Yeti Footprint Reportedly Found in Himalayas

If it's a yeti, it must be a pretty small one.

Japanese explorers excitedly announced Monday that they'd found a footprint left by an Abominable Snowman on Dhaulagiri, one of the tallest of the Himalayas.

"The footprints were about 20 centimeters [eight inches] long and looked like a human's," Yoshiteru Takahashi, head of something called Yeti Project Japan, told Agence France-Presse in Kathmandu, Nepal.

However, an eight-inch foot would amount to about a size zero shoe size for an adult American male, meaning that this particular yeti may be rather short of stature.

And the photo the team released wasn't terribly convincing. Next to a well-defined image of a human footprint in snow, the purported yeti print was a triangular smudge.

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