Young Iranian Men Embrace Western Fashion, Haircuts

Some say it's a way to rebel against Iranian government and society, which frown on western culture, but for many young Iranian men, their nontraditional hairstyles are more about showing off their fashion sense.

"All the men like to have long hair or stylish hair, and all of them know about fashion and all the time looking at Fashion TV," one Iranian man told FOXNews.

Barbershops in Iran are told not to give western haircuts, and many have signs in their windows explaining this.

But some young Iranians in the capital, Tehran, say they trek to Turkey or Dubai to take hairdressing courses so they can learn how to create desired styles for each other.

In an attempt to hide their fashion sense, these Iranian men say they tend to stay low key by avoiding crowded areas, staying in their cars and hanging around like-minded people.

FOXNews' Amy Kellogg contributed to this report.