You Can't Ignore Terror

There are those who think if we change our policies, terrorists will change their ways and that if we avoid agitating the tiger, the tiger will simply go away.

The problem is that the tiger doesn't go away.

Just ask Gordon Brown, a man who spoke of dialogue and a different path, realizing within days of taking over for Tony Blair that terrorists were following the same old path.

It's the same old story. Germany keeps its troops out of Iraq, ends up seeing two German contractors executed in Iraq. France opts out — French tankers get hit.

Countries, people looking for a better option better watch out.

Because terrorists don't care. They don't care who you are or what party you're with. You're useless simply because you breathe.

You're the West? You're a target.

You're civilized? You're a bigger target.

You're rational? You're a fool.

Sometimes we think if we shake things up, terrorists will ratchet things down — forgetting our senses and apparently, forgetting history.

Forgetting that terrorists hit Lebanon when Ronald Reagan was president.

Forgetting that terrorists hit the World Trade Center for the first time when Bill Clinton was president.

And hit the World Trade Center again when George Bush was president.

Something tells me they really don't care who is president, just that they'd prefer him dead. Actually, they'd prefer all of us dead.

Remember that.

And remember that those who try to avoid the tiger have a funny way of ending up inside the tiger.

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