Your Freedom and President Obama

When you cut through all the baloney, the controversy in America today is over freedom.

Those lined up against the Obama administration believe the federal government is becoming too intrusive. That is, it is telling us what to do when it has no constitutional authority to do that.

On the left, the pro-Obama people say there is unfairness in America that needs to be corrected by the feds.

Thus the battle lines are drawn.

"Talking Points" believes the freedom issue is crucial. In The New York Times lead editorial Wednesday, that far-left paper celebrates Obamacare and urges the president to continue spending billions of dollars to protect individual Americans from just about everything.

In addition, The Times wants the feds to take over the education system, the energy industry and control the banking system.

This is what many Americans fear: that the USA will become a top-down society. That is, the government will tell citizens and business what to do and when to do it.

In addition, the IRS will increase its enormous power because it will monitor what kind of health insurance you have, and if you don't have any you will be punished.

Also, your health records will be transferred to the federal government. So if you have an embarrassing condition, people in Washington could know about it.

All of this infringes on personal freedom, and that is very troubling. It's also very simple. Do you want bureaucrats to know about your medical history? Do you want the IRS tracking not only your income but your insurance expenditures? Do you want to be told what kind of energy you can use?

So the fears seem to be justified.

We are now undergoing a radical debate in this country. President Obama wants massive change. He wants to impose his version of social justice, and he wants to consolidate power in Washington — not in your state and not in your hometown.

In the end, I believe the president's vision will be defeated because traditionally Americans value individual freedom above everything else. I understand that the feds have to regulate Wall Street criminals and predatory corporations. It just can't be a free-for-all where powerful entities do what they want at our expense.

But regulation has to be measured against complete control. Right now the left in America wants a nanny state, wants to change the educational system to reflect liberal values and wants to redesign the way Americans use energy. And they don't want to use persuasion; they want to use force.

And that's "The Memo."

Pinheads & Patriots

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On the pinhead front, the New York Knicks basketball team has a troupe of dancing ladies called the Knicks City Dancers, and sometimes things get a bit difficult.

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The young lady was not hurt and resumed her routine. The basketball floor is obviously a pinhead.

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