You Have the Right to Be Angry

Apparently everyone's pissed about the health care bill, but in a scary kind of way.

Now we've been here before and it goes like this: For the media, anger is only OK if it's targeted at people they hate, i.e. corporations, conservatives, the daddy who never loved them, etc.

For proof, here's a list of angry people the media is OK with:

People calling Bush a Nazi

Idiots rioting on college campuses

Animal rights freaks dousing rich folks with paint

Actors wishing average folks would get rectal cancer

Bureaucrats labeling veterans as potential violent extremists

Radical Earthers advocating violence against loggers

Pranksters throwing pies at conservative commentators

(You know, somehow they never pie Michael Moore, which makes him sad; he likes pie.)

But this new anger is different, because it involves President Obama. And that's like being mad at Santa Claus: How can you be mad at Santa when he brings us so many gifts?

Look, you have a right to be angry. Unlike entitlements, being angry is free and actually works. But we need to define why we're angry instead of letting weasels do it for us.

We are angry not because we lost, but that we lost to losers. I'm not talking about Obama. He won. I'm talking about progressivism. The reason why I'm ticked is because the "winningest" country in the history of the world, just embraced the loser's doctrine.

For centuries we've kicked ass and we're now choosing the belief system of those whose asses we've kicked.

So when jackasses try to take away your right to be angry by calling it racist, tell them they're the racists for assuming that anger can only be about race.

And if they disagree with you, then they're also homophobic cannibals.

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