You Be the Judge

Dear Viewers,

The e-mails about the Mark Hacking (search) arrest — and soon to be formal charges for murder — and the Scott Peterson (search) double murder trial continue to pour in. Bernie and I stayed late to answer the e-mails and we have video streamed our comments and answers for you.

Last night, before our show, I had the opportunity to tape an interview with the Speaker of the House, Dennis Hastert. He has a new book out, an autobiography called, "Speaker." It traces his career as a high school wrestling coach in Illinois to the top of the House of Representatives. I read the book over the weekend and learned many new things about the Speaker.

I don't "grill" people about their books but rather take the opportunity during these interviews to ask questions about the book. The interviews with authors are "soft" — simply designed to elicit information about the books for you. I am curious — but don't put the authors "on the witness stand."

After the interview, someone from the green room told me that the Speaker's entourage was talking about my interview (they could see it on closed circuit TV in the green room) and said that I asked very, very tough questions and they were surprised. I was stunned to hear this — the interview seemed any thing but tough to me. I thought it was simply a casual conversation about a book.

I am curious to know what you will think after you have seen the interview. Watch the interview — probably it will air on Friday's show — and let me know. By the way, I have attached in this blog two pictures of me with the Speaker. (The pics were taken after the interview and he sure does not look like he thought the questions were tough. I think his staff "saw" a different interview than the Speaker and I experienced!)

As the Speaker left the set, we talked briefly about tort reform (search). This is a topic I think is very serious and not understood. I asked the Speaker if he would do me a favor and read the chapter in my book "My Turn at the Bully Pulpit" about tort reform if I gave him a copy.  He said he would so I quickly grabbed a copy from my office for him.

Upon handing him the copy, I folded the first page of the chapter down so it is easy for him to find the tort reform chapter. I don't care if he ever looks at any other part of the book — but I would love to have him have another perspective on such an important issue as he makes decisions about legislation. Do you think he will read it? Or, was he simply being polite?

And while I am on the topic of books, If you are thinking of getting rid of some flab, you might want to read my friend David Zinczenko's (search) new book "The ABS Diet." David is the
editor-in-chief of Men's Health and wrote this great book — it is a "how-to" book and not just for men. It has exercises, recipes, how to pick vitamins etc.

What I like are the pictures showing HOW to do exercises to get rid of flab. I am rather lazy and don't feel like going to a gym to learn how to do exercises. If you read this book, e-mail me and let me know what you think.


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