You Can't Second Guess the President

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FOX News had our very own Supreme Court oracle in contributor Bill Kristol. When virtually all of the Beltway pundits were claiming that Chief Justice William Rehnquist (search) was about to retire, Bill was spot on in his belief that Sandra Day O’Connor (search) would retire before him.

So naturally when the Beltway guessing game began for her successor, there was one place to turn for answers. Here’s the Boston Globe’s Nina Easton (search) from Fox News Sunday:

EASTON: “Well, there are only two people in America who know who the next nominee is going to be. That's the president of the United States and Bill Kristol.”
Well, one of those two people was wrong. Bill was betting on a different type of nominee:
KRISTOL: “I think he wants to pick a woman — a conservative woman.”

So who’s our next Supreme Court oracle? We may have to look to print: Way back in April, New York Sun reporter Luiza Savage began a detailed article about the man President Bush did nominate with the following:

“If President Bush is looking for a potential Supreme Court nominee with conservative credentials who would inspire a minimum of fuss at a confirmation hearing, he may turn to Judge John Roberts Jr.”

Of course, Ms. Savage could strike out next time at bat. Bottom line is even the best oracles can’t second-guess this president.

And that’s the Observer.

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