Wrestler Chris Benoit's Diary Reveals Thoughts Before He Killed Family, Himself

The diary of wrestler Chris Benoit may provide details about his mental state before he killed his wife and son and then himself, an Atlanta television station reported.

WSB-TV says the attorney of Benoit's father believes the wrestler's writings show signs of dementia and depression. The attorney provided the television station with copies of the journal.

The handwritten entries are addressed to a close friend of Benoit's, wrestler Eddie Guerrero, who died in 2005 of an enlarged heart.

Lawyer Carry Ichter says Benoit was "upset, very upset" about Guerrero's death. Benoit writes how much he loved Guerrero and what good friends they were.

Ichter notes that at one point Benoit wrote, "I will be with you soon." It appears that Benoit were having thoughts about his own mortality, Ichter said.

The station says the entries also note Benoit's love and admiration for his wife and son, Daniel.

Ichter knew Benoit for years and is now representing his father in the legal process to decide who is heir to Benoit's estate — his children from a previous marriage or his wife's family. The couple left no will.