Your Grrrs: April 27, 2006

Your Grrrs. Don't forget to play Spot the Oblivion below...

Rod in Alaska: Grrr! to Michelle Rodriguez from "Lost." Here in Hawaii she was caught endangering the public by driving drunk, but does she want to do community service? No, she wants to go to jail instead. Hey, just stick a thumb in our eye. I believe she's on probation for being a drunk driver in California as well. Obviously she doesn't get it. Friends don't let friends drive drunk, but with her attitude maybe she doesn't have any...

KK in Texas responds to Susan B. from last column: Did you ever see "Schindler’s List"? What about "Gandhi" or "Hotel Rwanda"? Aren’t all those movies somewhat real-life accounts of historical heroes? Stories of that caliber take producers, directors and actors to get it told. "United 93" is just another movie filled with heroes and another story everyone should be interested in listening to. Go spend $10 on watching "Scary Movie 4" while the rest of us spend our $10 on remembering those fallen heroes that saved a lot of lives that day by taking their own.

Stephen S. in Tulsa, Okla.: Suzy Wal-Martians? What about their adorable daughters, Missy Wal-Martians? They get their name because they miss the point. They often are beautiful, sexy, but not very bright. They also exist at the height of the young girl's "brat" phase. They often congregate with other girls, often emulating the ditzy and dizzy behavior of megastars like Paris Hilton and Jessica Simpson to catch a guy. Unfortunately, they catch someone like Sam Obliviot. They hang around similar girls in a vain attempt to raise their aggregate intelligence. What is really annoying is their incessant penchant for talking during the movie (on their cell phone) to their friends. "Oh my God, the zombies are attacking the mall! It's so scary! What happens next?" Once they hang up, they whisper to their friends, "What happened?" Math and reading are their mortal enemies -- unless there is a good article in Cosmopolitan. Do not try to explain anything of any intellectual breadth to them. They often squint and furrow their brow. Unfortunately, they have been trained to act like this by their mothers in a vain attempt to catch a guy. They also have an unusually high sense of entitlement, thinking that the world revolves around them. Again, their mothers feed this mentality. So when they don't get their way, they throw fits. Your teenage sons might find these idiots attractive. On the surface they seem great, but after two or three dates, the guys will be bored.

Tom in cyberspace: Thanks for the column about Vegas. I've been saying exactly that for the past several years. Too many muscles, too much attitude. I can go to a nightclub in Los Angeles and get exactly the same effect, and I only need to drive two miles and spend $20 (not that I would do that either). Not to mention the fact that Vegas is so crowded now that on any given night you can't drive down the Strip and can barely walk down the sidewalk. It was more fun when the Sands was around, Caesars was a quarter of the size and the Tropicana was considered a classy joint.

Jay M. writes: Just had to respond to “Chopper Dave” and his lame excuses for the loud pipes. I have several biker friends and through them I’ve encountered his type many times. “Chopper Dave” and his kind are the ones who need to prove how cool they are (or once were) or attempt to acquire some semblance of coolness by making their exhaust as loud as possible. It really is quite pathetic. A true biker would never want to draw that attention to him/herself.

Lisa-Marie writes: I never knew quite what you all meant about the chaos dropping off kids at school can be (as I have none), but today I took a different route to work, thus driving by the school. All of a sudden “lazy-minivan-mother” stops dead center in the middle of the road to drop off her kids. Do not get me started on just how unsafe that is, but how rude to the person behind you. So, now I am stuck behind her as her kids dilly-dally to get out. Living in a small town in Iowa, there is plenty of room to pull over on the street and/or go pull in the circle drive the school provides just for drop-offs. Grrr!

Tim in cyberspace writes: I have a good friend, she's a young widow and she calls on me a lot to come help her with technical problems, like computer issues or to program her VCR. Well, from time to time she needs some new things when the old need to be replaced. Last week she needed a new monitor cable for her computer. When she went to the computer store and asked for the cheapest monitor cable she could get, the guy there said she needed a particular cable ... a $40 one. When I came to hook it up for her she told me how the guy told her she needed the $40 cable. I looked at it, it was nothing different except gold tipped edges. I went back to the store for her and found her one for $9 that did the job fine. The same thing happened to her at a radio store, the guy there told her she wouldn't be happy with the $2.99 cable adapter she needed for her TV. He sold her the $9.99. I am in video production and I know that the difference between to two would not be noticeable. One electronics store convinced her to buy a $30 RCA cable instead of the $3 one that would be fine for what she needed. I imagine lying to customers is a $10 billion industry. They take advantage of people that don't have the knowledge to catch them in a lie. They should be ashamed of themselves.

Amy in Wisconsin: This is probably just one of the many e-mails you receive concerning higher gas prices, but I just got to Grrr! both major political parties in our country for just blowing smoke out of their rear ends instead of doing something about the problem. Perhaps now it is too late for major help, but how about drilling more of our own oil and less tax on gas? I hope politicians stop the blame game and do something for the future good of the country, and while they are hopefully thinking about the future, maybe they could do something about Social Security, too.

Dave C. in New York City: This morning I almost inadvertently killed an "iPodiot" at the elevator bank at our midtown building. Mornings are busy at the elevators. Once the door opens, no fewer than a dozen hackers and wheezers plow inside. This gal decided to change her playlist on her iPod just as the door opened, so she immediately stopped just short of the open doors and I bumped into her, not anticipating the full stop at open elevator doors. I bumped her slightly and then the doors started to close, leaving her half in, half out, and taking a hit from the not-so-forgiving doors, leaving me all the way out. I apologized (for what I don't know) and she took the brunt of the closing doors. Me and a dozen new friends did manage to make it on board, and the iPodiot just kept the songs rollin' along on the ride up. iPodiots, just be aware or your surroundings! Grrr!

Paul in Tampa: Grrr! to those that think I’m an expert at something just because I’m sitting next to it. I work with Army personnel and I sit next to the printers in our office. If the printer is not working correctly, they assume I’m the printer god and I know why their document didn’t print. Then they complain and cuss about it like I care. Leave me alone!!

Todd P. writes: It's like a sickness … reading your column. I don’t know why I click on it. Kudos to your marketing department for the catchy icon that magically moves my right index finger over the button that marches my unwilling mind over to your dribble. Johnny Oblivion? How about Johnny Obvious? Of course there are morons out there, thanks for overstating it. Gas prices, war, government, immigrants, SUVs, cell phones, recent movies and all you can think to complain about is an imaginary idiot? Please God, bring this guy an original idea so I can have some morning entertainment.

Bryan in Blacksburg, Va.: Today I caught someone placing their cart between parking spaces, yet only one parking space away from the grocery cart return! I said to myself, "I've got to ask this guy 'Why?'" So here's how it went:

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