Your Freedom and the Press

A tale of two demonstrations.

Your freedom and the press, that's the subject of this evening's "Talking Points Memo".

If you watched us last night, you know a columnist for The Dallas Morning News tried to tie the murder of six Mexicans in Georgia into this program. Now we have a lot of mail on the story coming up for you.

We now know the columnist, Macarena Hernandez, took her false information from one of those ultra left smear websites. She herself has no idea what we do here on "“The Factor”".

Like The New York Times and the Geraldo situation, The Dallas Morning News is refusing to apologize or correct a column, despite videotaped evidence that proves I've been consistently sympathetic to the plight of poor migrants.

Now if The Dallas Morning News does not correct the record, Texans might consider canceling their subscriptions and advertisers might rethink their investment. Dishonest media must be held accountable.

Recently, The L.A. Times changed the editor and editorial director because of falling circulation. The result is a better, more fair newspaper out there.

Profits at The New York Times company are down more than 50 percent. There's a civil war in the paper's newsroom over the Judith Miller situation. And the paper's perceived arrogance has alienated many readers. Other newspapers having similar problems.

The question is why should you care? And the answer is simple. We all need solid information in order to make responsible decisions about whom to vote for and what policies to support. Most aren't Kool-Aid drinkers, people addicted to one ideology or another. Most of us are fair minded people, who respect honest information and spirited opinion.

But the nation's newspapers, many of them, as well as some electronic media, have drifted far away from fairness and into irresponsible partisanship. That dishonest column in The Dallas Morning News would have never appeared when I worked in that city decades ago.

"Talking Points" urges Americans to vote with your remote and with your wallet. Let's start holding dishonest media people responsible. When you see a smear merchant personally attack someone, hold the media outlet responsible. When you read something blatantly unfair and inaccurate, cancel your subscription.

The only thing more powerful in the media than ideology is money. Hurt these charlatans in the wallet, and changes will be made. Turn off the smear merchants on TV, they'll disappear. Only you, the American public, can bring fairness and accuracy back to the media.

And that's "The Memo."

The Most Ridiculous Item of the Day

The city of Berkeley in California has canceled its Veterans Day ceremony because of chaos. The committee putting the program together is split on its political content, the chairman, the singer Country Joe McDonald, one of the guys who heads up Cindy Sheehan's organization, will be the key note speaker.

Well, some veterans found that absurd and the fighting began. Now the ceremony is off, which is just as well. With all due respect, Berkeley is not exactly on the same page as most Americans who have fought for their country. In fact, it's not on the same page as most Americans, period.

In fact, some might say Berkeley is simply ridiculous. Not me, but some might say that.

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