, I hope everybody at FOX reads this. Have a nice day.

Editor's response: Mike regularly voices his opinion about "Idol" contestants and other public figures.

Kristyn in Baton Rouge, La.: FINALLY! Someone got it right with Kellie Pickler! I am happy to see that I am not the only person in the world who didn’t see right through the dumb blonde act. It’s bad enough that so many young girls today think it’s OK to act like a complete idiot as long as your boobs are big and your waist is small, but now we’re seeing yet another promoter -- this time on what’s supposed to be a “family” show. Yeah, Kellie’s cute and she’s had a rough life, but as someone from south Louisiana, I take particular offense. Is it me, or does she exaggerate that accent every time Paula, Randy or Simon tell her how cute she is? My husband though she was cute in the beginning, so I decided to start talking like that and asking dumb questions. After I asked him what a hamburger was he decided it wasn’t so cute after all.

Ann E. in cyberspace: What a brat! She stood up on her chair at a local family restaurant and loudly exclaimed "Happy Birthday" for all to hear. She pranced around the dining room and put a birthday hat on a large decorative fish (Wait, no, it didn't look right on that fish so let's try the one on the other wall, too.) She proclaimed (loudly) her undying love over and over throughout the meal for the birthday "boy." She later stood up and begged (loudly) for the rest of the patrons (mortified) in the dining room to sing "Happy Birthday." Where were the parents of this brat?! Oh, wait. She was the parent!

Chris in North Carolina: Don’t know if you’ve covered this type of Obliviot yet, but why is it so many people get to either the entrance or exit of a store and find the need to stop dead in their tracks? Like they have no idea what the next step is … go on through the damn door! I’m tired of saying “excuse me” and having them give me a dirty look -- now I just say MOVE! Works even better when I have the cart as a battering ram.

Rerry T writes: Grrr to my annoying co-worker who sings along with the radio in a terrible high-pitched voice!

Randy in Orlando: I have a major Grrr! with the billing practices of doctors. Doctors provide a wonderful service and I am willing pay every bit that I owe, but what gives the billing dept. the right to come along a month later and say that they did not charge me enough?! I recently had a minor in-office procedure and afterward paid my co-pay and deductible. Now they have sent me to a collection agency because I refuse to pay the hundreds of dollars which they failed to apply at the time because they "did not have the correct fee schedule from the ins co." This is not for lab work or tech but the procedure itself. That falls under the category of NOT MY PROBLEM! If I take my car to a mechanic they can't come along later and say they did not charge me enough. If it is going to be more than quoted, they let me know beforehand and I have the option of taking my business elsewhere. I understand that costs could escalate if there are complications, but to pass off their bookkeeping error to me is preposterous! If I made those kind of mistakes I would be fired.

Shannon in Texas: My GRRR is to the media. It's wonderful that Jill Carroll has been released. I find it highly hypocritical, however, that they are requesting that she be given her privacy when it was her job and the media's job to gather information no matter what the circumstances. If it were an average citizen released from a horrible tragedy, the media would be hovering over every breath that person took until a more "newsworthy" story presented itself.

Mark in Oklahoma: My Grrr is reserved for those television news reporters who 1) start every other sentence with the word "now" and 2) use the word "basically" at least two times during their on-camera reports. Since noticing this trend, these two words have become like fingernails on a blackboard! And while I'm griping, why do local news anchors (and even your FOX News writers) when previewing a news item, insist on saying "You won't believe..." Don't tell me what I won't believe! Nothing in the news surprises me anymore. I believe! I believe! Gaaaaaaaa!

Marcus in Montana: First: I’d like to mention the people who stop at a traffic light 50 feet from where they’re supposed to and then let their car creep slowly forward for the duration of the light. A little advice: pull up to where you’re supposed to be and STOP. It’s not that tough. You have to wonder what they’re thinking. Maybe they figure that as long as they’re moving, they’re making progress … morons.

Eileen B. in cyberspace: Hey: I read this and thought of the GRRR column: In other pilot news, Richard Kind has joined CBS' comedy pilot "The Angriest Man in Suburbia," which centers on a family man (Mitch Rouse) who struggles with the petty annoyances of daily life in suburbia. Suppose you could just send CBS the GRRRs each week -- that way they’ll never run out of material!

Jason S. in Castle Rock, Colo.: A big Grrr to all of the students walking out of class to protest the proposed immigration legislation, and a bigger Grrr for the school administrators who let it happen. These students should be suspended for skipping class! Ninety percent of the students that walked out probably didn't even know what they were protesting, they just saw a way to get out of school for a day. And what's with all of these protesters carrying Mexican flags?? I thought they were protesting for their right to stay in the United States?!? If you're so proud of Mexico, why did you leave in the first place??

Eulen H writes: Mike, you’re the only writer I’ve read lately who makes ANY sense at all … thank you.

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