We are on a highway to socialism and growing number of people don't see any problem with it. But those who know history realize where this road leads and it's not pretty.

There is now talk of nationalizing our banks, as possibly the only way to save them. There's a push to strong-arm and shut down dissenting voices in the media, with tools like an all new Fairness Doctrine.

The Census has been moved into the White House to give government unprecedented power for redistricting and control of the Electoral College. The start of universal health care, along with rigid limits on compensation and a major win for the unions was all tucked into the spending bill.

Welfare has grown back to the level it was back during the Clinton administration and you will soon be able to get unemployment insurance even if you worked part-time or quit your job.

I honestly think we're about one oil-company nationalization away from Hugo Chavez being a viable candidate in the 2012 election.

Think about it: Chavez is a man of the people because he promises the poor better jobs, cheaper food and free education and health care. He's worshipped by the extreme left, especially Hollywood. And he wins elections based on style, not substance. We already know those qualities win elections.

Now he's won a victory over term limits; a victory that he secured by using the state-run media to spread propaganda. How convenient! When he doesn't like what a station says about him, he shuts them down and puts people in jail.

Exactly how many steps away is that from the Fairness Doctrine? Those who know their history understand one universal truth about socialism: It always seems to end at the barrel of a gun. And in its wake comes communism or fascism.

This past weekend, as thousands celebrated Chavez's victory over term limits, a victory that will likely turn him from a president into a dictator, one woman looked on from her Caracas apartment in disgust. She said: "These people don't realize what they have done."

When will we realize what we've done?

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