Your Grrrs 8-8-06

Here are some of your Grrrs after the last column ...

Leslie R. in St. Louis writes: I feel the need to address a problem that appears to be affecting those with very expensive automobiles. It is so sad to me to see these beautiful, large, stunning, luxury vehicles such as Hummers, BMW SUVs, Escalades, etc., that do not have operating turn signals! Don't these vehicle owners feel outrage at paying such an exorbitant price for
transportation, and then the most trivial item such as turn signals are inoperable?!? Goodness! Perhaps a fund should be started for the neediest of them to get the repairs made. Why haven't the makers of these autos been taken to task for not supplying one of the most basic accessories? Personally, I am well aware of the fact that these vehicles always have the
right of way, and that they will always be superior to me and that I should anticipate their need to get ahead of me instantly. Their time and business will always be much more important than mine, so I know to behave accordingly. Alas, I also know that not everyone else out on the roads understands their superiority. Is there any way we can get the word out?

Ryan S. writes: It's Saturday morning, and as I'm getting the kids breakfast, I see that Floyd Landis failed his second test ... grrr ... double grrr! Now we have all been raging about Mel Gibson's anti-Semitism, which is bad, but we have to consider the source: He is Hollywood after all, 'nuff said. Landis, however, was supposed to be the great American winning the Tour de France from behind Lance Armstrong's shadow. Even after the first doping allegations emerged after his win, I felt that maybe it was the world of U.S. haters who were ganging up on him. Well, we now know that he is full of lies, a cheater, the first person stripped of the Tour title in its history. Thank you, Floyd, for so vastly improving our image to the world as a bunch of people who think the rules do not apply to them. Floyd, now you may take your place with grrrreat company such as George Bush, Donald Rumsfeld and even Ken Lay, who died before he could answer for his misdeeds.

Pawel F. writes: To Whom It May Concern: What the hell on earth makes you think the uncovered truckbed of a parked pickup is a mobile public trash can? In the last week, I saw one guy toss a soda can into a parked truck and another throw a crumpled receipt into a parked top-down convertible. I would have fished it out myself, but I didn't want to get accused of anything. Don't even get me started on people trying parked motorcycles on for size. I once got into a colorful argument with some lunatic I caught doing it by a mall entrance. Hell, one time, my boss sat on a parked sport bike while we were waiting for his car at the dealership. Morons, oblivions, whatever. The vocabulary doesn't exist to describe some of these people.

Richard P. writes: This isn't necessarily a Grrr, but a new term has been coined to describe the NASCAR-loving bad drivers on our nations highway and byways, thanks to Will Ferrell's movie "Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby." Have you gotten cut off by a vehicle with a NASCAR-related sticker? Then you've had a close encounter with a "Ricky Bobby."

Walt C. writes: Mike, can you explain to me why tax cheating “Survivor” Richard Hatch's transfer to a different prison is news? With all of the other problems in this world (Iraq, Lebanon, Afghanistan, Mel Gibson, Lindsay Lohan), is this the most interesting thing that a reporter can find to write about? He’s a tax cheat and liar, and a bad one at that. Who cares? He got what he deserved. He’s had his 15 minutes (and then some); shine the spotlight elsewhere, please.

Jake M. writes: Have any malls around the country tried using a coat-check system? I would gladly pay a few bucks to not carry my jacket around during the winter. Better yet, the malls in our area are always competing for shoppers. If one mall offered this service for free, that might be a deciding factor for a lot of people.

Ruth T. writes: Give Mel Gibson a break! If he'd said, "Americans cause all the wars!" or "White males cause all the wars!", he would've been given the free speech pass, lauded by liberals everywhere, and Al Sharpton would have flown in to "protect" him. Double standards, baby!

Roger S. writes: The spirit in which you apparently wrote your article "A New Twist on the Gibson" suggests that the drink might suit you very well. Your lack of compassion, your arrogance and your self-righteousness are very unattractive. There is no excuse for Mel Gibson's comments to the arresting officer(s), but kicking a man when he's down puts you among the class of fraud journalists who seem to be in the majority in these days when the Internet rules.
If you have any capacity for shame, which I doubt, you should be ashamed of yourself, you cheap-shot artist. Here's looking at you, kid.

Kathleen L. writes: Mel Gibson’s company is called Icon Productions because in the Catholic church icons are sacred images. Look at the logo for Icon — it is an image of the Virgin Mary. No surprise that the company is called that. Get your facts straight. As for whether or not Gibson is anti-Semitic because of his drunken tirade, who knows. It’s all speculation. I’ve known a few people in my life who were going through a rough spot, were angry, got drunk and swore that all the troubles in the world were caused by the British. Once they sobered up and worked out the problems with the individual or individuals, the British or Mexicans or whoever were no longer to blame. Gibson has apologized numerous times. Give it a rest.

Mary E. writes: Mel Gibson has quietly made things better in many ways through his contributions to others less fortunate. He's human; cut him some slack. Who knows what all those judgmental paragons of virtue in Hollywood and elsewhere would spew if caught under the influence of their "cocktail" of choice. What he did has, at this point, only hurt himself and, indirectly, those he loves.

Alexandra S. writes: I am still trying to make up my mind on this, but my perception is that the reaction to celebrity scandals is a bit skewed. The outrage I have seen expressed by some in the media is odd to me because I don't remember seeing the outrage when Kobe Bryant was accused of raping a woman or when other celebs have been accused of of violence. I mean, Kobe Bryant is still making a very good living and even O.J. is too. In any case, I agree with your point about Mel Gibson. What he did was incredibly stupid. I personally care more about his behavior than the fact that he might be anti-Semitic. Not that ignorance, hate and prejudice are OK. I hate finding out where celebs stand because I find it very hard to separate the character they are playing from who they really are.

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